RV Rental Detroit

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RV rental Detroit is a fun way to explore the country and discover the things that interest you. Whether you want to take a long cross-country road trip with your spouse or a week-long camping adventure with the kids to a national park, there’s always plenty of opportunity to explore your passions with family and friends.


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If you don’t own an RV, that’s no problem because you can rent an RV for a fraction of the cost of owning one. There’s no doubt about it – an RV rental is simply the best way to travel. Let’s unpack all the reason this is true.


You Get to Pick Your Destination(s)

Benefits of Go RV Rentals - RV Rental Detroit too


Choosing to rent an RV and take to the highway gives you the freedom to pick your destination and go at your own pace. Rather than being stuck vacationing near an airport or hotel, you can take your RV rental anywhere, giving you the freedom to truly pick your destination—even out in the middle of “no- where”. If you can’t decide on just one destination why not make it a road trip and never worry about finding (or paying for) a hotel?


RVs are popular choices for those that like to travel on a whim since they don’t require you to make extensive advance travel plans. Simply rent your RV, load it up with supplies for your trip and head out. It’s the perfect choice for people who can’t plan in advance due to work circumstances, or for those that prefer to vacation on their own schedule, rather than according to a pre-determined itinerary.


Never Go Without Your Favorite Amenities


Your RV will act as your home away from home while traveling. Your motorhome rental will come equipped with necessities, such as a toilet, a shower and a mini kitchen. Amenities vary depending on the size and style of RV rental you choose, but all cover the basics. Being able to bring the comforts of home with you will make your vacation much more enjoyable.


When traveling by RV, don’t forget to pack your favorite shampoo, conditioner and treats. No travel sizes required! Because you aren’t passing through airport security or going through any of the size restrictions associated with car travel, you can feel free to pack everything you love, including that club-size bag of trail mix!


To make your RV rental vacation extra special, treat yourself to a little extra something before you go. Whether it’s a bag of gourmet coffee or a DVD you’ve been eyeing, packing a little bonus treat can make your vacation truly special.


You Can Bring Your Pets Along


Take Pets RVing


Some camper rental companies also allow you to bring your four-legged friends along. Taking your dog in an RV rental eliminates the need for an expensive kennel (and the vet bill due  to them catching kennel cough!) or dog watcher and gives you peace of mind  knowing that your pet is being well cared for. Many people that travel by RV regularly say that they can’t imagine doing it any other way because the experience of keeping a beloved pet nearby is unbeatable. In fact, over 65% of RVers travel with pets.


When traveling with a pet, remember to keep them safe by using a crate or a leash at all times. You may want to ask your vet about medication to alleviate stress caused by travel, in case your furry friend isn’t as fond of the RV as you are. Remember to take regular breaks along the way and keep your pet hydrated for the best experience for everyone.


You’ll Have More Comfort and Privacy


Think about the last time you traveled on an airplane. Comfort is probably the last word that comes to mind when describing that situation. The same thing goes for extended car trips. Instead of cramming yourself into an uncomfortable seat and sharing a bathroom with countless strangers, travel by RV and enjoy plenty of legroom and a private bathroom. Even your sleeping accommodations will be better thanks to private sleeping spaces and no worries of stray security cameras and nosy maids. Plus everything is always with you and there’s no packing and unpacking your suitcase at each stop.


For families with kids, RV travel is the only way to go. Rather than separating your family amongst two or more hotel rooms, or sharing one small space with two double beds, your whole family can bunk comfortably in an RV. Parents and siblings will all have their own sleeping spaces. Thanks to the abundance in styles of RVs, you can find one that’s the right size for your family. The bonding experience is unforgettable.


You’ll Save Money in an RV Rental


One of the side benefits of an RV vacation is that it saves money. By renting an RV and traveling the countryside, you’ll save money on hotels, restaurants, plane tickets, kennels and more. You’ll have the freedom to eat what you want, when you want and sleep where you want, when you want. The kids can grab a snack from the on-board fridge or play a game of cards at the table while on the road in a motorhome rental. Even when fuel prices soar, the typical RV trip is still the least expensive type of vacation, saving on average 27 to 61 percent over other types of vacations. Bonus: use our RV rental promo code and save on average $84 on a weekly motorhome rental.


You Can Go More Places in a Camper Rental


Indeed, there are places in this country that just aren’t accessible for traditional types of vacations. If you’re heading out to explore nature, your only option for lodging may be a campsite. That’s where a camper rental comes in handy. Instead of pitching a tent and sleeping on the ground, just park the RV, connect to water, sewer and power, then sit back and enjoy your mobile hotel while exploring the outdoors.


If your campsite is centrally located, you can tow a vehicle on the back of the motorhome to use once you reach your destination. In that way, the RV becomes your hotel and you travel back and forth between your destinations and your home-base using your own vehicle. That eliminates the expense of a rental car and reduces fuel costs as well.


You’ll Make Friends with Other RVers


Traveling by RV is a lifestyle. While you’re on the road, you’ll meet other people that enjoy the RV life, just like you. There’s a sort of kinship between RV families and you’ll soon find friendships blossoming in the most unlikely of places. Soon, you’ll be traveling to exotic locations by day and making friends at the RV park at night.


There are numerous RV campgrounds all over the country, meaning you’ll almost always find people with similar interests no matter where you go. Your RV vacation will give you an experience that lasts a lifetime, while allowing you to make good friends that you can share your exciting experiences with.


Choose RV travel for your next vacation. You’ll be amazed at how today’s coaches handle and how many amenities there are. Once you travel by RV, you’ll never want to travel another way ever again. Go RV Rentals features locations near Detroit and throughout the USA.