The Best of Kings Canyon Camping for RVers

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kings canyon rv parks Kings Canyon is one of those landscapes that you have to see to believe. It’s a masterpiece of nature, with a deep and magnificent canyon, cloud-piercing peaks, vibrant alpine meadows, swift-flowing rivers, tumbling waterfalls, and giant skyscraping trees. Indeed, there’s no better way to experience such raw beauty than to go on a Kings Canyon camping trip.

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When it comes to camping in Kings Canyon, there are several campgrounds within the park’s boundary that accommodate both RVers and tent campers. In this post, we will look at the best Kings Canyon RV campgrounds. Also, we will highlight the must-see attractions in this gem of a park and answer a few FAQs. 

An Overview of Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon National Park is located in southern California in the heart of the Sierra Nevada region, around 1 hour from Visalia and Fresno where you can rent an RV. The only way to reach this NP is to negotiate the Kings Canyon Scenic Byway, which snakes for 50 miles.

Indeed, Kings Canyon NP is closely linked with Sequoia National Park to the south because the two share a long border, protect the largest trees in the world, and are jointly managed by the same Park Service. Luckily, it has fewer crowds compared to Sequoia. Looking to visit both parks? Read our
road trip guide on Sequoia NP.

Kings Canyon NP was originally established in 1890 as General Grant National Park, but was expanded and renamed in 1940. On size, Kings Canyon NP occupies 722 square miles. June to mid-September is the best time to go camping in Kings Canyon, as all park roads are open and the weather is more stable. Notably, a spring visit will reveal the waterfalls in their full glory, along with blooming wildflowers. 

Top Attractions When Camping in Kings Canyon National Park

If you’re going on a Kings Canyon camping trip, these are the attractions you don’t want to miss out:

Kings Canyon Visitor Center

Grant Grove Village is the sole gateway to Kings Canyon. At its visitor center, you’ll learn about the High Sierras and the giant sequoia trees that dominate the landscape. Additionally, you’ll get a glimpse of the natives who called the area home for thousands of years and the first Europeans to venture there.

Kings Canyon Scenic Byway

Known as Highway 180, this 50-mile road twists and turns eastwards, taking visitors into the heart of the Kings Canyon gorge. It has many stops for exploring popular places like the General Grant Tree and several magical waterfalls.

Kings Canyon Gorge

This is the park’s most spectacular feature. It’s a glacier-carved canyon cut by the Kings River. It plunges more than 8,000 feet, making it the deepest in the US. Some great stops along the byway for staring at the massive granite walls include Junction view and Canyon Viewpoint.

General Grant Tree Trail 

This trail meanders through conifer and sequoia forest, and allows you to gaze up at the monstrous General Grant. Known as the Nation’s Christmas Tree, it’s the second largest tree in the world, measured by trunk volume. Also, you will find Fallen Monarch, a giant sequoia tree that fell 300 years ago and has a large hollowed-out space.

Roaring River Falls

On the scenic byway, there is a sign that leads to a paved trail that you can walk for 5 minutes to reach this magnificent waterfall. Conveniently, you’ll find a big lot to park your camper. Roaring River Falls is 40-foot tall, and it drops over granite monoliths into a glistening turquoise pool below.

Zumwalt Meadow

After 30 miles, the wild byway will deliver you to this last scenic stop. It’s a lush valley floor with a 1.5-mile hiking trail that circles the meadow. You can wander its broad walk as you admire the imposing granite cliff walls. In addition, you can soak in the free-flowing Kings River, tall grasses, wildflowers, berries, and birdsong.

Best RV Campgrounds Inside Kings Canyon

There are several RV parks in Kings Canyon National Park. They are split between two areas: Grant Grove Village and Cedar Grove area. Notably, all Kings Canyon campgrounds have no hookups, so come prepared for boondocking.

Kings Canyon RV Campgrounds in Grant Grove Village

Azalea Campground 

: 3.5 miles from the Kings Canyon entrance

No. of Sites: 110 RV and tent campsites, no hookups, some ADA-accessible

Open: Year-round

Rates: $28 per night

Reservation: Yes, but 20 sites are first-come, first-served basis in winter

Resting among open stands of evergreen trees,
Azalea Campground is one of the most scenic Kings Canyon camping options. While many of its campsites accommodate small rigs, a few can fit RVs up to 47 feet long. Notably, the maximum length for trailers is 30 feet. 

For amenities, expect drinking water and flush toilets. In addition, each campsite has a table, a fire ring, a grill, and a food locker. A walking trail from the campground leads to the famous General Grant Tree. Moreover, Grant Grove Village is a short walk from this campground if you need to restock groceries, eat out, or have a shower.

Crystal Springs Campground 

: 4 miles from Kings Canyon Park entrance

No. of Sites: 50 campsites for RVs and tents, no hookups, some ADA-accessible

Open: Seasonal, late May to early September

Rates: $28 per night

Reservation: Yes

Nested in a mixed pine and redwood forest,
Crystal Springs Campground is another excellent Kings Canyon boondocking option. It’s directly across the route heading to General Grant, making it a convenient location. 

There is potable water, flush toilets, and firewood for sale. Furthermore, sites have fire rings, picnic tables, and food storage boxes. Larger groups can book the bigger $50 sites that accommodate up to 15 people. Notably, the maximum allowed length for motorhomes and trailers is 25 feet.

