RV Rental Las Vegas

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Many people want to visit Las Vegas at least once in their lifetime. The yearn to see the lights on The Strip, the inside of the casinos, the shows, and the hundreds of thousands of people that line the streets all day and all night. However, not too many people ever think about the possibility of exploring this area from an RV! After all, this is a major city!

RV users will be thrilled to know that they can easily explore Las Vegas and the surrounding areas with their RV rental, and they will not need to miss any of the highlights that this infamous area of the world is known for!

RV Rental Locations

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Where to Stay in an RV Rental in Las Vegas


Contrary to popular belief, there are quite a few RV campgrounds near Las Vegas. And, one of them is even right on The Strip! Here are our favorites:


Circus Circus RV Park

Circus Circus, the casino, hotel, amusement park, and RV park may be at the older end of The Strip, but visitors will be able to get anywhere on The Strip when they stay there. There are plenty of spaces for RVs, 170 of them to be exact, so everyone will have a chance of parking their RV rental in one of them. This RV park is very family-oriented, so even the youngest traveler will find something to keep them entertained every day. Plus, there is a swimming pool and hot tub that is exclusive to those who are staying at the RV park. Most people prefer this RV park, because it is close to all the action and spots like Fremont Street and the shopping outlets are only a bus, shuttle, or tram ride away. 


Hitchin’ Post RV Park & Motel

While those who have their own RV rental will not need the adjoining motel, it is nice to know that it is there if necessary. This RV park is near the Air Force Base in Las Vegas, and while it is near The Strip, it is far enough away that the area seems slightly secluded. Visitors will love the available Wi-Fi, fitness center, swimming pool, and even a gated entrance with twenty-four-hour security. Plus, each one of the 196 slots are conveniently located by several convenient stores, bars, and restaurants. 


Las Vegas KOA at Sam’s Town


This phenomenal KOA site is close by almost everything, including The Strip, a Walmart, stores, restaurants, and more. The 287 sites are surrounded by a waterfall park, a pool, movie theater with eighteen screens, and a fifty-six-lane bowling alley. There is even a casino on-site that has everything from table games to slot machines. The indoor garden area is the perfect place to get some R & R, while the laser light show, and nightly entertainment will keep everyone up past their bedtime. 


Where to Visit During a RV Trip to Las Vegas


While the Strip can keep people entertained for hours when they are in Las Vegas with their camper rental, everyone will want to venture out a little bit as well. The Hoover Dam is a short drive from Las Vegas and most people can reach this destination within an hour or so. Everyone must begin in the visitor’s center, as that is where there is an introductory film that shares the history of this massive site. A person has two elevator rides at the Hoover Dam. The first one will take them to the above-mentioned visitor’s center, while the second one takes everyone down five hundred and thirty feet to a tunnel that was created back in the 1930s. Not everyone takes the time to see the inside of the structure, but it is recommended, as the views of the turbines are extraordinary. Visitors should also venture out to the observation deck, although those who do not like heights may want to be extra cautious. 


get rv rental & travel to Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is slightly farther from Las Vegas with a total drive time of approximately four hours. Most people who choose to go will take their RV rental with them, as there is too much to see in shorter amounts of time. This massive rock formation is home to breathtaking views, dozens of hiking trails, and thousands of people who visit every single day. Everyone must walk onto the glass walkway during their visit, as there is no better way to see every inch of the surrounding area, including what is below a person’s feet. Those who want different perspectives of the Grand Canyon will want to consider visiting from both the North and the South Rim, although doing both will take more time. It is recommended that everyone stays in their RV rental at the Grand Canyon for at least a night or two, so that they can thoroughly enjoy this area. 


Festivals in Las Vegas


While this city is normally all about the gambling, there are plenty of other activities for people to do when they are there. In fact, there are a plethora of festivals that take place in Las Vegas every year and those who choose to visit with their RV rental may find that they will be in the area when at least one or two are taking place. Here are the most popular festivals in Las Vegas:


  • Chinese New Year in the Desert
  • The Color Run
  • Las Vegas Toy Con
  • Rock Star Beer & Music Festival
  • Great Vegas Festival of Beer
  • Viva Las Vegas
  • Academy of Country Music All-Star Jam 2019
  • Las Vegas Elvis Festival


There are so many other reasons why everyone should choose to use an RV rental for their Las Vegas vacation. First, no one will need to worry about taking all their luggage through a massive casino and hotel before they finally reach their room. Plus, an RV rental is going to be much quieter than any hotel room at two o’clock in the morning, when many people are either finally arriving back at their room after a night out partying or choosing to finish their night out with a party in their room. So, choose an RV rental and experience Las Vegas in the best way possible! To search for additional RV Rentals in Las Vegas click Advanced Search on the top or bottom menu for the complete line-up.