newest national park white sands

The Newest National Park


The White Sands National Monument located in southern New Mexico has been re-designated as America’s 62nd National Park. The U.S. House of Representatives signed the bill earlier in the month and the President signed it into law on December 20th. Located in the Tularosa Basin, White Sands National Park is a natural wonder with its vast gypsum sand dunes. The location is convenient to renting an RV in El Paso and driving there in about 1.5 hours to the park. There are some other RV rental listings for White Sands National Park on our website.


According to the park service, businesses attempted to extract the gypsum in the early 1900’s but failed due to the low market value of the sand. But those attempts pushed local residents to fight for protection of the area. White Sands was named a national monument in 1933 during the by President Herbert Hoover. Add this one to your bucket list.