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Looking for an RV rental near Yellowstone National Park? Visiting the park in a camper or motorhome and you’ll get to see the best the world has to offer. Nature lover’s know this well. Chances are you’ve traveled from coast to coast enjoying the sights, sounds, and experiences this great country treasures. Perhaps it’s on your bucket list. You may have considered “should I go to Yellowstone National Park?” The answer is “YES” and here we’re going to tell you why.  Also, this is where you will find the best RV rentals in Yellowstone National Park.

Find an RV Rental near Yellowstone – Jackson, Wyoming


Find an RV Rental near Yellowstone – Bozeman, Montana


Find an RV Rental near Yellowstone – Billings, Montana 


Yes, you can rent an RV near Yellowstone. In Jackson, Wyoming and Bozeman, Montana you will find two of the best places to rent a motorhome for Yellowstone National Park visits. Also, just bit further away, but very doable is Billings, Montana where you can rent campers.


Visit Old Faithful in a Camper Rentalold faithful


Yellowstone located mostly in Wyoming, is truly one of the best places any outdoors person should visit on the planet and in a camper rental it puts you up close and personal to nature. The first national park founded in 1872, Yellowstone’s 3,500 square miles is simply awesome. Traveling and enjoying life is what going down the road in a camper rental is all about. Yellowstone gives you the opportunity to witness nature like most people never get to experience. Many of you have heard of Old Faithful. It’s the most famous geyser in the world. It’s something that every person traveling to Yellowstone should see. There are many more geysers and even colorful hot springs that are less known. You can spend several days just looking at all the geothermal oddities that Yellowstone has to offer. The number is in the hundreds and quite a few have breathtaking colors. Most people are totally shocked by the colors and activities of these hot water marvels. Be careful not to get too close, the water is extremely hot and can scald you.


bisonSee Wild Animals from the Window of Your Motorhome Rental


Are you the type of person that loves to watch animal shows on television? If so, then you’re going to love Yellowstone even more than the average person. Being at Yellowstone is like living out one of those reality television shows. There you’ll see animals in their natural habitat right from the windows of your motorhome rental. In fact, you’ll see the largest amount of animals in one place in America that’s not a zoo! The difference between Yellowstone and a zoo is that you get to see how the animals actually live. You’re not seeing them in a cage unhappily walking back and forth. This is as close to those nature television shows as you’ll ever get. It’ll be an experience that you’ll remember for an entire lifetime. Have you ever wanted to see grizzly bears, majestic elk or gray wolves? They all can be seen at Yellowstone. You’ll even be able to witness the world’s largest bison herd. Golden and bald eagles fly the skies and don’t be surprised if you see a few. There are also moose and even herds of wild horses. It’s truly an animal lover’s paradise and you’ll get to experience it every day at Yellowstone. Many people go for the wildlife alone and leave feeling like they’ve experienced something that’s simply beyond words. Get closer to nature by putting yourself right in the middle of the habitat these animals live in.


RV Rental Yellowstone: Hike to WaterfallsRV Rental Yellowstone - Great Falls


Stretch your legs and go for a hike to see one of Yellowstone’s many waterfalls. The park has over a thousand miles of trails some close-in and some in the back country. It doesn’t matter if you’re an avid backpacker or someone that just wants to experience the open outdoors. There are even paths suitable for children. Hiking enables you to connect to nature like nothing else can. It will get your blood flowing and you’ll be in the middle of everything. You’ll see, hear, and feel everything the wilderness has to offer. It’ll heighten your senses and provide you with a visual experience that can’t be had while watching television. It’s a great way to move around after a long drive in the RV rental. You’ll also be able to take plenty of pictures to show your friends and family.


There’s also camping for all of you that have been in the RV a little too long. This is as close to nature as you’ll ever get. The entire area is loaded with places where you can go camping. There you’ll live among all the wildlife and even be able to gaze at the stars at night. You’re mornings will be filled with wonderful fresh air and the nights with stories near the campfire. It makes for a surreal experience like no other. You’ll feel like you’re living in a real life Western movie and you might even get to see a bear. Couple your outdoor camping experience by going fishing.


Fishing at Yellowstone National Park


There are few places on earth that offers the fishing that Yellowstone does. World-class trout streams abound. You’ll be able to take your catch back to camp and cook it right there. It’s the outdoor lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. Fishing is also available for those that chose not to camp at Yellowstone. You’ll notice and overabundance of fish and it won’t take you all day to catch one. It doesn’t matter if you like to fish because of the beauty of nature or the great taste of your catch. You’ll be able to enjoy both and so much more when you go fishing at Yellowstone.


