RV Rental with Unlimited Miles (Free Mileage)


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Enter departure city, state below to search for free mileage RV rental. These rigs are all unlimited mileage RV rentals. Below select Vehicle Type = Drivable to only see motorhomes with free miles.


  • Camper trailers, fifth wheel, pop-up campers, and toy haulers almost always have no mileage charges

    No extra charges for mileage in these RVs that you pull with your own vehicle.

  • Most RVs, motorhomes, and campervans come with a mileage allowance

    Generally the mileage allowance is 100 - 200 included (free) miles per day. Anything over the allowance is charged extra at a stated amount.

  • RV with unlimited mileage / free miles

    Don't worry about going over a mileage allowance. Just go where you want and only pay the daily rate, fees, taxes, etc.