Head to Head Comparison: Leisure Travel Vans Unity Versus Wonder

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leisure travel vans comparedLeisure Travel Vans: Unity vs. Wonder—this topic is a source of heated debate in any online gathering of LTV owners. In this post, we will compare both models and highlight their differences to help you make an informed choice when buying or renting.

Before giving our verdict, we will weigh up every attribute, from the dimensions, weight ratings, chassis, ride quality, MPG, floor plans, interior appointments, safety features, storage capacity, maintenance, and warranty to prices. In addition, we’ve rounded up some quick pros and cons of each model after carefully considering the details.

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About Leisure Travel Vans

unity rv reviewBased in Winkler, Manitoba, Canada, Leisure Travel Vans (LTV) is a renowned manufacturer of Class B+ and Class C motorhomes. Basically, the company buys a cutaway chassis cab from automakers like Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit. It then builds a full custom body around the chassis and outfits the interior with RV camping features—a bed, bathroom, kitchen, and sofa. 

This company has been producing recreational vehicles since the late 1960s and has earned a reputation for delivering high-quality luxury RVs with innovative designs and first-rate features. In 2024, they have 2 models: the Unity and Wonder. They discontinued the near-similar Serenity van model in 2021. LTV’s parent company is Triple E Recreational Vehicles. 

Introducing Unity and Wonder Leisure Travel Vans


wonder rv review

The Unity and Wonder Leisure Travel Vans are luxury Class B+ motorhomes. Technically, they are a blend between a Class B campervan and a small Class C, but with a wider body than a van. In addition, they don’t have an over-cab sleeping area.

They are around 25 feet long and 8 inches wide. Both models feature a curved fiberglass body construction with sleek aerodynamic exterior lines to reduce wind noise and boost fuel economy. That, coupled with their glossy finish, makes them some of the most beautiful and unique coaches on the road today.

The Unity Van is built around the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter dual rear-wheel Chassis, while the Wonder sits on a Ford Transit dual rear-wheel Chassis with an AWD option. Both have premium appointments in the interior, making them more enticing to RVers who prefer a higher-end glamping rig.

LTV Unity and Wonder vans are 3-season coaches and aren’t built for
winter camping. Both vans are pretty popular, so Leisure Travel Vans is behind schedule on deliveries. That means you can’t just walk into a dealer and compare both models side to side. Thankfully, this post will do a complete Unity vs Wonder review to help you get a complete picture.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity Vs Wonder Dimensions and Specs

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of Unity Vs Wonder specs. Note that some dimensions of these vans vary by model. This table is just to give you a general feel of the vans’ attributes. 


Unity Leisure Travel Van

Wonder Leisure Travel Van


25′ 1″

24′ 9″ 


7′ 11″

7′ 11″

Exterior Height with AC

10′ 6″ 

9′ 11.5″

Interior Height

6′ 5″ 

6′ 5″ 





11,030 lbs

11,000 lbs

Occupant & Cargo Carrying Capacity (OCCC)

900 – 1,350 lbs

1,000 – 1,500 lbs

Towing Capacity

4,200 max

4,000 max

Exterior Storage Capacity

30 cu. ft. – 63 cu. ft.

15 cu. ft – 67 cu. ft.

Fresh Water Capacity

25.6 – 36.5 gal

33.5 – 36.5 gal

Gray Water Capacity

35 gal

26.4 – 35 gal

Black Water Capacity

30.6 gal

26.4 – 35 gal

Propane Capacity



Fuel Type and Capacity

Diesel, 24.5 gal

Gasoline, 25 gal




Chassis Type

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cab Chassis 3500

Ford Transit Cutaway T-350 Chassis

Horsepower and Torque 

208 hp and 332 ft·lb

310 hp and 400 ft·lb

Transmission Type

9-Speed G Tronic Automatic Transmission

10-Speed Automatic Overdrive with Selectshift


No, dual rear wheels

Dual rear with AWD option

No. of Floor Plans



Starting Price



Leisure Travel Vans Unity Vs Wonder Floor Plans

Let’s compare Unity vs Wonder Leisure Travel Vans layouts:

Leisure Van Unity Floor Plans – 6 Layouts

Here are the 6 layouts of the Mercedes Leisure Travel Van Unity:


Unity MBL – Murphy Bed Lounge With Dual Reclining Chairs in Slide


leisure travel vans comparison

  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Seat Belts: 2
  • Exterior Storage: 45 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 25.6 gals Fresh, 35 gals Gray, 30.6 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $206,780
  • Slide: Yes

At the rear, you’ll find a spacious lavatory with a 34″x34″ corner shower, curved glass door, skylight, and vanity. Mid-ship, it has a kitchen and closet. Just behind the cab is a slide-out with a 65”x74” king murphy bed and a Leisure lounge with dual reclining chairs. Across the slide is a 40″ pop-up up TV.

