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Score with Go RV Rentals’ Tailgating Guide


Football season is here, and it’s time once again to break out the BBQ grill, pack up the pickup or RV rental and plan a tailgate party. Whether your fanatic about a college team, the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Texans or a Chicago Bears, tailgating is one of the best ways to get together with friends and family and chow down on delicious appetizers, BBQ, and other great food before or after the big game.

Of course, just like with anything else, if you want your tailgate party to be successful you have to plan it out. If you are new to tailgating or simply want to step up your tailgating game, we have a few helpful tips to get you going. Make your next tailgate a true success by following Go RV Rentals basic guide down below.

Arrive Early Game Day in an RV Rental

If you are tailgating in a camper rental for a game or sporting event, plan to arrive to the site at least four hours before it begins. Picking a spot, unpacking your equipment and cooking takes time, and arriving early allows you to enjoy the process and ensure that your food tastes great and your party is a fun.

Prep Your MealsTailgate in an RV Rental

If you plan to grill up your famous burgers or BBQ ribs, be sure and prep your items the night before. Skewer your kebabs, patty up your burgers, and keep them in a separate cooler for easy access. This cuts down on the time you have to spend preparing your food and leaves more time to enjoy the day.

Take Advantage of Tailgate “Hacks”

A few “hacks” to make your party a bit easier and more fun:

  • Labeling coolers (i.e. beer vs soft drinks vs water)
  • Packing a mini first-aid kit in case there is a minor accident
  • Turn one of your coolers into a warming oven with a bit of foil and some warming bricks
  • Use a six pack holder for keeping condiments together and upright
  • Bring some games / toys to keep folks entertained. Good choices are corn hole (a.k.a bean bag toss, Frisbee or simply a football
  • Many RV and campers rentals have outside kitchens and outside entertainment centers
  • Many RV rental owners will conveniently deliver and setup the RV rental at your tailgate site

These simple tricks will help you keep your tailgate party organized and make it easier and more fun for your guests. 

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Setting Up Your Tailgate Party

Now that you’re prepared, packed, and ready to fire up the grill the next step is to prepare your campsite. First, you will need to pick the right spot especially if you are planning on grilling burgers or hot dogs. Wind direction will affect the efficiency of your grill, so take the time to determine where the wind is coming from and whether it will be blowing in your grill’s general direction. Next, put up a sign, balloon, or team flag so that your guests can find you among the other tailgaters. Finally, keep things organized with plastic shelving labeled according to its contents, such as spatulas, paper towels and cutlery. Don’t forget plenty of paper towels and the cooking utensils for your grill.

Additional Tailgating & RV Rental Tips

For a few extra helpful tips for your RVing or Tailgating experience, consider a few ideas we’ve gathered up:

  • Use foil to cook veggies, pork chops, and potatoes quickly
  • Use cupcake foils as drink lids to keep bugs out
  • Mark participant’s names on cups so they can find theirs
  • Make use of plastic cups for condiments, sauces and veggies 

Discover a better way to RV and a better way to tailgate, by using our helpful tips at your next tailgating event. Finally be sure to book your camper rental or motorhome rental early because game-day demand for RV rentals is high. Party on!!