KOA: Over Half of Campers Have Booked for 2024

KOA camping report octoberThe Kampgrounds of America, Inc. (KOA) Monthly Research Report—October 2023 Edition revealed that over 51% of campers have already booked some sort of travel for 2024. In contrast, only 13% of leisure travelers have pre-booked 2024 travel. 

More Travelers Leaning Towards Camping Due to the Rewarding Experience


This camping excitement is attributed to the rewarding experiences people have had during their camping trips this year. According to the KOA monthly report, 58% of campers say their 2023 trips have surpassed their expectations.

Whitney Scott, senior vice president of strategy at KOA, says that the data not only shows how committed campers are to this mode of travel (camping), but how it’s providing them a fulfilling travel experience. 

Further, she says the data is showing high intent to camp for both the rest of the year and 2024. These travelers continue to choose camping over so many other travel options. To them, camping isn’t just an activity. It’s a priority.

Winter Camping on the Rise

The desire to go winter camping has grown significantly. In 2022, only 17% of campers said they would definitely go winter camping. Interestingly, 40% of campers say they will certainly camp this 2023-24 winter. Another 25% are also considering a winter camping adventure.

When asked what outdoor activities they plan to engage in when winter camping, respondents highlighted fishing (58%), hiking (56%), and hunting (38%). Other favorite pursuits were rock climbing (29%) and birding (27%).

Rising Interest in Late-season Camping Trips

More campers are eager to plan trips in the non-traditional camping months. In fact, 36% say they are delaying most of their travels until the last quarter of the year. And 63% intend to take some or all of their trips after September.

Regarding holidays, 75% of campers are preparing for Thanksgiving travel, with 33% preferring to spend the break camping. Half of them are also considering camping in December. Scott affirms that campers are very keen to head out and explore new seasons. 

Travelers More Likely to Camp During a Natural Event

The KOA monthly report also observes similar enthusiasm for travel during next April’s 2024 total eclipse. Unlike other types of travelers, campers are making concrete plans to take advantage of every month of the year—specifically those with natural events.

Currently, 7 out of 10 campers who intend to experience the eclipse will do so while camping. In fact, 18% of campers report that they have already secured accommodation to witness this celestial event. An additional 31% of campers reveal they will definitely travel to view the eclipse. Conversely, only 3% of leisure travelers have booked eclipse travel.

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