The Definitive Guide to Fly and Drive RV Rental


Despite our strong desire to adventure, many of us weren’t able to visit our preferred destinations in 2020 due to safety concerns. Fortunately, 2021 carries some promising news for RV travelers: the rollout of vaccines, plummeting infection rates, and easing of some restrictions may finally enable us to explore new frontiers.

But the main question is: Should you fly into or near your preferred destination and rent an RV, then drive to the attraction sites, or is it better to take a long RV road trip? In this post, we will tell you which option makes sense for which situation, explore the pros and cons of both options, and take you through some top fly and drive destinations.

Fly and Drive RV Travel

Fly and drive vacations are a relatively new form of RVing, but they are quickly gaining ground. Basically, you catch a flight to the destination you want to explore, pick up an RV you had booked in advance, and then drive your rental RV to your preferred attraction or camping spots. Some RV rental companies deliver the rig at the airport, while others pick you up when you touch down and transfer you to their headquarters. You can also arrange to have the rig dropped off at your preferred campground. Once your trip is over, you return the rig to the rental company and fly back home.

When Does Fly and Drive RVing Make More Sense?

     You Have Limited Vacation Time– If you have a short vacation but still want a taste of RVing, this option makes more sense. Flying and driving an RV allows you to save multiple days that could otherwise be spent driving across the country.

     You’re an RV Beginner – If you don’t have a lot of experience driving an RV for endless hours on a multi-day trip, fly and drive is the better choice. This option allows you to cover the vast majority of distance by plane and take shorter RV trips to the attraction sites.

Pros of a Fly and Drive RV Vacation

     It saves a lot of travel days that could otherwise be spent on the road.

     Puts you right in the middle of attraction spots.

     More convenient for first-time RVers and beginners who can’t drive for long trips.

     You still get a true road trip feel when you drive your rig to the sceneries.

     Safer when the weather is unpredictable.

     It’s cheaper if you take advantage of flight deals.

Cons of Fly and Drive RVing

     You get to miss some incredible little-known spots that only reveal themselves on a long road trip.

     Airplanes have luggage weight and security restrictions. So, you can’t pack all the stuff you’ll need for the RV trip.

     Air travel may not be the best option when you want to keep a safe distance from others.

Cross Country RV Road Tripfly and drive rv rental road trip looking out the window of the camper

In cross-country RVing, you drive your own rig or rent an RV around where you live and take a long road trip to the travel destination. This option gives you the chance to see some of the most beautiful stretches of the country at the comfort and convenience of a home on wheels. And you have the freedom to prepare your own meals and make scenic stops when you want without worrying about social distancing.

Situations Where a Cross Country RV Road Trip Makes More Sense

     You Have Lots of Time in Your Hands – If you have a lot of vacation time on your hands, taking a long RV trip is definitely worth it. You’ll get to see more attraction spots on the road and play around with your itinerary without worrying about time constraints.

     You Believe in the Journey, not the Just the Destination Mantra – If you always feel there is something special about taking a good old road trip before arriving at the final destination, this option is for you. It allows you to experience amazing sights along the way, see less traveled places, and use different routes when coming and going.

Pros of a Long RV Road Trip

     Gives you the flexibility to change your schedule on a whim.

     Allows you to pack and carry all the kitchen stuff, food, beddings, sports gear, and outdoor equipment you need.

     It offers you a great way to appreciate the size, beauty, and diversity of the country on a budget—8 out of 10 RVers say that traveling by RV can save 25% or more over other types of travel.

     It’s the best travel option for social distancing.

     More convenient for pet owners

 Cons of a Long RV Adventure

     When you have a brief vacation, you have to drive for several days to get to the destination and still make the trip back home, leaving little time to see things out there.

     Even with good planning, you may end up spending more time on the road than you anticipated.

     It’s exhausting to drive for long distances, especially for RV beginners.

     Fuel, insurance, campground, and mileage costs can add up if you plan to cover a considerable distance.

Best Fly-In and Fly-Out Locationsbest locations to fly and drive then rent an rv, couple with dogs on creek

Denver – The Mile High City is the perfect place to fly in and drive an RV. Touch down at Denver International Airport, take your rental RV to Mount Evans Scenic Byway and enjoy unreal landscapes, or proceed to the Rocky Mountain National Park for pure mountain adventure. The Mesa Verde National Park is another memorable destination that will give you an opportunity to step into the past and experience the unique culture of an ancient people.

Las Vegas – Away from the dazzling lights and slot machines, the Entertainment Capital of the World has plenty to offer to RVers. Once you zero in on the best RV rental in Las Vegas, aim it toward Red Rock Canyon, rust-colored mountains that offer a scenic drive and multiple hiking trails. For some greenery in the desert terrain, visit the beautiful Mount Charleston. Other major attractions that are a short drive away include the West Rim of the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree National Park, and Death Valley National Park.

Seattle – Land in the heart of the largest city in the Pacific Northwest, and drive your rental RV to the famous Space Needle, an observation tower that will give you a good view of the lay of the land. Veer off to Hoh Rainforest and witness the lush scenery of one of the largest temperate rainforests in the USA. If you’re looking to escape rainy western Washington, head to dry falls, a gorge that was once home to the largest waterfall known to have existed on earth. And no trip to Washington State is complete without a Mount Rainier experience—a huge active volcano surrounded by breathtaking landscape.

Fly and Drive to Your Next RV Destination

If you had put your RV trip on hold until things calm down, it’s time to feel optimistic and revisit your travel plans. And even if you have limited time or can’t drive long distances, you can still enjoy a road trip away from home in the comfort of a home on wheels. Simply fly to your preferred destination, and drive a rental RV to your favorite attraction spots.