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Top 10 Mercedes Sprinter Campers


The Mercedes Sprinter chassis is the best campervan framework on the road today and perhaps all-time. Several name brands and specialty conversion companies have adopted this chassis to their own RV and campervan models. Sprinter campers are a must-have for many RV renters and owners, so this can be your guide to the best models for you to rent one.


At this point you may be wondering, how much does it cost to rent a Sprinter campervan? Let’s get that covered before we dive into the various models.


Cost to Rent a Mercedes Sprinter Camper Van


Mercedes Benz is a premium luxury brand so don’t expect the price to rent one to be in the same ball park as Ford, Chevy & Ram – based campers. The rates are dependent mostly on which model you rent and the age of the vehicle. Newer top of the line Sprinters campers rent for over $500 per day. Combine two premium brands like Airstream and Mercedes Benz and see what we mean? Most Sprinter Campervans rent for between $250 to $350 per day, however. Bargain hunters can rent a Sprinter conversion van or older model for under $200 but those deals are few and far between.



Winnebago Revel 4×4 Sprinter Campervan


The Winnebago Revel Sprinter campervan is a hot model and is perfect for those who like to get a little off-the-beaten-track in a four-wheel drive rig. This campervan is specifically designed for off-roading adventures, combined with all the amenities you’re used to seeing in a Winnebago RV. For this kind of driving, the Mercedes Sprinter chassis is a must, as it keeps your ride smooth no matter what kind of terrain you’re driving. As for the Revel, versatility is the name of the game. The rig has a turbo diesel engine, along with four-wheel drive to tackle off-the-grid travels. In addition, the camper comes with two LiFePo batteries, to keep you going longer, and to keep you more comfortable in less hospitable terrain. There’s also heating through a Hydronic Heating System. Plus, all of these can be monitored and controlled through Bluetooth and touchscreen panels inside the camper.



As with most Winnebago models, the interior is exceptional. There’s vinylWinnebago Revel Sprinter Campervan Rental Featuring Mercedes Sprinter Chassis floors and durable cabinets to hold off wear-and-tear, and the built-in furniture is highly adaptable. The dining area, counter extension, stovetop, and bed can all be stowed away for more storage and living space, and a new design also allows for simpler access to the lithium system and easier maintenance for the water system. And of course, there’s plenty of power outlets, charging ports and technical driving assistance included as well. Sleeping two, the Revel is great for adventurous couples who want to get out on (or off) the road.



Winnebago Era Class B Sprinter


The Winnebago Era Sprinter is a real bang-for-your-buck model. The Class B Diesel campervan is more heavy-duty, at over 24 feet in length, with an option to sleep three people. This model also specializes in off-roading, with four-wheel drive available, plus you’ll have a Mercedes Sprinter camper van, with an interactive and extra safety amenity. The larger size also allows for more interior luxuries, like the complete kitchen with a three-burner stove, convection oven and full-size sink and refrigerator. Up front, there’s swivel seats, so you can transition from driving to eating to relaxing with the flip of a switch. Like other Winnebago models, most of the furniture is removable and adjustable, so you can have a larger living and storage area. There’s also an awning and a foldable outside table, so you can take your leisure time outside, as well.



The Era also uses Winnebago’s Precision Plex system, which allows you toRent Winnebago ERA Class B Sprinter motorhome monitor everything from lighting, power, and even your gas and battery levels from your smartphone. There’s a variety of lighting options that are easily controlled and customizable, so you can have the perfect atmosphere wherever you go. The Truman Combi heating system uses both gas and electric (you can switch between them based on your needs), and there’s also a quiet non-ducted air conditioning unit. The Winnebago Era’s more hefty size makes it perfect for small families and couples needing a little extra space, and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort or the possibility of off-grid adventures.



Winnebago View Mercedes Sprinter Motorhome


A Class C motorhome, the Winnebago View combines the comfort and spacious interior of a large RV with the off-road capability and smooth ride of a Sprinter campervan. The View maximizes space, with slide-out options holding a bed, extended dining area, and storage space, as well as the option for swivel tables and theater-style seats (to enjoy your included HDTV). There’s also a sleeper deck above the driver’s seat, so you can sleep up to four people in one motorhome. The stylish interior includes a full kitchen, with an induction cooktop, convection oven, a double-door refrigerator and freezer, and plenty of cabinet and pantry space. There is a storage options tucked in every corner of the cabin, including a special above-bed compartment to hold essentials. All of it is wrapped in high-quality durable material, like laminate counters, vinyl floors, and leather seating.



