Is Jayco a Good Brand Travel Trailer?

is jayco a good brandBased in the heart of RV country in Indiana, Jayco is one of the most well-known names in the RV world. When cruising down the highway or relaxing at any campground, there’s a good chance you’ll see one or two Jayco trailers. They’re easily spotted by their soaring blue jay bird logo. Sure, it’s popular, but is Jayco a good brand?

First, if you’re trying to figure out whether a Jayco trailer is right for you or which model will best match your needs, use the try before you buy approach.
Rent a Jayco camper on our RV marketplace, then test its features for a few days before making up your mind.

Now, regarding the quality of Jayco travel trailers, rest assured that Jayco is a reliable manufacturer with a reputation for building quality campers that last reasonably long.

In this post, we will discuss everything you need to know about Jayco travel trailers, including the company, construction, and top features. We’ll also highlight the Jayco warranty, complaints, and pros, plus 5 of their best trailer models.

Let’s get started.

Who Builds Jayco?

Jayco travel trailers, now a subsidiary of Thor Industries, is headquartered in Middlebury, Indiana. It all started in the 1960s with a pop-up tent trailer. By the 80s, Jayco had already established itself among the powers of the RV industry. Today, the company makes travel trailers, toy haulers, fifth-wheels, pop-up campers, and Class A and C motorhomes. 

In 2016, Jayco corporation, including its four RV brands—Jayco RV, Starcraft RV, Entegra Coach, and Highland Ridge RV, was
purchased by Thor industries—one of the largest companies on the North American RV landscape. 

Just before the purchase, it had produced its 1 millionth unit and was the largest RV manufacturer that was privately owned. The previous owners were the Bontrager family. Following the $576 million acquisition, Jayco promised to keep meeting market trends. Additionally, it doubled down on its age-old commitment to providing family fun to customers for generations.

Are Jayco Campers Good Quality?

No doubt, Jayco is a well-known brand. But is Jayco a quality RV? Jayco campers are good quality and are up there with the other top trailers. To be precise, customers love their campers for their exceptional craftsmanship, beautiful interior design, and the company’s dedication to delivering the best camper’s experience.

By all means, Jayco’s efforts to be the best haven’t gone unnoticed. Its creations consistently earn top honors from industry experts and campers alike. 

For 15 years in a row, Jayco’s Jay Flight has been ranked as the no.1 selling travel trailer in North America. Again, in 2021, the Jay Feather Micro won the Lightweight Travel Trailer of the Year award by RV News.

It’s also worth noting that the Jayco RV quality since Thor took over has remained consistently good, if not better.

Jayco RV Construction

To endure the rigors of the road, every Jayco travel trailer is built on a custom frame, crafted and sized specifically to support each unit. The floor material is a core wooden frame. Above this frame, a tongue and groove plywood creates a sturdy, secure foundation for the rig. Also, the underside of their campers has a protection cover to shield against road debris.

What are Jayco Walls made of? Every side, rear, and slide room wall is made of laminated fiberglass combined with welded aluminum framing and fiberglass exterior siding. This creates a light, well-insulated, yet hardy structure. Moreover, their roofs are the strongest in the RV industry, and they’re moisture and leak-resistant.

Top Features of Jayco Trailers

Here are some features that make Jayco travel trailers more attractive.

Safety Features 

Without question, Jayco is an industry leader in trailer safety. They’ve added tow vehicle-controlled indicator lights to the exterior of towable units. Plus, their latest trailers now come with backup cameras. In addition, Jayco only uses premium American-made Goodyear tires on all its trailers. These wheels are safer, more comfortable to tow, and have greater carrying capacities.

Superior Construction  

Indeed, Jayco designs its travel trailers with the most advanced construction techniques available today. For instance, their Magnum Truss Roof System withstands 50% more weight than the competition. Moreover, they conduct 29 function tests on each trailer after construction to ensure everything works as it should.

Sustainability Approach 

Since 2011, Jayco has committed to seeking new ways to build better RVs with a minimal negative impact on the environment. This initiative saves thousands of trees a year and thousands of cubic yards of landfill space. On top of that, they’re continuously working to become landfill-free, reduce freshwater usage, and minimize energy usage in their plants.

