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Rocky Mountain National Park Review 


Rocky Mountain National Park is located 67 miles from Denver Colorado (click here for RV rental near Denver) and is a favorite place to Go RV Rentals. The park has since its creation in 1916 assumed the position of being one of the most visited tourist sites in Colorado. Some of the main features of the Rocky Mountain National Park includes the Mountains (Well, of course!), the alpine lakes and an impressive variety of different weathers and climates – you can have a wooded forest on one end and a mountain tundra on the other. To rent a campervan, motorhome or trailer near Rocky Mountain National Park search our RV rental listings.


RV Rental Camping Options 


Those who rent an RV and want to camp at Aspenglen, Glacier Basin, or Moraine Park during the summer should make reservations several months in advance because nearly all sites in these campgrounds are booked and sold-out early. Another option is Longs Peak and Timber Creek campgrounds which are first-come-first-served basis. Note these may have a limit to length of your camper rental from 30 to 40 feet depending on which campground you choose. There also several nice private RV campgrounds nearby.


rocky mtn np family fishingThings to Do & See 


We believe that what endears the park to the teeming crowd of happy campers’ year in and year out has a lot to do with the natural appeal you can’t miss as you enter the park’s gates in your camper rental. The park has a vast outlying spread of rocky plains, nicely complemented by alpine trees and small lakes every turn. Every year, a little over three million tourists drive through its gates seeking to experience the magic and surreal ecstasy of untainted nature.


Rocky Mountain National Park reaches across the Continental Divide and encompasses protected mountains, forests, and alpine tundra. It’s very popular Trail Ridge Road, and the Old Fall River Road drives that pass aspen trees and rivers. It also has a Keyhole Route, a climb crossing vertical rock faces that leads up Long Peak, the parks tallest mountain.


Rocky Mountain National Park covers 250,000 acres of federal land, with 200,000 odd acres from the U.S. Forest Service wilderness adjoining the boundaries of the park. The continental drive of the park goes both in the north and south direction through the center of the park, with rivers and streams on the western side of the divide flowing toward the Pacific Ocean while those that are on the eastern side flow toward the Atlantic. Geographically, the Continental Drive of the Park forms a horseshoe at the slopes of the Never Summer Mountains. This is regarded as a geographical anomaly because it results in the formation of streams on the eastern slopes of the range joining the headwaters of the Colorado River that go south and westwards.


rocky mtn national park elk herdIn elevation, the Rocky Mountains National Park is one of the highest in the nation as it has elevations from 7,860 to 14,259 feet (2,396 to 4,346 m) with the highest point being Longs Peak. The highest paved through-road in the United States is Trail Ridge Road, having a peak elevation of 12,183 feet. What this means for visitors is that they can very much take on climbing games and hiking activities around these elevated regions as a sport, since there is enough elevation for everyone.


There are lots of fun activities that can be engaged in at the site, from mountain climbing (as earlier mentioned) to a simple sighting of the grounds – the park offers the most entertainment that is good both for aesthetics and great on your heart. You and your group can choose to engage in easy hikes around a mountain lake or even try the more challenging multiday backpack trips and climbs. The park has trails that range from easy paths, convenient for persons with disabilities to tasking mountain trails perfect for experienced conditioned hikers as well as off-trail routes that are best suited for backcountry hikes. The trails aforementioned direct visitors to over 100 designated wilderness camping sites located either at Grand Lake or Bear Lake. It is important to note that some of these trails are specifically to be used only in summer since they may not be safe at other times of the year. There is also the option of Horseback riding on most trails.


alpine visitors center rocky mtn national parkLumpy Ridge, Hallett Peak, and Longs Peak, all of which are the highest peaks in the park are perfect for Rock climbing and present great mountaineering opportunities. The vast east face, as well as the area that is referred to as the Diamond, is home to many classic big wall rock climbing routes. Many of the highest peaks have technical ice and rock routes on them, ranging from short scrambles to long multi-pitch climbs. The Rocky Mountains National Park also permits visitors to fish – the main species of trout obtainable from the lake includes Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook and German Brown Trout.


The park offers the most when it comes to exciting adventure, little wonder it is the third most visited national park in the United States!