You’ll also get the classic amenities available in all Sprinter motorhomes,Winnebago View Class C like the brake and lane keeping assist systems, power steering, the infotainment interface, GPS and Wi-Fi. There’s also plenty of USB charging stations throughout the cabin. The Winnebago View has top-of-the-line gas and battery power; the holding tank carries 41 gallons, and you can even opt for lithium smart batteries, so you can run on even longer adventures without worrying about getting stuck off-grid. This is a perfect option for small families, as the View has several bedding options. It’s also highly customizable, with three different floorplans, and a dozen optional features to choose from, so you can create the perfect RV for you.



Roadtrek CS Sprinter Van


Part of Roadtrek’s excellent line of vehicles, the CS model is a Class B motorhome built for explorers. Apart from its polished and stylish look, excellent exterior features allow for even more comfort inside, with frameless windows running through the entire cabin area for plenty of sunlight, a power awning for outdoor relaxation, and plenty of storage, with an option for an additional 18” of space. Inside, the design is welcoming and cozy, not to mention extremely practical. You’ll get a functional kitchen, complete with a two-burner stove, convection microwave and refrigerator. You’ll also get to enjoy a top-line home theater system, with excellent surround sound.


At just under 23 feet, the CS holds six and sleeps three, with an extra twin Roadtrek CS Campervanbed that extends into the driver’s area at night. The comfortable seating area also transforms into a full-size bed. There’s also an excellent heating system, with in-floor heaters in the cabin area and bathroom. There’s plenty of power options, with an external hook-up cord, as well as a power inverter. You also have options to include an under-the-hood generator, and 600W solar panels, to keep you going on the road even longer and in even better comfort. Of course, you can’t forget the safety features that come with Sprinter RVs, all of which are standard on this model, although you can opt for on-demand four-wheel drive. This is a great option for couples and small families looking to save money. Roadtrek models tend to be a bit less expensive than Winnebagos, but still carry much of the amenities you’re looking for.


Roadtrek SS Sprinter Van


Another Class B motorhome from Roadtrek, the SS is yet another great option for couples, as it sleeps two with in its compact 19’5” frame. It has much of the same style as the Roadtrek CS, with a sleek exterior, and frameless windows all around the cabin, so you can enjoy the scenery and sunlight no matter where you go. It’s shorter size, along with being a Sprinter campervan, make it perfect for journeys on any terrain, as the ride is smooth and the maneuvering is simple. Again, like the Roadtrek CS, you won’t believe all the space available on such a short chassis. The cabin is completely open-concept from back to front, and along with the 360-degree windows, it’ll feel like plenty of space.


The rear power sofa converts into either a twin or king-size bed, so it’s Roadtrek SS Campervan on Mercedes Sprinter Chassiseasy to transition from day to night no matter what your needs. The bathroom also includes a stand-up or sit-down shower, accommodating any and all passengers. Many other comfort features are standard on the Roadtrek SS, like the two 2,400 W batteries, power awning, home theater system, full kitchen, HD television, and heated water system. Of course, there’s plenty of optional features, as well, with two additional generators, an induction stove, and a diesel hydronic heating system. It’s a great way to get on the road, no matter which road you choose.


Itasca Navion Sprinter Camper

A Class C motorhome, the Navion is part of Winnebago’s Itasca line. This 25’6” model is perfect for families, sleeping four, and offering an unparalleled spacious interior. Starting with the floorplan, there’s three different options, which offer different bedding, bathroom, and entertainment area layouts. All of the models come with a full kitchen, including refrigerator, cooktop, oven and extended pantry space. You’ll enjoy a cabover bunk in every model, which fits a full-size bed in an insulated space over the driver’s seat. You’ll also get durable vinyl flooring and soft vinyl ceilings, paired with comfortable furniture, with options including theater seating, recliners, and swiveling drivers’ seats. The exterior comes in four stylish colors and designs, so you can pick whatever suits you.


Space is everything in the Navion. On top of the already open-concept Navion Class C Sprinterinterior, there are several slide-out pieces, to maximize space once you’re off the road, plus a 16’ power awning, so you can relax outdoors, no matter the weather. There’s also the Anything Keeper bedroom storage, which allows you to keep your essentials close by. The list of cab conveniences could go on forever, but you’ll want to be aware of the many assist features, for everything from lane keeping and braking to attention and traffic sign assist systems. You’ll also enjoy power steering, a rain-sensor windshield wipers, and automatic climate control, to go along with your smooth Mercedes Sprinter ride.



Airstream Interstate Mercedes Sprinter


The Airstream Interstate is one of the most popular Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Class B camper vans. As a touring coach model, it matches comfort and style with functionality on the road, making it great for long-term adventurers. The Interstate lineup has three different options offering different perks and experiences for drivers. The largest models are the Interstate 24GL and the 24GT, each measuring 24’ in length and sleeping two. When not in sleeping mode, the 24GL can seat up nine people, so you can travel with bigger groups. It’s also made for entertaining, with high-quality countertops, and a variety of comfy Ultraleather seating options, including swivel chairs in the drivers’ seat. The 24GT seats seven, as it includes more counter space, although both have a complete kitchen.


