Small in Size, Big on Adventure: The Appeal of nuCamp Trailers

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In this review, we will cast a spotlight on nuCamp RV, exploring everything you need to know about this teardrop brand. From models to construction quality, floor plans, features, prices, warranty, dealers, pros and cons, we’ll provide a comprehensive nuCamp review.

Additionally, we’ll discuss nuCamp ownership experiences and attach reviews from real users to
provide a firsthand look at what it is like to own and travel with this brand. 

Considering a purchase?
Try before you buy and rent a nuCamp trailer. Our RV rental platform is a great place to find and test any camper brand or model before you spend the big bucks. 

Introducing nuCamp RV

nuCamp is a renowned RV manufacturer that builds high-quality teardrop trailers and truck campers. The company was founded in 2004, when it’s founder and president, Joe Mullet, transitioned from building lawn furniture into the tiny-trailer manufacturing business at the age of 44.

In 2005, Joe officially formed Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers, nuCamp’s original name. He launched operations with an 8-person team in a 3,000-square-foot shop in Sugarcreek, Ohio. His vision was to create premium-quality trailers to address a gap in the RV market. 

His dedication paid off, as camper enthusiasts quickly recognized and valued the nuCamp difference. By 2007, with just eight employees, the company had built over 250 trailers, signaling a prosperous future ahead. The company briefly closed down in the 2008 recession, but returned with a bang.

In 2011, it acquired TAB trailer from Dutchmen Manufacturing. 5 years later, it changed its name from Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers to nuCamp and moved to the current 150,000-foot nuCamp factory in Sugarcreek, Ohio, in the heart of Amish Country.

Due to superior craftsmanship, nuCamp is a favorite RV brand across North America. In the past 10 years alone, the company has produced over 20,000 units and counting. And their commitment to quality remains unwavering.

nuCamp Models

nuCamp RV offers 5 lightweight teardrop models and 1 truck camper model, each designed for different camping needs. Notably, every model comes with three options: standard, boondock, and black canyon. The classic option comes with standard features, the Boondock offers off-road travel features, while the Black Canyon comes with more off-grid amenities. 

In this section, we will only examine the standard, which they call the classic. Later, we will mention what to expect if you upgrade to the Boondock or Black Canyon series. 

nuCamp TAB Teardrop: A Mid-Size Teardrop 

  • No. of Floor Plans: 1 (T@b 320 S)
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 15′3”X6’8”X7’8″
  • Dry Weight: 1,994 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,006 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Holding Tanks: 19 gals Fresh, 18 gals Gray, 5 gals Black
  • Standout Features: Rear u-dinette/lounge/bed, front galley kitchen, a front wet bath with a sink, and a cassette toilet.
  • Price: $38,409 

nuCamp T@B 320 S is a mid-size teardrop with a front window and two side porthole windows. Inside, it has a u-shaped dinette that transforms into a comfortable sleeping area with multiple configuration options. Split cushions allow it to become an RV queen-sized bed or twin beds. 

More highlights include a central AC, hydronic heating system, 19″ TV, lagun table, and power roof fan. Further, it comes with 180-watt solar, an external shower, and 69″ of interior height.

nuCamp TAB 400 Teardrop: Spacious With a Hideaway Bunk Bed 

tab 400
Photo Source: nuCamp
  • No. of Floor Plans: 1 (T@b 400)
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 18′3”X7’7”X8’9″
  • Dry Weight: 2,877 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 1,023 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Holding Tanks: 25 gals Fresh, 18 gals Gray, 16 gals Black
  • Standout Features: Rear dedicated queen bed, front u-dinette/lounge, spacious mid-wet bath, front galley, and hideaway bunk bed option. 
  • Price: $51,615

If you’re looking for a larger teardrop that can accommodate a small family, the
T@B 400 is the perfect choice. Spacious and well-appointed, it offers a comfortable dinette, a dedicated queen-size bed, a spacious wet bath, a galley kitchen, and ample storage.

Its best feature is the hideaway bunk bed option at the front. It’s easy to access when needed and cleverly concealed when not in use. Owners also love the rear stargazing window, front monster picture window, 24″ TV, 310-watt solar panel, 100 Ah 12-volt Li battery, and an outdoor shower. Fixing meals is easy with the 2-burner glass-top stove, sink, and roomy fridge.