Unity MB – Murphy Bed and Couch in Slide


leisure travel van wonder for sale

  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Seat Belts: 2
  • Exterior Storage: 45 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 25.6 gals Fresh, 35 gals Gray, 30.6 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $198,720
  • Slide: Yes

This arrangement has a residential-style corner bath with a skylight. Walk through the curved lavatory glass door to the vanity and huge closet. Next up is an L-shaped kitchen with premium appliances. Up front, there’s a slide with a leisure lounge and a 68”x76” murphy bed. Across is a 40″ smart LED TV, sound bar, and subwoofer.

Unity FX – Two Lounge Areas


mercedes leisure travel van

  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Seat Belts: 2
  • Exterior Storage: 29 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 25.6 gals Fresh, 35 gals Gray, 30.6 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $196,380
  • Slide: Yes

This configuration is all about maximizing living space. The rear curbside has a dedicated couch with a multi-height ottoman. On the rear street side is a corner wet bathroom with a vanity. The galley is in the middle. You’ll find a second front lounge on the front slide that also houses a 68”x76” king murphy bed.

Unity CB – Dedicated Corner Bed


ford leisure travel van

  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Seat Belts: 4
  • Exterior Storage: 26 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 36.5 gals Fresh, 35 gals Gray, 30.6 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $195,590
  • Slide: Yes

This Unity RV floor plan boasts a full-time rear corner bed with a 52″x76” residential queen mattress. Opposite the bed is a corner bath. In the middle, there’s an expansive galley with a deep stainless steel sink, 2-burner cooktop, and 3-way fridge/freezer. At the slide-out is a convertible booth dinette or optional u-lounge sofa.

Unity RL – Rear Lounge 


leisure travel vans interior

  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Seat Belts: 4
  • Exterior Storage: 26 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 25.6 gals Fresh, 35 gals Gray, 30.6 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $195,590
  • Slide: No

At the rear, it features a residential lounge sofa and an entertainment center. There’s a huge 58”x74” murphy bed that hides away during the day and transforms the back of the van into a master bedroom in the evening. Further, it has a mid-wet bath, a generous galley, and a front dinette that sits 4.

Unity TB – Rear Twin Bed


leisure travel vans price

  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Seat Belts: 4
  • Exterior Storage: 60 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 36.5 gals Fresh, 35 gals Gray, 30.6 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $191,570
  • Slide: No

The rear twin beds are the star of this RV, and there’s plenty of beautiful cabinetry around the bedroom. In the middle, you’ll have a separate shower and bathroom, each with its own door. Fix 5-star meals on the front galley, then swivel the captain’s chairs to create a comfortable dining area. 

Leisure Van Wonder Floor Plans – 4 Layouts

Here are the 4 Ford Transit Leisure Van Wonder RV layouts:

Wonder MBL – Murphy Bed and Lounge in Slide


review unity and wonder leisure travel brands

  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Seat Belts: 2
  • Exterior Storage: 33 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 33.5 gals Fresh, 26.4 gals Gray, 35 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $195,810
  • Slide: Yes

On the rear curbside, you’ll have a wet bath and vanity with integrated storage. The middle section has a redesigned galley with a cubby system, a pull-out pantry, plus a hanging wardrobe. The street-side slide features a leisure lounge with dual reclining chairs that give way to a 65”x74” murphy bed at night. You also get a 40” TV.

Wonder RL – Rear Lounge


leisure travel vans customer reviews

  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Seat Belts: 4
  • Exterior Storage: 15 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 33.5 gals Fresh, 26.4 gals Gray, 35 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $187,100
  • Slide: No

This coach offers a lounge at the back with built-in footrests, a swivel table, and an entertainment unit with a 28” TV. In the evening, the 58″x 74″ murphy bed turns the area into a luxurious master bedroom. The middle features a split bath, with a corridor separating the shower area and restroom. Behind the cab, you’ll have a smart galley, removable dinette, and seating for four.

