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What is a Truck Camper?

A truck camper is the most versatile RV rental you can find on the market today. It’s not only a perfect option for those who love to leave the beaten track for adventure, but also for RVers who prefer to stick to the open stretches of highway.

The latest truck camper rentals possess the same features as the finest motorhomes you can imagine. You’ll find them in different sizes, styles, and floor plans, with some sporting everything from full baths, multiple slide-outs, large kitchenettes to decent sleeping capacity.

If you’re considering renting a truck camper, this post is for you. We will go through everything you need to know about truck camper rentals, so you can make an informed choice.


What is the Best features of a Truck Camper?

Also known as a truck bed camper, pickup camper, or slide-in camper, a truck camper is a small recreational vehicle that rests inside the bed of a full-size or mid-size truck. You can mount and demount the camper from the truck.

Although the living space of a truck camper is pretty compact compared to other types of RVs, they still come with the basics you need to live comfortably. Their main draw is that they can go anywhere and camp anywhere without burning a hole in your pocket.


Types of Truck Campers

There are two main types of truck campers you can rent:.

  • Hard-Sided Truck Campers – They slide into the truck of the bed and have an overhang over the cab of the truck. They have hard walls and are tall enough to let you stand inside comfortably. Typically, they are more spacious than pop-up campers, allowing you to feel at home on the road.
  • Pop-up Truck Campers – They also sit in the bed of a pickup truck, but they have soft walls that pop up for camping and pop down for smoother travel. Most are lightweight and can sit on a smaller duty truck. They typically come with fewer creature comforts.


How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Truck Camper?

On average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $ 200 per night to rent a truck camper. However, newer and larger models or those with extra features can cost between $200 and $300. Don’t forget to budget for fuel, food, campground fees, activities, and even taxes.


Where can You Rent a Truck Camper?

Are there truck campers for rent near me or my area (click link to see)? Of course, they probably are. Well, there are many RV rental companies you can use to find a slide-in camper in your location. But there is one company, Outdoorsy, that stands out for first-time renters.

Outdoorsy allows you to search by location so you can discover the perfect rig near your residence or travel destination. Depending on your needs, you can rent a truck camper near home and journey to your destination or fly and pick up your camper at the other end.


red truck and lance truck camper rentalBest Truck Camper Brands

Here’s a brief look at the top four best truck camper manufacturers so you can know what brands to look out for when searching for a rental.

Lance Camper – The undisputed heavyweight of the industry, Lance camper is a high-end truck camper rental brand offering nine models. Their designers are incredibly innovative, and they use modern materials to reduce weight, extend the lifespan of the camper and save the buyer money on the final cost.

NuCamp Cirrus – This Ohio-based company is known for producing some of the best-looking, most innovative truck campers in the industry today. They may be relatively new, but impressive craftsmanship helps them stand out. They have two models.

Northern Lite – Based out of Kelowna, British Columbia, Northern Lite offers three high-quality truck camper models. Their camper exteriors are molded from fiberglass to produce a superior aerodynamic structure that weighs less and doesn’t leak.

Northwood Manufacturing – Located in Oregon, Northwood makes two models of truck campers; a luxurious version that has 4-season capabilities and an economical offering equipped with all the features that popular truck campers have.


Pros/Cons of Renting a Truck Camper vs. Other RV Types

What makes a truck camper such a great RV rental compared to other rigs? And are there some disadvantages of renting one? In this section, we will explore some pros and cons of the truck camper.


Reasons to Rent a Truck Camper

  • Unmatched Versatility – The truck camper is an extremely versatile RV. You can have the camper at the back of your truck and still tow a fishing boat, Kayak, ATV, teardrop trailer behind you. If you’re staying put for several days at the campground, you can unload your truck camper from your pickup truck and use your truck to explore and shop.
  • Superior Maneuverability – Thanks to the shorter length of a truck camper, the turning radius allows you to turn around quickly even where space is limited. It will easily fit in the average parking lot, navigate the smallest of gas stations, and park in small national forest campgrounds.
  • Easy to Drive – If driving massive rigs sounds too intimidating, then a truck camper is what you need. You don’t have to worry about hitching and unhitching a trailer, overtaking other cars, or fish-tailing due to rough winds on the highway. It’s as easy as driving a regular truck.
  • Off-road Capability – Boondocking is easier and better in a truck camper. The compact size and four-wheel capability of the truck makes the rig a great option for exploring off the beaten track. You can drive through narrow roads, climb steep sections and stay in remote places where other rigs can’t venture.
  • Fuel Economy – Better gas mileage is one of the main reasons you should rent a truck camper. On average, their engines get 10 to 15 miles per gallon, which is better than the typical RV. You can even realize more savings if you opt to hire a low-profile, pop-up truck camper.


Cons of Truck Campers

  • Lower Sleeping Capacity – If you plan to hit the open road with a large family, you may not find one with enough sleeping capacity. Most don’t sleep more than three unless you rent the biggest models.
  • Limited Space and Storage – Although the smaller exterior footprint of the rig means being able to go anywhere, it also means a tiny living space on the inside, making it hard for occupants to maneuver around this tight of an area. Storage space is also an issue.
  • Setting Up a Pop-Up Truck Camper can be an Inconvenience – A pop-up truck camper takes time to set up and take down. Knowing that you just can’t get up and vacate your camping spot without first tearing down camp can be quite frustrating.

Rent the Perfect Truck Camper for Your Upcoming Trip

Overall, a rental truck camper is a great option for your next adventure. It allows you to go places where the typical RV can’t, and it’s easy and cheaper to drive, making your trip less stressful. It can also tow things like boats, ATVs and other outdoor fun toys.

Wondering where to hire a truck camper? Visit Go RV Rentals, and you’ll discover truck campers with the same features as the finest motorhomes found in today’s market.