: nuCamp has plans to develop the TAB 360 teardrop. It will be the middle ground between the smaller TAB 320 and the spacious TAB 400. Additionally, it will have a longer bed that sleeps North to South, a larger refrigerator, and expanded storage.

nuCamp TAB Clamshell Teardrop: Exterior Kitchen for Cooking Outdoors

t@b trailer
Photo Source: nuCamp
  • No. of Floor Plans: 1 (Tab 320 CS-S)
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 15′3”X6’8”X7’6″
  • Dry Weight: 2,092 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 908 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Holding Tanks: 19 gals Fresh, 18 gals Gray, 5 gals Black
  • Standout Features: Exterior galley, spacious rear dinette, private front wet bath, and expandable split bed.
  • Price: $43,526

nuCamp T@B CS-S embodies the regular TAB trailer design, except it has a rear galley. The rear hatch opens up to reveal a microwave, 2-burner glass-top stove, and 12v refrigerator. 

Inside, it features a u-dinette that easily converts into a cozy sleeping area. In addition, there is a private wet bath with a cassette toilet. Other enticing amenities include a 19″ TV, lagun table, front and side windows, and 180-watt solar.

nuCamp TAG Teardrop: Smallest and Lightest Model

t@g trailer
Photo Source: nuCamp
  • No. of Floor Plans: 2 (TAG, & TAG XL) 
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 13′7”X6’8”X6’2″
  • Dry Weight: 1,341 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 859 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2 to 3
  • Holding Tanks: 23 gals Fresh, no Gray, no Black (no bathroom)
  • Standout Features: Lightweight construction, rear outside galley, dedicated bed, 180-watt solar, and stargazer.
  • Price: $23,000

Weighing under 1,400 lbs, the
T@G is the smallest and easiest to tow of all nuCamp models. This compact teardrop has a super functional living space. 

You’ll have ample cabinet storage, a spacious bed with underneath storage, plus an exterior galley with a sink, a 2-burner stove, and a cooler. There are 2 plans with a similar interior layout, the only difference being size and some extra kitchen features in the larger XL.

nuCamp Barefoot Travel Trailer: Retro-Style Exterior and Luxury Features

nucamp barefoot
Photo Source: nuCamp
  • No. of Floor Plans: 1
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 16′7”X6’7”X8’1″
  • Dry Weight: 2,129 lbs
  • Cargo Carrying Capacity: 871 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Holding Tanks: 26 gals Fresh, 17 gals Gray, 5 gals Black
  • Standout Features: High-gloss 1-piece retro-style fiberglass body, front u-dinette/lounge/bed, full mid-kitchen, wardrobe, rear wet bath
  • Price: $41,000

nuCamp Barefoot travel trailer is in fact a teardrop, the only difference is its chic look. Instead of the traditional teardrop profile, it has a sleek, curvy fiberglass body, resembling an egg. It also has a bold paint job—seaglass or pearl pink.

This retro nuCamp camper has a spacious interior with a touch of luxury. Some delightful details include a wardrobe with table storage, 3-bottle wine rack, butcher block countertops, moonie-style hubcap wheels, and 110/USB outlets. It also has a retractable showerhead for indoor and outdoor use.

nuCamp Cirrus Truck Camper

cirrus truck camoer
Photo Source: nuCamp
  • No. of Floor Plans: 3 (Cirrus 620, Cirrus 820 and Cirrus 920)
  • Dimensions(LxWxH): 12’8” to 20′2”X8’2” to 8’11”X8’1” to 8’2″
  • Dry Weight: 1,593 to 4,419 lbs
  • Sleeping Capacity: 4 (each layout has a dedicated bed and convertible dinette)
  • Holding Tanks: 17 to 43 gals Fresh, 13 to 35 gals Gray, 5 to 28 gals Black
  • Standout Features: 4-season capabilities, dual sleeping areas, galley, hot water, electric jacks with remote, and either a cassette toilet, wet bath, or full bath
  • Price: $45,000(620), $58,000(820), $89,900(920)

The Cirrus is the only truck camper model made by nuCamp. There are three hard-side, non-slide floor plans—620, 820 and 920. Weighing under 1,500 lbs, the
Cirrus 620 is designed for the half-ton owner. It has a kitchenette with a sink, 2-burner stove, and fridge, plus a hide-away cassette toilet and 310W solar.

Cirrus 820 fits a ¾-ton or 1-ton short-bed truck. It has a wet bath with fold-down sink, modern kitchenette, hot water system, 370W solar, and ample storage space. Finally, the Cirrus 920 is for a long-bed, one-ton truck. It has a residential vibe thanks to the dry bath, 8 Cu. Ft. 12V fridge, rear and side power awning, rear camera, and 930 watts of solar power. 