The Interstate 19 is the smaller 19’ model, which seats up to four andMercedes Sprinter Chassis used on Airstream Interstate sleeps two. It still comes with a spacious interior, sink and cooktop included. As a more compact model, it’s great if you’re using your campervan for weekend getaways and short trips, although it’s still extremely livable. All three of the models include over fifty best-in-class features, all of which come standard. This includes rear and side-view cameras, quiet heating and air conditioning, HDTVs, the Mercedes-Benz safety systems, and the efficient trauma furnace, so you’ll never have to go without hot water. And that’s just to name a few. No matter which model you choose, you’ll have one of the best campervans on the market to match your Mercedes Sprinter experience.



Airstream Atlas Sprinter


The Airstream Atlas is one of the brand’s most luxurious motorhome models, leading it to be given a title of Class B+. It’s a step above the already excellent Interstate line, for those who want a real slice of home (or better) on their travels. The cabin sleeps up to two people, with a high-tech power slide-out Murphy Suite, where the couch pulls out to a full-size bed with an ergonomic base. You can also get some extra bed space by switching the driving area into a twin-size bed. When you’re not sleeping, you can enjoy an ultra-comfortable reclining couch, facing a 40” Samsung Smart TV that hides away into the cabinet when not in use. The bathroom is also luxurious, with a residential-style layout, including a stainless-steel fixture in the sink and shower, and additional closets and drawers for extra clothing storage. That way, everything you need in the morning is right there waiting for you.


Besides all the interior delights, there’s plenty of technological features toAistream Atlas Mercedes Sprinter Camper make your ride more comfortable. The Airstream Connected system allows for 4G connectivity no matter where you are, and is capable of handling all your devices. There’s also an auto-retract system with the power awning, so it will retract automatically with high winds or other undesirable weather. Two other useful systems are the tankless water heater and Onan diesel generator, which keep you going longer on the road, while working more efficiently. Last but not least, the Premium Air Ride Suspension system self-adjusts to weather and terrain to give you the smoothest ride possible, building off of the already smooth ride of the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.



Thor Quantum Sprinter


The Thor Quantum is a popular choice for families looking for a Class C RV. It’s built to maximize space and comfort, so you can feel at home on the road, no matter how many people you have in tow. The CR24 floor plan comes with theater seating facing a 40-inch HDTV, and the KM24 floor plan features a 76-inch dinette set, facing a swiveling 32-inch HDTV. The Sprinter also comes with built-in HDMI and the Wingard Connect 2.0 system, which doubles as a 4G LTE and Wi-Fi router, so you can have all the comforts of stationary life on the road. There’s also an extensive kitchen, featuring a double-door refrigerator and freezer (with both gas and electric), a two- or three-burner glass-covered stovetop (you can choose gas or electric based on the floor plan), and a convection oven, all paired with plenty of cabinet space.


You’ll also get a queen- or full-sized bed, depending on the floor plan, plusSprinter Thor Quantum an overhead sleeper cabin above the drivers’ seats. There’s also a tankless water heater for unlimited hot water at any time of day. Outside, you can enjoy an exterior propane connector, to make outdoor grilling a walk in the park. There are also extra lighted storage compartments, so you don’t have to leave anything behind when you travel. The Sprinter chassis also gives you access to keyless entry, heated mirrors, and plenty of other features that make the Thor Quantum an excellent ride.



Coachmen Prism Sprinter


If you’re looking for versatility, the Coachmen Prism Sprinter is an excellent choice. The Mercedes Sprinter chassis makes this 25-foot motorhome easy to maneuver, especially with all of its built-in safety features. Starting with the exterior, the Prism is extremely durable, with vacuum-bonded walls, and top-of-the-line fiberglass windows. Everything from floor to ceiling is built to last, and to resist any bumps or bruises you might get on the road. You’ll also have plenty to keep you going longer, with the ability to hold 85 pounds of propane and 50 gallons of fresh water, as well as an option to add a solar panel, for more energy.



Inside, you’ll find the luxuries just keep coming. The Coachmen Prism hasCoachman Prism Sprinter very unique floor plans. You can choose a complete open-concept, or if you prefer more privacy, opt to separate your bedroom from the living room, with an extra wall for entertainment, storage and/or kitchen space. No matter which floor plan you choose, you’ll always get an exquisite wood-paneled design for that cozy at-home atmosphere. The kitchen includes thermofoil countertops, for simple cleaning, and a built-in conventional oven, sink and stovetop. It’s also one of the best of its kind for storage space, with plenty of closets in the cabin, as well as extensive exterior storage. The sliding windows, window shades, and optional solar panel also help you adjust light and air flow to your comfort levels. The Coachmen Prism is a truly unique Sprinter RV, combining standard and luxury features with a unique design and excellent drivability.

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