Wonder RTB – Rear Twin Bed and Bike Garage


leisure travel vans review

  • Sleeping Capacity: 4
  • Seat Belts: 4
  • Exterior Storage: 68 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 36.5 gals Fresh, 26.4 gals Gray, 26.4 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $182,810
  • Slide: No

This setup offers a separate bedroom in the rear, featuring 32″x76” twin beds that can slide together to form one enormous bed. There’s also a split bathroom design in the middle and a large kitchen in front. To serve meals, you’ll have an expandable swivel dinette with two folding leaves. And you can move it to the bedroom area. The RTB Wonder also shines on the exterior with a pass-through, garage-style storage area that can fit 2 full-size bicycles.

Wonder FTB – Front Twin Bed


leisure travel vans dealers

  • Sleeping Capacity: 2
  • Seat Belts: 2
  • Exterior Storage: 33 FT³
  • Holding Tanks: 33.5 gals Fresh, 35 gals Gray, 26.4 gals Black
  • Starting Price: $195,810
  • Slide: No

This Leisure Van Wonder floor plan boasts a spacious bathroom occupying the entire back. Here, you’ll have a 30″x32″ enclosed shower, vanity storage, medicine cab, and mirror. Next up is a kitchen with plenty of clever storage. The front features 32″x76″ convertible twin beds that can turn into a large queen bed. Between the beds is a movable dinette table.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity Vs Wonder Interior Review 


leisure travel vans unity vs wonder specs

Here’s a review of Leisure Travel Vans interior features highlighting areas the Unity or Wonder does better:


  • Sleeping Arrangement – Both units have diverse sleeping arrangements for couples and small families. The Wonder lacks a rear corner bed layout, but the Unity also misses a front twin bed. Between the Wonder and Unity MBL, the Wonder has the edge as you can have the bed down when the slide is in or out. The Unity can’t have the murphy bed out unless the slide is out because it will hit the counter.


  • Kitchen – Both models have equally brilliant kitchens.


  • Living Area – The Unity triumphs in this department because it has a floor plan (FX) that boasts two lounge areas—one at the front and another at the back.


  • Bathroom – Floor plans on both units have similar bathrooms, a mix of wet and split baths.


  • Cab Size – The Unity takes the prize since the Mercedes cockpit has way more room between the seats. It makes it way easier to get in and out of the driving area to the house. Plus, large dogs can also lay between the seats. The Wonder is quite narrow.


  • Cockpit Seats – Both have captain’s chairs that swivel around. However, the Unity cab sits much higher than the Wonder, so the height at the driver’s seat affords an excellent view of the road and traffic.


  • Dashboard Touch Screen – The Wonder has a 12” wide screen while the Unity has a 10” touch. The Wonder screen is more functional and supports wireless CarPlay. For both models, the screen has a multimedia center with AM/FM, navigation, voice control, smart phone integration, and rear-view camera.


  • Interior Storage – Both offer brilliant interior storage but in different styles. Wonder has open interior cabinets with lots of open shelving, while Unity has enclosed cabinets.


  • Climate Control – All the Unity Travel Vans come with roof-ducted, low-profile Truma Aventa eco Air Conditioner with 13,500 BTU. The Wonder models come with the same AC, but only the MBL layout has roof ducting. That means the AC in the other floor plans won’t be as efficient as distributing cool air. This is a clear win for the Unity.


  • Insulation – Both models have equal insulation. The walls and floors have insulation, and the roof has a single fiberglass sheet.


  • Slides – Four Sprinter Unity floor plans have slide-outs compared to only one in the Wonder. The slides make Unity interiors more spacious, allowing you to bring more people or pets on board.


  • Materials – Floor and cabinetry materials are basically the same in both coaches. However, the Unity is a trim level, above meaning it has more stylish touches.


  • Propane – The Unity has a 15.8 gal LP tank vs 13.2 gals for the Wonder.


  • Other Features Comparison of the Unity and Wonder – Unity has an optional safe for valuables, a u-lounge dinette, and a removable rubber floor mat. The Wonder lacks these features.

Leisure Vans Unity Vs Wonder Exterior Review 


leisure van unity review

    • Exterior Storage – The Wonder trumps the Unity when it comes to exterior storage. Wonder floor plans have up to 68 feet of cubic storage, while the Unity has up to 60. The Wonder RTB features a pass-through garage where you can store bikes, outdoor furniture, and sports equipment. Generally, none of the LTV vans is great for big gear items like kayaks.


    • Generator – Unity RVs feature a 3.6-kW Onan LP generator, while Wonder vans come with a 4.0 kW gas generator. Both have an auto start and auto changeover switch. It’s worth noting that propane-powered generators will save you more money in the long run.