Discontinued nuCamp Models

Over the years, nuCamp has discontinued some models. They include Avia travel trailer, TAB S, TAB U, and Woody. Indeed, you can still find them at dealerships or in the used market. Keep your eyes and ears open, as RV manufacturers often bring back discontinued models after a few years. In fact, nuCamp just reintroduced the Cirrus 920, which was no longer in production. 

nuCamp Review: The Interior

Nucamp rv for sale
Photo Source: nuCamp

The interior of nuCamp trailers combines functionality, comfort, and style. Whatever model you choose, expect well-equipped cabins with thoughtful features. Indeed, you’ll find features (such as a wet bath, interior galley, and TV) that are rarely found in teardrops. Here are some features you can expect in most nuCamp teardrop models:

  • Custom Ohio-Amish cabinetry with soft close
  • Lots of windows (front, rear, sides, and stargazer)
  • Generous storage, including cabinets, cubbies, and under-bed space
  • Modern galley with a stainless sink, 2-burner glass-top stove, refrigerator/cooler, and counter space
  • Modular dinette with quality cushions that doubles as a lounge area or bed
  • King, queen, or split twin bed with a memory foam mattress.
  • Most options (except the TAG) have a wet bath
  • Entertainment options like TV and Bluetooth media center
  • Composite flooring
  • Heating and hot water system 
  • Central air conditioner and fantastic fan
  • Lagun fold-down table

nuCamp Review: The Construction and Exterior

nucamp construction

nuCamp RVs are extremely well made. Every unit is meticulously assembled by hand and undergoes strict quality control steps before leaving the factory. All their trailers feature a Lippert-built aluminum frame.

The external walls are aluminum framed with a fiberglass exterior and a layer of Azdel (polypropylene) underneath. There’s foam insulation between the exterior and interior Azdel walls.

The roof consists of aluminum rafters, a single piece sheet of aluminum that’s sealed in all corners, and layers of foam insulation, foil, and luan. Floors are aluminum framed, with composite paneling, a vapor barrier, and foam insulation. nuCamp eliminates the use of wood, and where it’s used, it’s marine-grade. Also, there’s no chipboard or staples.

Here are some other highlights of nuCamp trailers’ exterior:

  • Vacuum-bonded, laminated walls
  • Azdel exterior, which is lightweight, mold & mildew resistant, and has sound dampening & insulation properties
  • Single axle
  • Dexter torsion axles
  • Electric brakes
  • Aluminum wheels and insulation over wheel well
  • Spare tire
  • Acrylic windows, which have better insulation and lighter
  • Plastic moldings around the edges to enhance aesthetics
  • Aldi boiler system to heat air and water
  • All openings are aluminum-framed (windows, doors, and stargazers)
  • Nautilus water system with an external shower
  • Solar panel, inverter, intelligent converter, and lithium battery

If you want to witness the building process, they welcome factory tours. 

nuCamp Options, Packages, and Accessories 

nucamp travel trailer

When buying the TAG or TAB teardrop trailer models, nuCamp offers two types of upgrades to customize your camping experience: the Boondock Package and the Black Canyon Package.

nuCamp Boondock Package Features

Formerly known as the Outback Package, this option gives your teardrop some off-road attributes. It’s available in the nuCamp TAG and TAB trailers.
Boondock features include:

  • Aggressive off-road wheels and tires
  • Pitched heavy-duty axle for more ground clearance
  • Yakima roof rack with a cargo basket and spare (currently not available due to supply issues)
  • Molded underbelly shield
  • Aluminum utility platform
  • Diamond-plated tongue box
  • Cargo netting above windows
  • Entry grab handles
  • Rugged molded fenders
  • Custom decals

nuCamp Black Canyon Package Features

New to the 2024 model year, the nuCamp
Black Canyon series elevates your TAG or TAB’s off-grid living features.

  • Increased solar capacity
  • Holding tank heater
  • Under-glow red lighting

Other nuCamp Upgrades, Graphics, and Trim Colors 

T@g and T@b owners also have the option to upgrade to bigger Battleborn lithium batteries and add a microwave and multifunctional mattress. In addition, you have 4 internal trim colors (bright white, steel gray, jet black & harvest red), 3 graphics options, and 3 sidewall colors (white, silver & charcoal.)

To add accessories
, All Pro Adventures specializes in nuCamp teardrop after-market products. It has awnings, tents, screen rooms, visors, canopies, skirts, carpets, storage covers, storage tubs, cargo platforms, bike racks, and more.

nuCamp Prices

nucamp price
Photo Source: nuCamp

So how much is a nuCamp RV? A new nuCamp for sale starts at $20,000 (smallest TAG model) and can be as high as $90,000 (920 Cirrus Truck). On the other hand, used nuCamp trailers for sale start at around $13,000 (TAG). 