Camping in Your RV Rentalyellowstone national park map


Camping is one of the most important reasons why you travel around in your RV Rental. You’ll be glad to know there are plenty of camping opportunities at Yellowstone. Xanterra Parks and Resorts operate five reservation campgrounds. They have over 1,700 campsites that include Madison, Fishing Bridge RV Park, Bridge Bay, Canyon, and Grant Village. You’ll need to make your reservations online or by calling them directly. You may be surprised to find out that the National Park Service operates 7 first-come, first-served campgrounds. They total over 450 sites and include Mammoth, Norris, Tower Fall, Indian Creek, Pebble Creek, Slough Creek, and Lewis Lake.


It’s important to note that these campgrounds fill early. You’ll have to plan ahead to get a camping site from the National Park Service. The best advice when it comes to camping is to plan early. You’ll want to make your plans well in advance (Tip: Recommend at least 6 months early) to ensure that you get a camping spot. You know what they say about the early bird, right? In this case they get the camping reservation. Don’t put it off and you won’t regret not having a place to camp. Always make sure you read the restrictions that each campground has to offer. For example, campfires may be permitted at some, while not at others. Others have RV length restrictions. Take the time out to plan ahead and also educate yourself on where you’ll be staying. This is the best way to ensure that you’ll have an enjoyable experience.



elkTrip of a Lifetime


Going to Yellowstone in an RV rental is a once in a lifetime trip for most people. It’s something they reminisce about their entire lives. You can turn that dream into a reality during your next RV excursion. You can even take your kids or grandkids along for the trip. It’s times like these that are more valuable than money. What you’re doing is building memories that’ll last longer than a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if you’re going down the road with just your spouse or entire family. Yellowstone is one of the top recreational vehicle destinations in all of America. Plan your trip today and get started building those memories. It’s vacations like these that changes lives forever and every person that’s ever traveled behind the wheel of an RV rental know just how true these words are. 


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Does Yellowstone National Park rent RVs?


No, the National Park Service does not rent RVs at Yellowstone or any other park for that matter. You will have to rent a camper at home and drive it there or  rent one nearby by the park


2. What are the closest locations to rent an RV for Yellowstone?

Bozeman, Montana– 88 miles (North Entrance)

Jackson, Wyoming – 128 miles (South Entrance and is 88 miles from the entrance to Grand Teton National Park)

Billings, Montana – 179 miles (North of the park)

All four of these locations would be nice to spend a day or two coming and/or going to Yellowstone National Park.  Jackson and Billings has air service so you could fly and drive. As, you can see Jackson Hole is closet to Yellowstone National Park with air service.

3. Does Yellowstone National Park have an RV park? 

Yes, there are several campgrounds with RV facilities. Some of the RV parks have limits on the length of RV. Note,  the campgrounds do not have full hook-ups. This means you’ll need to fill your tanks with water, run a generator for electricity and dump your tanks at one of the dump stations.

4. Can I make a reservation for a campground site at Yellowstone National Park? 

Yes, you can at   Xanterra Parks and Resorts operate five reservation campgrounds. Several other campgrounds do not require reservations and are on a first-come, first served basis.

5. Are there private campgrounds nearby Yellowstone National Park? 

Yes, there are several. The Headwaters Campground and RV park  is several miles from the South Entrance and has full hook-ups. 

6. How many people visit Yellowstone National Park each year?

Yellowstone is one of the most popular national parks. In 2019 over 3 million visitors came through the gates of Yellowstone.

7. Hey Go RV Rentals, what is your advice for renting an RV and camping at Yellowstone National Park? 

First of all, do it! Secondly, rent an RV that is small to mid-size (i.e., 30 feet or less). A rental campervan, travel trailer or Class C would be perfect, as you will have more options for campsites due to certain length limitations. You can go bigger but your camping options will be severely limited.

7. Hey Go RV Rentals, how far in advance should I book a campsite at Yellowstone?

 Pro Tip: Book your RV and campsites as far in advance as you can, ideally 6 months or more and book campsites positioned around the 142 mile Grand Loop at Yellowstone National Park. The park is HUGE, 3,471 square miles, and the North Entrance is 96 miles from the South Entrance. You will need to do this because having one campsite as a base camp would make driving a real pain because you will be many hours and miles away from popular features. Moving yourself (and RV) to campgrounds around the Loop every day or so will make things closer by and you much happier!

Find an RV Rental near Yellowstone – Jackson, Wyoming

Find an RV Rental near Yellowstone – Bozeman, Montana

Find an RV Rental near Yellowstone – Billings, Montana