    • Coach Batteries – Both units come with dual Dragonfly 100 Ah, 12-V Lithium house batteries with an internal heating system.


    • Headlights – Unity has LED headlamps with high beam assist, while the Wonder has High-Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps. LEDs last way longer, are slightly brighter, and do not emit the glare that HID lights might. So the Unity wins in this department.


    • Ground Clearance – The Unity has higher ground clearance, around 9 inches, compared to 5-7 inches for the Wonder.


    • Leveling System – The Unity has a 4-point auto leveling system, which helps level and stabilize the coach when parked. The Wonder doesn’t have this feature.


    • Exterior Size – The Unity is a tad longer, 25’1” vs 24’9” for the Wonder. It’s also slightly taller 10’6” vs 9’11.5”. Wonder has a longer wheelbase by 8 inches—178” vs 170”. A longer wheelbase gives the Wonder a smoother ride and greater stability in corners, so it feels safer to drive.


    • Holding Tanks – Different floor plans in both models have varying-capacity holding tanks. However, most Wonder layouts have slightly bigger freshwater tanks, while Unity rigs have larger waste tanks.


    • Looks – Both LTV vans share a sleek contoured fiberglass body with a glossy finish. Moreover, they have expansive, near floor-to-ceiling windows that offer an abundance of natural light and wide views of the outdoors. But with a big Mercedes emblem embodying sophistication and prestige, the Unity is more likely to turn heads.


    • Towing Capacity – The Unity can tow between 5,000 and 4,200 lb, while the Wonder pulls a maximum of 2,000 to 4,000 lb.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity Vs Wonder Ride Quality


leisure travel vans rental

The LTV Wonder is dominant when it comes to ride quality. It has much better acceleration, more HP & torque, plus it drives more like an SUV than a Class C. In fact, many Unity owners upgrade the springs right away due to the poor ride.

You’ll also appreciate the reduced cabin noise of the Wonder vs. Unity Leisure Travel Van. Impressively, Wonder has an all-wheel drive option that’s great for extra traction when driving on gravel roads or snowy conditions.

The only area Unity excels is the comfort features in the cab. It features heated and powered comfort driver and passenger seats with lumbar and thigh support. Its leather multifunction steering wheel also has better controls than the Wonder’s.

Unity RV Vs Wonder Leisure Travel Vans Safety Features


compare unity vs wonder leisure travel vans

In past models, the Unity was far superior to the Wonder when it came to safety features. Thanks to new improvements on the Ford Transit chassis, the playing field is pretty even. Both Units have safety assist features for braking, distance, lane keeping, attention, and cross-wind. 

You also get adaptive cruise control in both models. The most important safety features lacking in the Unity is a tire pressure monitoring system(TPMS) and intersection assist. In contrast, the Wonder doesn’t have a load-adaptive electronic stability program (ESP) and a digital rear-view mirror.

Leisure Travel Van Unity Vs Wonder Chassis

Unity LTV comes with a new 2024 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 3500 dual rear-wheel chassis (170″ Wheelbase, 2.0-L turbocharged I-4 diesel engine (208 hp, 332 ft·lb Torque) with 9G-Tronic auto transmission. 

The new chassis is up to 30lb lighter than the previous option, has better fuel consumption, low emissions, high torque at lower speeds, and quieter noise and vibration levels. It also has a 9-speed transmission compared to 7 in the older chassis.

The Wonder has a Ford Transit dual rear-wheel chassis (178″ Wheelbase), a 3.5-L EcoBoost V6 gas engine (310 hp, 400 ft·lb Torque), and a 10-speed automatic transmission. It’s also available with an optional intelligent all-wheel drive (AWD).

Leisure RV Unity Vs Wonder Fuel Type and MPG

The Unity has a 24.5-gallon diesel fuel tank, and the LTV Wonder a 25-gallon gas tank. The Unity’s new chassis gets excellent fuel mileage, 16 to 19 miles on the highway, while the Wonder gets
 12 to 14 miles a gallon. 

On a full tank, the Unity gets 400 miles of range, and the Wonder around 300 miles. That’s 100 miles less. Of course, it costs more to fuel the Unity’s diesel tank. Also, take into account that it’s easier finding gas than diesel. There’s no clear winner in the fuel and MPG department.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity Vs Wonder Service and Maintenance


leisure travel vans unity vs wonder dimensions

Wonder has a gas powertrain, which means the engine is easier and cheaper to maintain. Plus Ford service centers are all over the country (3,000 authorized Ford dealers in the US vs 384 Mercedes dealers). 