Sunset Campground 

: 3 miles from Kings Canyon Park entrance

No. of Sites: 158 campsites for RVs and tents, no hookups, 2 ADA-accessible

Open: Seasonal, late May to early September

Rates: $28

Reservation: Yes

Another of the top Kings Canyon RV parks is
Sunset Campground. It’s the largest campground in the entire park. Campers love the setting as it’s tucked amidst towering pines, including sequoias, fir, sugar pines, and cedar. Also, it puts you in the vicinity of top spots like the General Sherman Tree, Hume Lake, and the amenities of Grant Grove Village. 

On facilities, all sites are equipped with picnic tables, fire rings, and bear-proof storage. In addition, there are bathrooms with flush toilets and a sink. Moreover, potable water spigots are distributed around the campground. The maximum allowed length for RVs is 30 feet.

Kings Canyon RV Campgrounds in Cedar Grove Area


kings canyon rv campground Sentinel Campground

: 0.25 miles from‌ Cedar Grove Village

No. of Sites: 82 campsites for RVs and tents, no hookups, 4 ADA-accessible sites

Open: Seasonal, late April to mid-November.

Rates: $28 per night

Reservation: Yes

Located along the South Fork of the Kings River in a wooded setting is
Sentinel Campground. This retreat is another great place to RV camp in Kings Canyon, and guests are awed by the Imposing canyon walls rising sharply on either side of the valley.

Expect a bear-proof locker, a picnic table, and a fire ring at every site. Furthermore, there are restrooms with flush toilets, tap water, and an amphitheater nearby. Even better, the area has fishing opportunities and easy river access. Plus, you’ll find a store and restaurant at Cedar Grove Village. The average size RV site is 20 to 30 feet, although there are options as large as 82 feet.

Canyon View Campground 

: 0.25 miles from Cedar Grove Village

No. of Sites: 16 groups-only campsites for tents, no hookups, 1 ADA-accessible

Open: Seasonal, mid-June to late September

Rates: $50 to $70 per night depending on site size

Reservation: Yes

Canyon View Campground is the perfect overnight choice for big crews. It’s the only campground in Kings Canyon that caters to groups only. Specifically, 12 of the sites can accommodate 15 people, while the other four can fit up to 30 people each.

For convenience, you’ll find flush toilets, drinking water, a fire pit, picnic table, and food storage locker. Unfortunately, RVs aren’t allowed. But tent campers can enjoy decent trout fishing nearby as well as gorgeous canyon views.

Sheep Creek Campground

: ¼ mile from Cedar Grove Village

No. of Sites: 111 campsites for RVs and tents, no hookups, wheelchair access

Open: Seasonal, late May to early September

Rates: $28 per night

Reservation: Yes

Sheep Creek Campground is the first campground you’ll find in the Cedar Grove area. It has nice shaded sites because the trees are larger. However, canyon wall views are obstructed. Certainly, this kings canyon RV campground has basic features like potable water and flush toilets. 

In addition, sites have a fire pit, picnic tables, and bear-proof food lockers. Of course, more services can be found in the village. You can also take advantage of the special biking path that connects it to other areas around Cedar Grove. Alternatively, hike to Mist Falls or Roaring River Falls.

Moraine Campground  

: 0.75 miles from Cedar Grove Village

No. of Sites: 121 campsites for RVs and tents, no hookups, some ADA-accessible

Open: Seasonal, early May to mid-September

Rates: $28 per night

Reservation: Yes

Moraine Campground is located near Road’s End in an open conifer forest. It delivers a more peaceful Kings Canyon boondocking experience because it’s the farthest from Cedar Grove Village. Campers appreciate the large sites, as well as the proximity to good fishing and the Mist Falls hike. 

On facilities, it has paved sites along with bear boxes, fire rings, and picnic tables in each campsite. Additionally, there are flush toilets and potable water. Since it has less tree cover compared to its compatriots, you’ll love the phenomenal views of the steep canyon walls above.

FAQS Regarding Kings Canyon Camping

Can you free camp at Kings Canyon?

Kings Canyon free camping isn’t allowed unless you are hiking into the backcountry. Even so, you’ll need a backcountry permit. If you want a dispersed camping spot, head to
Sequoia National Forest.

Is There a Kings Canyon RV Campground With Full Hook-ups?

There are no campgrounds in Kings Canyon that have electric, water, or sewer hookups. However, you can find the nearest dump stations at Dorst Creek Campground in Sequoia National Park or Princess Campground at Hume Lake junction in Sequoia National Forest.

Are There Any Developed Campgrounds Near Kings Canyon?

There are very few RV parks near Kings Canyon with full hookups. The top option is
Sequoia RV Park. It’s located on Route 180, around 25 minutes to the Kings Canyon National Park entrance. Expect around 40 big-rig-friendly RV sites and a nightly rate of $40 to $70. Remarkably, it’s open year-round and has showers, WiFi, laundry facilities, a clubhouse, and a dog walk.

Buckle up and Go Camping in Kings Canyon National Park

An RV camping trip to Kings Canyon National Park will leave you with memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Indeed, this land of giants is almost impossible to believe. You’ll get to stand before the largest trees on the planet, gaze up at near-vertical granite mountains, wander through picture-perfect meadows, and take breathers by the cool mists of powerful waterfalls. 

And to top it all, there’s a scenic byway with breathtaking views at each turn. Sure, you’ll want to visit in an RV to get the most out of your expedition. If you haven’t booked yours, rent an RV near Kings Canyon today before the best options are taken.