Here are the prices of nuCamp trailers’ standard option. Of course, the final cost will depend on who your middleman is and what add-on features you choose. 

  • TAB 320 S Price (teardrop) – $38,409
  • TAB 400 Price (teardrop) – $51,615
  • TAB CS-S Clamshell Price (teardrop) – $43,526
  • TAG Price (teardrop) – $23,000
  • Barefoot Travel Trailer Price (retro teardrop) – $41,000
  • Cirrus 620 Price (truck camper) – $45,000
  • Cirrus 820 Price (truck camper) – $58,000
  • Cirrus 920 Price (truck camper) – $89,900

Note that these are the manufacturer-recommended sticker prices or MSRP. The actual price could be much lower if you negotiate. Many dealers are known to shave
up to 25% off MSRP to give you a fair deal.

nuCamp Warranty 

nucamp review
Photo Source: nuCamp

To protect you from any expenses associated with problems that you didn’t cause, nuCamp has great coverage. It offers a 1-year craftsmanship warranty for all its products, plus a 3-year structural warranty. Even better, it offers a 2-year craftsmanship warranty for 2024 or newer 920 truck campers. Note the craftsmanship warranty doesn’t cover equipment or parts with separate stand-alone warranties. 

Indeed, nuCamp has one of the
best warranty support. Whether it’s assistance with troubleshooting, maintenance advice, access to replacement parts, or repairing a problem, they have a dedicated team ready to help you. If you’re far from their authorized dealers, they may even agree to mail you parts and pay for repairs to be done at a different shop.

nuCamp Customer Service and Contacts

nuCamp’s after-sales service is exceptional and they treat customers like family. Many owners have nothing but praise for them. Their team is very responsive, and goes above and beyond to assist with inquiries, offer guidance, and ensure satisfaction throughout the ownership journey.

To top it up, they organize an annual five-day event in Winklepleck Grove Campground, near their facility. Called the
üCamp Rally, it brings together owners and enthusiasts of nuCamp trailers to enjoy camping, group meals, tech talks, camaraderie, and outdoor recreational activities. 

The company also showcases new camping gear, innovative accessories, and services relevant to nuCamp owners. This event helps the brand foster a strong relationship with its customers. 

Need to contact nuCamp customer service? Call (330) 852-4811 or email service@nucamprv. com.

nuCamp Fuel Economy

nucamp mpg

Depending on the size and weight of the nuCamp teardrop trailer you choose, expect your tow vehicle’s fuel economy to decrease by around 4 to 7 MPG. That’s pretty decent compared to what you’ll get towing conventional trailers. Check out this thread on towing MPG.

nuCamp RV Rating

On RV Insider, the number one platform for reading real reviews from RV owners, nuCamp has a very impressive
rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars from 26 buyer reviews. That’s considerably high, taking into account the average trailer brand has a rating of 3.5 stars.

Here’s a breakdown of nuCamp ratings:

  • Overall Quality – 4.5 
  • Livability and Comfort – 4.3 
  • Floor Plan Functionality – 4.5 
  • Ease of Towing – 4.7 
  • Factory Warranty – 4.3

nuCamp Reviews from Owners

nucamp review
Photo Source: nuCamp

Wondering what nuCamp owners are saying? Here are some nuCamp RV reviews extracted from various RVing forums and threads:

  • nuCamp Review About Quality—I have a T@g Outback XL. It is definitely not cheaply made. I looked at other options, and none seemed as nice. I was more worried about build quality than anything else. I have been very happy with mine.
  • nuCamp Review About Interior Features – A very well-designed and constructed camper with advanced, reliable equipment and an indoor wet bath with flush toilet, sink, and shower! Cabinets are beautiful, with handy latches. Interior lighting is gentle LEDs and brighter overheads in cabin and bathroom. Bed is 72″x72″ and tufted mattress pad rolls into a seat cushion. The tabletop pivots and can be used inside and outside the trailer.
  • nuCamp Review About Warranty For us the positive is nuCamp addressed all the issues we had during the warranty period on our time frame schedule, granted we went to Ohio, and have continued to supply information and support after warranty. Under warranty, they replaced a couple of vendor-built items.
  • nuCamp Review About Manuals – I’ve never had a trailer before, and a manual showing the whole system, and where things are located, what they are, etc… would be very helpful. The pile of manuals for each system are fine, but it does not really show how they integrate and work within the design of the trailer. 

nuCamp Pros and Cons

nucamp interior
Photo Source: nuCamp

Every RV manufacturer has some positives and drawbacks. Let’s take a look:

Pros of nuCamp RVs

  • Extremely well-made, created by the Amish, and all the woodwork is really well-crafted
  • Excellent quality control process
  • Great after-sales service and warranty
  • Hold their value really well
  • Some of their models have features of a regular-size RV—interior kitchen, wet bath, dedicated bed, and sitting space
  • Light enough to pull with a small SUV or truck
  • Aerodynamic profile that minimizes drag
  • Enough interior height to stand inside (except the Tag model)
  • Dual sleeping areas or hideaway bunk bed options for families
  • Real wood furniture
  • Acrylic windows
  • Few holes in the exterior and no seams where the walls meet the roof, which means fewer leak points
  • Cute aesthetics, especially the Barefoot model
  • They make truck campers for compact, midsize, and large pickup trucks
  • Off-road and boondocking options
  • A strong community of owners who offer phenomenal support

Cons of nuCamp RVs

  • Cost significantly more than many teardrops
  • No factory awning—you need a custom one due to the curved roof
  • Outside storage is limited
  • No shocks
  • Many dealers don’t know how the nuCamp equipment and systems work, plus some aren’t skilled enough to fix issues
  • Manuals are quite narrow and do not really show how the systems work
  • The small refrigerators and tanks aren’t ideal for boondocking
  • Some owners of older models complain of warped door frames and lose trim
  • Some trailer’s exterior molding comes loose (issue fixed in current models)
  • Leaks in the rear hatch and roof vent
  • Warranty communication is slow at times

nuCamp Community Forums

nucamp camper

The annual uCamp event is the biggest physical gathering of nuCamp owners. Online, there are several gathering places for the community. The most popular forums for nuCamp owners are:

Top nuCamp Dealers

Scott Hubble, CEO of nuCamp, revealed its distinguished
Top Dealers for the 2023 model year. These dealers are recognized for outstanding sales performance and exceptional customer experiences.

  • East Region – D&H RV Center in North Carolina, Gerzeny’s RV World in Florida, Miller Trailer Sales in Pennsylvania, Southland RV in Georgia, and Pete’s RV Center in Vermont, Massachusetts, Indiana, Virginia, and Connecticut.
  • Central Region – Princess Craft RV in Texas, Mark Wahlberg RV in Ohio, Holiday World in Texas, Jerry’s Camping Center in Wisconsin, and Veurink’s RV Center in Minnesota.
  • West Region – Apache Camping Center in Washington and Oregon, Parris RV in Utah, Teton Adventures RV in Idaho, Tom’s Camperland in Arizona, and Windish RV Center in Colorado.
  • Canada – Groupe Alliance in Quebec City and Traveland RV Supercenter in Alberta, British Columbia.
  • Top Cirrus Truck Camper Dealers – D&H RV Center in North Carolina, Princess Craft RV in Texas, Southland RV in Georgia, and Groupe Alliance in Quebec City.
  • Best nuCamp Dealers Overall – Apache Camping Center, OR, was recognized as the best dealer of towables in North America, and Teton Adventures RV, ID the best dealer of Cirrus truck campers.

nuCamp Competitors

If you’re looking for nuCamp alternatives, consider brands like Little Guy, Casita, Oliver, Scamp, Happier Camper, and Escape Trailer. Others are Vistabule Teardrop, Aliner Ascape, Intech Sol Horizon, and Airstream Bambi.

nuCamp RV FAQs

nucamp teardrop
Photo Source: nuCamp

Here are some frequently asked questions about nuCamp teardrops and truck campers:

Do nuCamp Trailers Have Bathrooms?

All nuCamp teardrops have a wet bathroom with a shower and toilet, except the T@g model. Regarding the Cirrus truck campers, the 620 has a suitcase-style cassette toilet, the 820 has a wet bath, and the 920 has a full bathroom.

What’s the Best nuCamp Trailer?

The T@b 400 ticks all the boxes. It has a dedicated bed, a separate sitting/dining space, a wet bath, a galley kitchen, and generous storage. It also offers the most interior space and standing room. Plus, you have a hide-away bunk option to increase the sleeping capacity. 

What’s the nuCamp Tab vs Tag Difference?

nuCamp Tab teardrops are larger, have ample standing room, an interior kitchen, a dinette, and a wet bath. On the other hand, Tag is the smallest in the nuCamp lineup; it has no bathroom, no standing room, no dinette, and the kitchen is outside.

Final Verdict on nuCamp RV

With higher-quality construction and first-rate finishes compared to the norm, nuCamp RVs are definitely worth it. You’ll absolutely love the craftsmanship, components quality, efficient use of space, after-sales support, passionate community, and high resale value. Happy shopping!