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What is Go RV Rentals (gorvrentals.com)?

Go RV Rentals is a platform that connects individuals looking to rent RVs (renters) with RV owners (hosts) who are willing to rent out their vehicles.

Furthermore, Go RV Rentals is the leading website for the RV rental lifestyle, industry sector trends, how-to guides, and featured camping destinations. Renters can quickly find an RV rental in one search across the United States and Canada. They can also plan their road trip using the many free resources on the website. The Texas-based company is owned by David Kosofsky and has been in business since 2014.

How does Go RV Rentals make money?

Go RV Rentals is an affiliate marketing partner with peer-to-peer marketplaces and may receive remuneration if you rent an RV through their platform after being referred there via our website. No additional fees are incurred with our free service to you. In fact, you can save money by using our promo code.

How does gorvrentals.com work?

RV owners can list an RV for rent on our partner site that handles all marketing, booking, insurance and financial aspects of the transaction. 

RV renters can browse thousands of RV rental listings, choose one that suits their needs, check availability for their desired dates, get an online quote, and book the RV through our partner site. Renters either pick-up the RV from the owner or have it delivered. Finally, renters enjoy a fun and memorable road trip and return the rig to the host in the same condition it was received.

What types of RVs can I find on the gorvrentals.com?

Go RV Rentals features a wide variety of RV types, including motorhomes, campervans, trailers, and more, to accommodate different budgets, preferences, and group sizes. The site features luxury RV rentals and cheap RV rentals. To learn more about all the different types of RVs, read this guide.

How much does it cost to rent an RV?

It depends. RV rental prices vary by RV type, year, make and model, geographic location, and several other factors. Check out this article about the cost to rent an RV for further details.

Are there other fees apart from the listed daily rate?

Yes, listings may have additional fees, such as cleaning fees, service charges, insurance coverages, delivery charges, mileage charges, and etc. Review the listing details and online quote to see the full cost breakdown. Also, refer to this article about RV rental prices for more information.

Is a security deposit required?

Most listings require a security deposit. The security deposit covers, cleaning or penalty fees (i.e., dump fee, re-fueling costs or excessive cleaning time / cost), interior damage, missing items that were provided by the host at departure, and other ancillary charges not covered elsewhere.

Is insurance included with the RV rental?

RV rental insurance is required. Several coverage options are available to choose from. Insurance is an extra charge added to the cart during the online checkout process.

How do I book an RV?

Browse available listings, choose the RV you want, select your travel dates, and follow the scripted online booking process.  You will be required to make payment in full or place a deposit depending on how soon the departure date is from the booking date.  Some owners may require approval before confirming your reservation.

Can I cancel a booking?

Cancellation policies vary by listing.  You will see flexible, moderate, or strict cancellation terms. Check the cancellation policy of the specific RV that you have booked to understand the specific terms.

Are there age requirements for renters?

Renters must be at least 25 years old with a good driving record.

What if the rented RV breaks down during my trip?

Leave the worry behind and take advantage of 24/7 roadside assistance and telephone technical support included with eligible bookings.

Can I bring my pet on the trip?

Yes, there are many pet-friendly RVs listed. Note the pet policy varies by listing and may require a special deposit. Use the filters to find pet-friendly RVs and/or check the listing’s details for pet-related information. For your convenience, here are RV rentals nearby that allow pets.

Can I request a delivery for the RV?

Some owners offer delivery and setup services for a fee. You can filter listings by “delivery available.” The listing details will also show if this option is available. For your convenience, browse listings that deliver RVs to your campsite or event.

Do I need a special driver's license to operate an RV?

A regular driver’s license is all that you need in most cases. For RVs exceeding 45 feet or towing something over 10,000 pounds may require a special license. Furthermore, vehicles of a certain class, size and/or weight may require a commercial license in certain states. Therefore, when in doubt you should contact the department of motor vehicles in states you will be traveling in to ensure compliance.

Are international travelers allowed to rent an RV?

Yes, international travelers are welcome and insurance is available for RV rentals in the USA and Canada. Mexico is not covered. Some other restrictions apply to restricted countries that the U. S. government deems are sponsors or support terrorism or terrorist activities.

Is there a limit on the number of miles I can travel during the rental?

Some listings have mileage limits. Most travel trailer do not have mileage limits as the do not have an engine and odometer. Motorhomes may have a mileage allowance. Any mileage over an allowance will incur additional fees. Some owners offer unlimited mileage or “free mileage.” Review the listing details to understand any mileage policy.

Can I rent an RV for a one-way trip?

One-way rental availability is very limited. In some case you may work out something with the owner where they or a hired driver would return the RV for a fee. Check the listing details or contact the owner to inquire about one-way options.

What if the RV gets damaged during my rental?

RV rental insurance and security deposits may cover damages. Contact the owner and follow the provided procedures in case of damage.

Do I need to empty the RV's wastewater tanks during my trip?

Wastewater tank maintenance instructions will be provided by the owner. Follow their guidelines to ensure proper care. You may find this article about waste tanks to be helpful on your trip.

Can I bring more people than the RV's sleeping or seatbelt capacity?

Overcrowding can lead to discomfort, safety, and legal issues. Stick to the RV’s designated sleeping and seatbelt capacity.

Can I contact the owner before booking to ask questions?

Yes, you can message the owner directly through the partner platform to ask any questions or clarify details before making a booking.

Contact us if you have further questions.