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Why Are Some Cool Parents Taking Their Kids RVing In 2021?


Imagine hitting the open road with your kids, barbecuing under the stars, surrounded by the breathtaking beauty of nature, without worrying about COVID-19. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

Just because flying in planes, staying at hotels, or taking cruise tours is no longer a safe option doesn’t mean we should remain confined to the house. Cool parents understand that kids need some time outdoors—a fun, multiple-day, out-of-town adventure.

Today, RVing might just be the safest travel option in this pandemic era. Unlike visiting crowded vacation destinations, RVing limits contact with others while helping you discover hidden sceneries and strengthen family bonds. Here’s why some cool parents are taking their kids RVing this year.

RVing is the New Travel Norm

When COVID-19 happened, many people looked to nature as the solution. And when the authorities lifted the strict restrictions, the RV industry saw a sudden boom. It’s easy to see why motorhomes have become very popular—you can explore the country while bringing along a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and all your stuff, without having to share amenities.

Today, the industry is still seeing a surge of interest from people looking to buy or Book an RV, campervans, or travel trailers. Many parents have now shelved their usual travel plans and are looking at RVing as the new way of vacationing.

Most Outdoor Destinations are Uncrowded

With international tourists unable to travel due to pandemic-related restrictions, local outdoor destinations have suddenly opened up. And the safest way to reach and explore these destinations is through RVing.

Your family can now access popular outdoor areas like campgrounds, national parks, and coastal areas and choose a secluded spot where you won’t have to mingle with strangers. Some top family-friendly destinations that offer ample social-distancing include the off-the-grid Fort Griffin State Historic Site near Abilene, TX, the famous Great Smoky Mountains National Park, and the spectacular parks in Santa Barbara, CA.

A Perfect Opportunity to Spend Quality Time Togethercool parent taking a picture with kids next to rv rental

Every vacation has a way of strengthening family bonds. But RVing with your kids just takes things a notch higher. When traveling on an RV, you work as a team each step of the way and rely on each other to pack, set up gear, prepare meals, entertain each other, and solve roadside challenges.

Again, everything happens in a small self-contained unit, meaning you are literally closer together. It may be challenging at first, but a few hundred miles later, you’ll truly enjoy the company of each other.

Giving the Kids a Chance to Explore a New Environment

Your kids have probably experienced the thrilling roller coasters, enjoyed water rides, visited renowned museums, and sampled exotic cuisines during your past vacations. But have they ever collected some smooth, beautiful pebbles from the bank of a crystal-clear creek? 

Kids love to discover new things, and some of our fondest childhood memories take place in the middle of a natural spot. In the great outdoors, your kiddos will get the opportunity to fall in love with nature and learn the value of new experiences. They’ll watch rare birds soaring, go hiking on trails full of wild bunnies, chase colorful butterflies and even catch a fish.

Plenty of Fun Activities on the Road

An RV road trip has so much to offer, from exploring miles of trails, soaking in breathtaking sceneries to telling spooky campfire stories. Instead of planning to visit libraries, museums and other high-traffic attractions that may still be unsafe, be a cool parent and pack the kids’ bikes, teach them to fish, do a scavenger hunt, indulge in bird watching, make paper boats, and have a puddle splash contest.

In the evenings, build a campfire, roast marshmallows, and gaze at the parents roasting marshmallows over an open fire with their kids When you can’t go outside due to nasty weather, you can all turn to timeless activities like Sudoku, coloring, crossword puzzles, or adventure audiobooks. And remember, when on the road, make frequent stops for everyone to stretch, recharge, and take photos.

RV Trips With Kids Are Affordable

Opting for an RV trip over a more traditional vacation will help you save a ton of money. RVing gives you more control over your budget without taking the fun out of the trip. This is unlike other travel options where you can’t really predict the cost of plane tickets, hotels, restaurants, and random kid’s activities.

You just need to rent an RV with enough room and amenities for everyone, pack like a pro, cook your own food, set apart some spare cash, and start exploring new destinations on your own terms.

Rent a Motorhome for Your Next Vacation

The pandemic has forced most families to rethink their vacation plans. But as you can see, you don’t need to catch a plane to a faraway place to have fun with your kids. For all cool parents out there, booking and traveling in a motorhome will offer you the perfect escape from the daily grind, and help you reconnect with your kiddos, and make unforgettable memories in a way other forms of travel can’t.