fall colors in the ozark mountains


Mind-blowing Fall Foliage in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas


There is no better time to visit the beautiful state of Arkansas (a.k.a. the Natural State) in an RV rental than in the fall, when a whirlwind of color takes over the state’s extensive nature. Crafts festivals, art shows, and concerts spread all over, bringing a festive atmosphere enjoyed by both locals and visitors who arrive in a camper. In fact, many RVers decide to make Arkansas their October get-a-way destination to be able to enjoy one of the greatest fall foliage scenes for leaf peeping in the entire country

Without a doubt, one of the most popular destinations in the state for RVers at any time of year -but especially in the fall- is the majestic Ozark Mountains region with its rugged beauty and stunning vistas. This is the perfect fall vacation for anyone looking for hiking trails, a wide variety of outdoor activities, breathtaking landscapes, and fall colors that spread over the land like wildfire. Here, you won’t have guides, or set itineraries; here you are free to make your own path, and explore with liberty at your own pace. Head to the Sylamore District for the Blanchard Springs Caverns, go to Mountain View for some of the region’s greatest hiking trails and live music on the town square. Throughout the Ozarks you can go on a quest to find pristine waterfalls, vast lakes, and mind-blowing views. The Ozarks are a long-day’s drive or two shorter day’s trek in a motorhome rental from Tulsa, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta and Kansas City. Alternatively, rent an RV in Little Rock and be there in a few hours.

From people looking to relax next to beautiful landscapes, to nature lovers, to adrenaline junkies, the region offers something for absolutely everyone. Large golf courses and resorts entertain people looking to disconnect from everyday life while keeping some of the comforts they are so used to. Those looking for an outdoor activity that is not too straining can go along hiking trails, swim and canoe on the lakes and streams, or go fishing. If you’re one seeking a physical rush, you can go kayaking or rafting in whitewater rapids, climbing up steep cliffs, or zip lining along the forest. What’s best- since the fall in Arkansas is cooler than lower elevations; you can experience the beauty of the season while still being able to enjoy nature in comfort, and without any specialized gear for the weather. This is a trip suitable for all kinds of adventures. Find peaceful solitude on a solo trip, share memories with your family, practice extreme sports with your friends, or enjoy the romance of the landscape with your partner. However and with whoever you travel, this destination will astonish you.

RV Rental Get-a-Way

One of the things that make fall so unique in the Ozark Mountains is that there are two peaks in the color of the foliage. The first peak, often called the “false peak”, usually occurs between October 14 and 20th. The second, or true, peak occurs about a week later between October 26th and November 5th. Of course, the timing of the 

peaks varies from year to year, as they depend on the temperature and sunlight. Some people find the concept of two peaks slightly confusing, since it is not a common occurrence. In the beautiful Ozarks, however, you get to experience this phenomenon and enjoy fall even more. The false peak occurs for specific trees, which light up with intense color which contrast their surroundings. The true peak is more widespread, and it is when you will be able to see entire hills brighten up with the beauty of autumn. It is recommended for anyone to plan their vacation in the Ozarks for as much time as they available in order to see the changing color of leaves.

The intensity of the peaks is enhanced by the incredibly beautiful understory foliage. With bright colors that often overtake the most visible foliage they make the views of fall absolutely breathtaking. Red, orange, and yellow colors take over the landscape and contrast the evergreens and stubborn trees that refuse to change color at the same time as all others. The juxtaposition of the deep blue water of the lakes and the white foam of waterfalls with these warm colors also create a playful combination that is eye-popping.

There is no better way to enjoy this “find your own path” leaf-peeping adventure in the Ozarks than in your RV rental. With vast land to cover, and incredible nature to uncover, the beauty of a trip to this region is enjoying the freedom of doing everything your way. With a map in hand, and your own wits to guide you, this independence is not to be taken lightly. Enjoy it, immerse in it, and feel the rush of witnessing amazing landscapes, hidden trails, and secret waterfalls. Explore as much as you can of the national forest during the day, and take in the stars from a campsite -which are available throughout the region- at night. Revel in the freedom of doing things at your own pace and discovering the magnificent fall foliage in the Ozark Mountains on your own.

The Ozarks abound in campgrounds to park your camper rental. A couple of campsites having a central location—with lots to do nearby and tons of day trip opportunities—are Tyler Bend Campground (no hookups but water, dumping and bath house onsite) on the Buffalo River in Silver Hill, AR and Harrison Village Campground (full hookups at campsite) in Harrison, AR. Also nearby is Branson, Missouri. Checkout campers for rent Branson – Silver Dollar City if you just want the RV at or near the campground when you get there.