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RV Rental Travel Trends

What’s new in RV rental trends? Turns out, quite a lot! The year 2020 has seen some big changes amid the pandemic. Even celebrities ditched their mansions in favor of RV rentals to get some fresh air and for Christmas Ellen gave away $500 gift cards for RV road trips igniting a much-needed spark of interest in the industry. Now that 2021 is upon us, it’s a good idea to consider the 5 travel trends that are making an impact and shaping the future of the RV rental industry for the next year.

1. RV rental is changing how people work

Why work from home when you’re confined to one place? That’s what a sizable portion of the population pondered when stay-at-home orders turned their living quarters into work spaces. Even with kids, those working from home found a way to beat the blues by charging into RV rental territory. About 61% in an industry trend report for 2021 found it to be the perfect place to live, work, and play. Ease of mobility and connectivity made it a popular choice among millennials to embrace the work from anywhere future.

2. RV rental is becoming more ageless

True that millennials are charging ahead with the whole work-play-live aspect of RV rentals, the popularity is just as high with all markets. That means the boomer generation is still all-in as much as those who have never before done an RV rental. In fact, first-time renters took up about 90% of the RV rental market for 2020, a trend that is expected to grow. This age of freedom in personal bubbles is the perfect time for RV rentals to shine.

3. It’s poised to be even bigger than stationary vacation rentals

Plenty of people got in on the side hustle of renting out their homes, apartments, and guesthouses with Airbnb and other like-minded sites. Now, RV rentals and campervans are set to grow just as much. Thanks to the pandemic RV sales and ownership increased. Enterprising owners have been renting out these vehicles to stream in secondary income. Since there’s such a great demand for it due to the ability to let people travel, eat, and sleep in their RV bubble, this trend is going to continue onward and upward.

4. Affordability is expected to stay the same

Consumers are finding there’s a lot more value to an RV rental. Yet, the cost of hitting the road in one has remained steady. It’s likely to stay that way for the foreseeable future, making it an easy way for those tired of hunkering down to get out there and travel.

5. RV rentals are moving out of the Wild West

The West has always been RV rental country and always will be. However, with lockdowns to hinder the spread of COVID-19, residents in big cities in New York and Illinois have hopped on board the RV rental trend to flee those confinements. They’ve found that big city conveniences are no longer convenient when everything is closed. Instead, they’ve taken to hitting the road, RV-style, discovering the perks of fresh air, beaches, and mountains along the way.

With this supporting data, the trend of RV rentals is something we can all expect to see continuing in popularity well into 2021 and long after too.