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Visit Arches National Park in Utah


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Arches National Park is situated on the eastern side of Utah. It contains some of the most famous natural sandstone arches in the United States, and these one-of-a-kind desert geological monuments attract over 1.5 million visitors to the park each year. One of the most popular ways in which visitors explore the area is an RV rental as camping near the national park offers you the chance to discover eastern Utah’s outdoor wonders.


Arches National Park is fondly known as “a red-rock wonderland”. With more than 2,000 natural stone arches, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit it on your next vacation. An RV rental holiday to the national park is the perfect way to refresh your mind and body. Whether you want to spend the entire trip exploring Arches National Park or discover some of the other sites around eastern Utah, this is a destination that will open your mind to the wonders of the American west.


Arches National Park RV Rental – What is Arches National Park?


If you want to get lost in the American west on idyllic desert hiking trails amongst 2,000 unique natural stone arches, then there is no better vacation place than Arches National Park. You will find over 76,000 acres of desert wilderness in Arches National Park with varying degrees of elevation. The arid region was named a national park in November 1971. However, nearly half a century earlier, in 1929, Arches was labeled as a national monument thanks to its wondrous landscape.


Arches National Park is situated a mere five miles north of Moab, which is a gateway town to the park. Visitors can explore Moab RV Rental and use it as a vacation base. Camper rental travelers can also use Moab as a town to dine, shop, and relax in. You can also rent a camper in Grand Junction, Colorado (113 miles away) nearby.


Although Arches National Park is famous for containing the world’s largest number of natural sandstone arches, there is a large variety of other natural formations to view. The park is home to pinnacles, balanced rocks, and sandstone fins. Hiking trails are the best way to get up close to these amazing natural rock formations. There is also a paved road allowing visitors to view the major landmarks within the park by car.


The hiking trails at Arches National Park can suit a variety of explorers. Trails range from short, easily accessible routes to more strenuous hiking circuits that take adventurers deep into the park.


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Arches National Park RV Rental – Top Activities to Do While in Arches National Park


Driving through the red-rock wonderland is a great way to visit Arches. Meanwhile, hiking can get you up close to the rock formations that make up the park. But there are plenty of other activities you can do on a visit. Of course, the most popular activity for tourists is to see Landscape Arch. Situated in Devils Garden, it is the longest arch in North America at 306 feet. Visitors can take a 50-minute flat hike from the trailhead at Devils Garden to reach Landscape Arch.


Double Arch, Delicate Arch, Windows Section, and Balanced Rock are more popular natural rock formations that attract visitors. Each is a wonder of its own and a must-see for nature lovers. Inside Arches National Park, you can find the visitor center with its treasure trove of information on each landmark.


A visit to Arches wouldn’t be complete with a stop off at Wolfe Ranch. Established in 1898, the ranch was home to John Wesley Wolfe and his son. The two had a cattle ranch on the property and later welcomed Wolfe’s daughter and her family to live there. Today, the cabin that was built by the family in 1906 remains. You can explore the homestead and imagine what life was like for the Utah settlers over 100 years ago.


Cycling is a regular activity within Arches, but visitors seeking to go off-road on mountain bikes can only do so outside of the park. Rock climbing and horseback riding are also favorite pastimes for those Arches adventure seekers.


Arches National Park RV Rental – Campgrounds


Arches National Park only has one campground, known as Devils Garden (but there is ample places nearby in Moab). Due to the limited space of the campground, you should make a reservation well in advance of your camper rental vacation to the park. Campground places can be reserved between March 1 and October 31. Arches’ popularity amongst RV rental holidaymakers ensures that the Devils Garden Campground is full almost every night of the week. November to February is the low season at Arches National Park. You do not need a reservation in advance during this time and places are rented out on a first come, first serve basis. The campground is located 18 miles from the park’s entrance making Arches easily accessible. Travelers unable to make a reservation at Devils Garden Campgrounds can find a number of hotel options around the Moab area. This gives tourists the chance to get out of their RV for the evening and explore the Utah town.


Arches National Park RV Rental – When is the best time to visit?balanced rock at arches national park - RV rental

Due to the temperatures of the park reaching the high 90’s in summertime, the ideal times to visit Arches are during the spring and autumn. April through May and September through October are the optimal times to visit on an RV rental holiday. You will experience temperatures ranging from 60 to 80 degrees during these periods.


Summertime’s high temperatures, oftentimes exceeding 100 degrees, not only make hiking the park’s trails uncomfortable, but it can be deadly too. In addition, to hot temperatures, late summer sees violent thunderstorms pass through the eastern Utah region. These storms dump heavy rains on the area causing flash floods that can cause death due to the speed in which they occur. Travelers can be caught off guard by the rapid increase in flood waters.


Winter is also a great time to visit Arches thanks to cool temperatures and fewer tourists. Snow and ice can accumulate during this time period making the park a beautiful winter wonderland.