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Is the RV Industry Heading into Recession?


Elkhart County Indiana: the one city that probably will withstand the economic recession

Elkhart County may be a small dot on the US map, if we look at it from an economic perspective, the small city in Indiana is at the heart of the RV manufacturing industry. So just as any city in the United States, it is facing a huge economic recession. Or not?

About half of the manufacturing jobs in Elkhart County are related to the RV industry. So, it’s not illogical that they were struck hard by the economic recession of 2007 as people weren’t buying these luxury products anymore. This time, they might face a different situation according to IndyStar.

When the mountains call…

Quarantine and lockdown are two keywords this global health crisis is known for. Never have people more longed for being outside, spending time in the outdoors. Moreover, the time they now spend with their family makes them realize how important family really is in their lives and that it should have priority. 

IndyStar believes that the mindset of people will be very different once the measures of the Covid-19 crisis are over. People will want to spend as much time as possible outside in nature with their family, while still being a bit hesitant towards other social gatherings or crowds. But where to go since it is most improbable traveling will be off-limits for this summer? Traveling with an RV to state parks where there aren’t that many people might just be the answer.