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The Skinny on Pop-Up Camper Rentals


Recreational vehicles take many different forms—from teeny-tiny towables that are not big on amenities to sophisticated mansions on wheels outfitted with stylish furniture and room on board to hold a sports car.


One of the many RV types out there is the pop-up camper. This recreational vehicle is a blend between a travel trailer and a tent, making it a pretty unique rig. It’s a fantastic option for those who love to escape to nature in something simple, lightweight, and affordable.


But is a pop-up camper rental right for you and your family?


We’ll break down everything you need to know about pop-up camper rental, so you can make an informed choice. We’re going to cover what a pop-up camper is, the different options available, costs of renting, the best site to rent one, the pros and cons, and much more.


What is a Pop-up Camper?


Pop-up campers, also known as fold-out campers, tent trailers, or expandable campers, are a type of recreational vehicle that can collapse down into a condensed, portable package. You tow it behind your vehicle in a small folded state, then when you get to the campsite, you raise the roof and pull out the slide-outs to create more sleeping and living space.


The lightest versions weigh as little as 700 pounds, while the heaviest can reach 3,000 pounds. When folded down into a box, they measure from just 8 feet to around 16 feet, but that length generally doubles when you set them up.


Part canvas construction is what makes it go from a small size while in transit to an ample living space when completely folded out at the destination. Pop-up campers come with a sleeping area, small kitchen, and some even have full bathrooms.


Types of Pop-Up Campers


In a nutshell, there are two options for pop-up campers: soft-sided and hard-sided.


  • Soft-Sided Pop-up Campers – By far the most common type of fold-out campers. They have a soft canvas roof and walls covering the living area when the trailer is folded out. Their weight isn’t much, so you can tow it with just about any vehicle.
  • Hard-Sided Pop-up Campers- These rigs have actual walls, mostly made of fiberglass that folds down. They also come in different styles, such as the A-frame pop-up campers where the sides fold up to create a triangle roofline and the Hi-Lo campers where the top goes up via a motor or crank.


How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Pop-up Camper?


On average, you can expect to pay between $60 and $100 per night to rent a pop-up camper. However, you can find smaller and older versions for as low as $50, while some newer and more sophisticated expandable trailers may cost you over $150. Remember to inquire whether there are other additional costs involved, such as mileage price per mile, cleaning fees, linens, generator, pet fees, and delivery fees.


Where can You Rent a Pop-up Camper?


Wondering where to rent a pop-up camper? And is it even possible to rent a tent camper? Well, renting a pop-up camper is easy and straightforward today, thanks to RV rental platforms like Outdoorsy. By simply entering your location and the type of RV you want in the Outdoorsy site, you can discover multiple fold-out trailers near you.


Outdoorsy is the number one trusted RV rental marketplace globally, and many RV owners use this site to advertise their rigs. So, chances of finding a pop-up camper near your location using this platform are pretty high compared to using other sites. You can even use it to search and book a rental pop-up near where you plan to adventure, fly to that destination, pick up the tent camper, and start adventuring.


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Top Brands of Pop-up Campers


Before you rent a pop-up camper, you’ll want to know that the fold-out trailer you’re about to pick is safe, reliable, and well-built. Here are the top pop-up camper manufacturers.

  • Jayco, Inc. – It’s a leading American manufacturer of towable and motorized recreational vehicles. Jayco has been in the industry for over 50 years. They make high-quality, easy-to-set-up, and easy-to-use soft side and hard side fold-out travel trailers.
  • SylvanSport – It’s an American brand that specializes in lightweight camping trailers and accessories. When starting out, the idea was to create the most innovative pop-up camper. Today, they are the proud designers of some of the best and most versatile expandable trailers you can lay your hands on.
  • Forest River – Based out of Elkhart, Indiana, Forest River is one of the biggest names in the camping industry, thanks to its enormous line of RVs. It builds hard-side pop-up campers under two brand names: Rockwood and Flagstaff. Their series of campers are famous for their quality build, simplicity, and towability.
  • Starcraft – Established in 1903, Starcraft is one of the oldest and the most respected names in the camping business. The brand has an imaginative lineup of lightweight soft-sided tent campers. It also makes a handful of A-frame fold-out trailer models.


Pros/Cons of Renting a Pop-up Camper vs. Other RV Types


Are extendable trailers worth it? This section will help us find out the main advantages and disadvantages of pop-up campers.


Why a Pop-Up a frame camper rentalTravel Trailer is a Good Option

  • They’re Beginner Friendly – If you’re trying to transition from car or tent camping to RVing, a Pop-up camper is a perfect option to get started before you begin cruising in bigger rigs. It’s small, easy to tow and operate, so you won’t require a lengthy period of adaptation.
  • They Offer Increased Navigability – The small size of a tent trailer means you’ll be able to fit in areas where larger RVs can’t. You can easily tow them through narrow, dirt roads that might pose hazards to those driving larger rigs.
  • Planning Routes is Easier – Unlike massive rigs where you can only use specific routes, pop-up campers are towed in a small compressed package, so you don’t have to worry about weight and height restrictions.
  • They’re Cheaper to Rent – Thanks to their simplicity, tent trailers are some of the most affordable RV rentals you can find in the market.
  • Most are Lightweight – A majority of pop-up camper rentals are very lightweight. If you explore your options, you may find one that you can tow with your car.
  • You can Detach Your Tow Vehicle – When you get to your destination, you can detach the tent trailer from your tow vehicle and use it to go shopping or explore the area.
  • They Come With the Main Essentials – Despite their small size, they still come with the most important amenities–a place to sleep, cook, and dine. Some models also have a full bathroom, plenty of storage, and even racks for your bikes or boat.


Cons of a Pop-Up Travel Trailer


  • Climate Control can be a Problem – If you rent a pop-up camper without climate control features, the thin walls will offer less insulation. The inside will overheat on hot days or get really cold in chilly conditions.
  • Can be Inconvenient in Wet Conditions – When it rains, the sides of the camper, which are made of canvas, will get soaked, and some water could find its way inside, which can be uncomfortable. And you’ll have to air the canvas to dry before breaking camp.
  • Noise Can be an Issue When Camping In a Crowded Spot – The thin walls can’t block out most outside noises. And it can be quite frustrating trying to sleep through the endless chatter of your neighbors or the hum of a generator. But when boondocking, you’ll enjoy drifting off to sleep to the soothing sounds of nature.
  • Tricky to Set Up and Take Down – Once you get to the campsite, erecting and taking down the tent trailer requires some physical effort, and it can be time-consuming if you aren’t used to the process.


Pop-Up Camper: A Simple, Versatile, and Affordable RV Rental


If you are looking for a small and affordable recreational vehicle that packs a powerful punch, then a pop-up camper rental might be just what you need. It may lack premium creature comforts, but it still offers many of the same amenities as its larger travel trailer cousins, but without the extra weight.


Have an itch to hit the open road? Browse through Go RV Rentals and discover a pop-up camper that matches your family size and needs.

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