It’s harder to find service for Mercedes. In addition, Mercedes Sprinter maintenance is typically more expensive, and parts are hard to find. The Wonder emerges as the winner here.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity Vs Wonder Warranty

The cab warranties of both models are similar. Each comes with a basic limited 3 Years/36,000 miles. Mercedes powertrain has a slightly better warranty—a limited 5 years/100,000 miles warranty compared to Ford’s 5 Years/60,000 miles. In addition, Triple E RV offers a 2-year/24,000 miles limited coverage for the body and RV features on all models.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity Vs Wonder Delivery Time Frame

Due to high demand, limited chassis availability, and production delays caused by the pandemic, there are longer wait times for both models. Currently, the wait time is 1 to 2 years. Wonder models are affected more.

Note that some dealers are able to get you a new LTV faster than others. Fortunately, there are plenty of Used Leisure Travel Vans for sale. These pre-owned models offer a great alternative for those who want an LTV but don’t want to wait until production ramps up again.

Please contact your
local Leisure Travel Vans dealer to learn about current lead times and placing an order.

Leisure Travel Vans Unity Vs Wonder Price


leisure travel vans unity vs wonder price

A new Leisure Travel Van Wonder for sale goes for $182,810 to $195,810. Unity Leisure Vans for sale range between $191,570 and $206,780. Clearly, Wonder models are more affordable. 

Add a few thousand dollars to your budget if you choose extra options. Used Leisure travel vans start from $100,000, depending on the model year. Newer pre-owned models (2020 onwards) start from $150,000. 

Unity Vs Wonder: Quick Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons to help you compare Unity vs Wonder Leisure Travel Vans

Leisure Van Wonder Pros and Cons


leisure vans comparison



Here’s why to buy a Wonder over a Unity RV:


  • Has a TPMS unlike the Unity.


  • Larger exterior storage.


  • All-wheel drive option.


  • Less fuel costs—gas is cheaper and available everywhere.


  • More horsepower and torque.


  • Offer a more familiar driving experience—a comfortable SUV-like ride.


  • Wonder model is affordable. You save over $10,000 going Ford vs Mercedes.


  • Compared to the Unity, the Wonder’s rear lounge floor plan has better window placement. It’s on the camp side of the lounge.


  • There are Ford dealers virtually everywhere, plus most independent shops can service a Ford engine and chassis. 


  • Smaller cockpit.


  • No leveling system.


  • Not all Wonder RVs have ducted Air conditioning, meaning cooling isn’t as efficient.


  • Wonder doesn’t have the ability to tow much.


  • Ford doesn’t have LED headlights. They are HID, which require frequent replacement.


  • Low ground clearance. 5-7 inches vs 9 inches for the Unity.


  • Only one slide option

Leisure Van Unity Pros and Cons


which is best unity or wonder travel vans



Some main reasons to buy a Unity over a Wonder RV are:


  • More floor plan options, including one with two lounge areas.


  • More options with slide-outs.


  • A Larger cab with higher seats, space for a big dog between seats, and more legroom.


  • All layouts have ducted AC that’s more efficient.


  • Higher ground clearance.


  • The Unity has an auto-leveling system, unlike the Wonder.


  • Diesel has an extended fuel range, so you get a higher MPG.


  • Much higher towing capacity.


  • More stylish interior fit and finish.


  • Larger propane tanks.


  • The Unity being diesel-powered, has a longer lifespan and better resale value compared to the gas Wonder.



  • No TPMS system.


  • More expensive to buy, operate, and maintain compared to the Wonder.


  • You may not get service when you need it. Mercedes Benz dealers are usually only in urban/suburban areas.


  • Tiny outdoor storage.


  • Truck-like ride.


  • Less OCCC numbers.

Leisure Travel Vans Customer Reviews 


leisure travel vans unity vs wonder floorplans

Here are some top ratings and reviews from LTV owners. We’ve sourced the ratings from RV Insider, the number one resource for reading RV reviews written by actual RV owners. 

Unity Leisure Travel Vans Review 

Overall rating is
4.6 out of 5 stars from 32 reviews. Here is some actual owner feedback on Unity LTV extracted from RV Insider.


