Millennials and RVs: Ten Imperatives for the Future


As with every other industry, the RV industry has had its ups and downs over the years. Currently, people are embracing the RV lifestyle and sales have been on the rise over the last decade. However, a few things need to be done if we want to see millennials embracing this lifestyle and keeping this industry strong long into the future.

According to Curbed, there are ten things that the RV industry must do in order to bring millennials to the world of RVs:

1. Create Better Designs

As with some homes and other buildings, RVs seem to have one design, and it is not one that is going to be appealing to millennials. In fact, some of the other generations have little to nothing good to say about the beige insides and boring exteriors. A few new designs will pique the interest of those who have disregarded these moving homes for years.

2. Create Smaller Options

Millennials do not expect everything to be bigger and better, like some of the older generations. Therefore, smaller RVs, like Class B motorhomes, must be constructed to entice younger generations to make a purchase. This isn’t to say that these smaller RVs shouldn’t have all the comforts of home, they just need to be created to hold it all in a smaller footprint.

3. Embrace the Camper Vans

Millennials like to make things easy, which is why they are more likely to choose a camper van or Class B over a traditional RV. These camper vans are easier to park, and they get a lot better gas mileage than other RVs.

4. Reconsider the Bathroom

A true bathroom is not always necessary in an RV, which is why manufacturers need to reconsider the set-up of these spaces. By creating multi-use bathroom spaces, they will attract many more buyers.

5. Quality of Quantity

As mentioned above, millennials are not focusing on size. However, they are looking for things that will last a lot longer than they do now. Anyone who wants to stay in the RV business must start using high-end materials if they want millennials to buy their RV. It is also necessary for every RV to be carefully inspected long before it hits the showroom. This will ensure everything is top-notch and that will attract these younger buyers.

6. Check Out the RVs in Europe

Everyone knows that Europe is ahead of the US in more ways than one, and that includes RVs. European RVs are cooler and more innovative than what is being sold in the US and those are the items that millennials here are craving.

7. Consider Technology Carefully

Yes, millennials are all about their technology, but they want functionality instead of numerous techy things that they won’t use most of the time. A millennial is looking for ways that technology can help them with every experience they have, which means they are not going to be interested in that fifty-inch flat screen television. The focus needs to shift to smart appliances, high-end batteries, and even the new driving technology. The one technologic item that really needs to be focused on though is high-speed internet.

8. Go Eco-Friendly

Millennials love the planet and they are always looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. Therefore, RVs must go this route as well. Manufacturers must consider solar operated systems, lightweight campers, and even RVs that do not emit any emissions.

9. Family Friendly

Many millennials have families and are going to be in need of campers that sleep more than two. RVs need to be designed for couples, as well as couples and their kids, without making the RV too large.

10. Gear Storage is a Must

Gone are the days when people go camping and sit around the campfire all day long. People are more active, and they need to take gear with them, so they can kayak, ski, snowboard, bike ride, and do so much more. Millennials are going to need the room to store this gear in an RV and without this available space, they are not going to be tempted to buy one.

Millennials are an adventurous group and they will consider an RV for everything they do if that RV is designed solely for them. RV manufacturers need to realize this and start creating RVs with everything millennials want or the sales in this industry will drop once again.