Winnebago Unveils Their Second Electric Campervan Prototype: The eRV2

Winnebago electric RVRVers that are anxious for an electrified RV future have something to smile about: Winnebago Industries just unveiled the eRV2 Prototype at the 2023 Florida RV SuperShow on January 18 in Tampa, Florida. Unlike the concept that was revealed at the same event last year, this second all-electric RV is a completely operational prototype with exciting improvements. 

Basically, it’s a campervan that has a fully electric motor, meaning it has zero tailpipe emissions. According to Winnebago, the eRV2 is the most advanced all-electric RV in the US today. Interestingly, Winnebago is offering show attendees test rides. Also, they plan to conduct extensive field testing to get insights that will inform the eRV2’s final design. 


Key Features of the Winnebago eRV2

Here are some notable attributes of this 100% electric motorhome.


  • Electric-Powered Everything – Both the power train and the house amenities are fully powered by electricity.
  • 7-days Boondocking Capability – With a 900-W solar array keeping the battery charged at the campsite, Winnebago estimates that this electric RV can camp off the grid for up to 7 days.
  • Ford E-Transit Chassis – This eRV is designed around a Ford E-Transit chassis which promises a powerful torque, seamless handling, and a range of 108 miles. Notably, Winnebago is working to extend this range.
  • Advanced House Battery – To store maximum power, Winnebago has collaborated with Lithionics Battery to create a lithium house battery system that’s the most powerful, compact, and safest in the industry. It has a 48V system, over 15k usable watt-hours, and a distinctive thin body design fitted below the van floor to save interior space.

Sustainable Features of the Winnebago eRV2

Apart from the zero-emission drive train, this camper is made of materials that will further minimize your impact on the environment.


  • Recycled Materials– Winnebago has gone the extra mile to use recycled materials on many of the interior components, including the flooring, mats, mattress, and window trimming.
  • Renewable Materials – Impressively, the camper’s cab seat coverings are made with renewable plant-based materials, further reducing the vehicle’s carbon footprint.
  • Biodegradable Materials – The van’s Acrylic countertops are made from biodegradable materials.
  • Reduced Light Pollution – With a broad color-spectrum lighting to select from, owners can reduce their light pollution in the wild.

Expect Homey Comfort and Stylish Design

Despite these groundbreaking advancements, Winnebago eRV2 doesn’t compromise on comfort and style. It still does what an RV is supposed to do: deliver the luxuries of home away from home, plus more. To meet this demand, it has a layout that accommodates the needs of a modern work/live-on-the-road nomadic professional.

Remarkably, its cabin incorporates a 5-in-1 multipurpose lounge/sleep area, plus 2 adaptable workspaces with built-in charging ports. Moreover, there’s a high-speed Wi-Fi router to help you work on the road or entertain your family.

Further, the interior style is guided by a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design philosophies, which are not only trendy but efficient at maximizing space. Monitoring and managing all the different systems of the van is easy, as there’s a command screen on board and an intuitive phone app.

Buckle Up for an Electric RV Evolution 

While Winnebago hasn’t announced when the eRV2 will hit the dealerships, these improvements are pretty promising. Furthermore, there are lots of reasons to be positive about purely electric RVs. Many companies are burning the midnight oil to bring their concepts into reality. If this kind of thing interests you, then be sure to read our complete electric RVs guide to learn about other companies that are working on eRVs.