  • 5.0 Stars – “It’s small enough to maneuver thru the streets of Lake Placid, NY. Fits in 1 1/2 regular parking spots length-ways. Big enough for my husband & me to travel and live in for 3 months at a time without getting on each other’s nerves. The conventional Corner queen bed is as comfortable & cozy as our home bed. The shower is large enough, my 6’1” 190-pound husband can take a nice shower. It’s quiet & easy to drive. The Captain chairs make an all-day drive comfy. Terrific fuel mileage of 17-19 mpg. The upgraded U-lounge makes entertaining & dining a dream. An additional 2 people in the captain’s chairs can be turned around to face into the coach with a sweet table in between for coffee, cocktails or TV watching. 25ft. is the perfect size motorhome to take everywhere. A solo explorer or a couple who dreams of off-the-grid adventures or luxury hookups, this is the rig for you.”


  • 4.0 Stars – Great power from the Sprinter diesel when needed, beautifully finished inside and lots of storage both inside and out. Nice big shower and bath area. Love the oversized queen bed. Easy to set up camp.


  • 3.8 Stars – “I truly believe that this vehicle is the best RV to own if you are single or a couple. It takes only 5 minutes to set up and 5 minutes to pack up and hit the road again, if you’re just doing quick overnight stops while you’re traveling. I had many RVs over the years, and this one beats them all. It gets all the attention at the RV Parks. The fuel mileage is 70% more efficient than the 40-foot coach I had. The only thing i miss is the in dash CD player, poor me” 

Wonder Leisure Travel Vans Review 

Overall rating is 4.8 out of 5 stars from 3 reviews. Here is some actual owner feedback on Wonder LTV extracted from RV Insider.


  • 5.0 Stars – “Drives and handles like a dream! Best quality materials and workmanship out there hands down. Engineering and design are extremely clever, taking into account feedback from current owners. Multiplex lighting with accent, and the ability to turn the water pump on in the dry bath is a plus! Fridge/freezer that you can access from either side is probably my favorite feature – not sure why it took the industry this long to invent!”


  • 4.4 Stars – “We have had our RV going on three years now. Many travels East and West. Easy to park in regular spots, good on hills(we have diesel) especially out East, Ford chassis is so easy to find dealers in emergencies. My only pet peeve, ordered bedding made for our specific RV but flat sheet is CONSTANTLY coming off in the night! Help! Any advice?”


Pro Tip: One great resource for Leisure Travel Vans reviews is Brandon Hensley / Pagosa Adventures YouTube channel. The channel focuses on LTV vans and has up-to-date comparison videos of the two models. Go through the comments section to see what owners are saying. 

FAQS About Leisure Travel Vans


unity or wonder reliability

Here are some frequently asked questions about LTV RVs:

How Much are Leisure Travel Vans for Rent? 

cost to rent Leisure Travel Vans ranges between $250 and $400 per night, depending on the model year and features. The average is around $300. However, some brand new Leisure Travel Vans rentals go for as high as $599/night, while some older options start from as low as $190.

Who are the Best Leisure Travel Vans Dealers?

LTV dealers with the highest customer satisfaction ratings are Schaaps RV Traveland in South Dakota, Leisure RV Center in Texas, Lake Region RV’s Inc. in Minnesota, Van City RV St. Louis, Van City RV Colorado, Van City RV Las Vegas, Craig Smith RV Center in Ohio, Holland Motorhomes in Michigan, and Fraserway RV in British Columbia.

Where Do I Find Used Leisure Travel Vans for Sale?

Some of the best platforms to find and buy pre-owned Leisure Vans are RV Trader, RV Universe, AutoTrader.ca, RVT.com, Camping World, Leisure RV Center, Johnson RV, Fretz RV, and Traveland RV Canada. If you want a used Leisure Travel Vans for sale by owner, check LTV groups on Facebook.

Final Verdict on Wonder Vs Unity Side-by-Side Comparison

So, which is best Unity or Wonder Travel Vans? A few years ago, I’d have said it’s the Unity hands down based on our thorough examination. In older models, the Wonder was lacking in many areas, like cruise control and driver safety features. Now, Ford Transit has made huge strides, and its chassis has been upgraded to compete with that of the Mercedes. Moreover, the differences in the house portion of these two units are minor. 

To give my 2024 verdict,
the battle between the Unity and the Wonder is a narrow win for the Unity. What tips the scale for me is the Unity’s bigger cockpit, auto-leveling system, extra floor plans with slides, higher trim level, and class-leading fuel economy. Sure, it lacks a tire pressure monitoring system, but you can install an aftermarket TPMS.

That said, you can’t go wrong with either a Unity or Wonder. For most buyers, it comes down to whether you prefer a Ford Transit Chassis or a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. Happy shopping!