The Ultimate Weather Protection Package 

If you want to extend your camping season, Jayco’s climate shield package delivers four-season engineering to protect your RV in extremely cold or hot weather. Precisely, it includes features such as radiant barrier insulation, tint windows, double-layer fiberglass, heated underbelly, and PEX plumbing.

Wide-Array of Options 

Whether you are looking for a travel trailer designed for couples, small families, large groups, or budget adventurers, the Jayco towable lineup has something for everyone. Indeed, there are plenty of sizes, layouts, and feature options for every kind of camper.

Jayco Warranty

If you’re still wondering whether Jayco is a good brand, their standout warranty may help convince you. Of course, all Jayco brands have a warranty, a sign that it stands behind its construction and materials. 

But how long does the Jayco warranty last? The company offers a 2-year limited warranty. According to them, it’s twice as long and offers much more protection than any other manufacturer. Furthermore, they provide a three-year structural warranty.

Best Jayco Travel Trailers in 2022
jayco warranty

Here are the top 5 Jayco travel trailers.

2022 Jay Feather Micro Travel Trailer

Just under 5,000 pounds, the
Jay Feather Micro is Jayco’s lightest travel trailer in their lineup. It’s compact, yet roomy and can be towed by most mid-size vehicles. 

This camper sleeps up to 8, depending on the floorplan. In detail, the 166FBS layout has a queen-size bed, 32-inch LED TV, and a jackknife sofa. On top of that, it has a well-equipped kitchen with an exterior fridge, a dry bath, and residential vinyl flooring.

2022 Jay Feather Travel Trailer

Jay Feather is another lightweight travel trailer with a wonderful mix of floorplans. Whether you need sleeping space for 10 or plenty of high-end amenities, there’s a layout for you. 

Some of the standard features include LED lighting throughout, a 3-burner residential oven, and a microwave. You’ll also love the dinette seating with a high-density cushion, a bathroom with a skylight, and marine-grade exterior speakers.

2022 Jayco White Hawk Travel Trailer


The White Hawk is a luxurious travel trailer loaded with all kinds of surprising amenities. This makes it ideal for families who want to travel with all the comforts of home. 

Some of its outstanding features include an electric fireplace, high output furnace, stylish furniture, and an outdoor camp kitchen. The floorplans sleep between 6 and 10, and most have a private bedroom.

2022 Jayco Eagle Travel Trailer

If you’re hunting for a larger travel trailer with a luxurious feel, check out the
2022 Jayco Eagle travel trailer. Weighing about 10,700 pounds, it has tons of seating, a kitchen island, and a power awning with LED lights. There’s also a whisper-quiet AC, smart TV, and a skylight in the full bathroom. 

Of course, it also comes with a functional kitchen, sleeping areas for 4 to 6, and ample storage space. 

2022 Jay Flight Travel Trailer

First introduced in 2001, the
Jay Flight is in a league of its own. It has been the best-selling travel trailer for years and is one of the most successful RV brands ever. This highly sought-after camper ranges in weight from 5,335 to 9,165 lbs. Specifically, it has a dozen floorplans to choose from, some sleeping up to 14. 

Some features include an adjustable dinette table, a jackknife sofa with an armrest, an outside shower, and a power awning with LED lights.

Jayco Pros and Cons

Some customers find Jayco trailers to be excellent, while others point out a few issues. Here are the main pros and cons of Jayco RVs:

Jayco Pros

As we’ve mentioned before, the quality of Jayco travel trailers is outstanding. What customers love most about their campers is the solid construction practices, durability, and fantastic Jayco warranty program. Equally, you’ll love the homey interiors and floorplan variety. Another plus is the innovative technologies that help them create rigs that are light, solid, and eco-friendly. 

Jayco Complaints 

The most common complaints about Jayco travel trailers center around the warranty. While Jayco’s warranty is a good selling point, customers frequently lament the delays in getting warranty work completed. 

There are also a few Jayco quality issues. In fact, the company asks customers to anticipate an average of 3 to 5 repairs during the first few years of owning their RVs.

How Long Do Jayco Trailers Last?

With over 50 years of making high-quality RVs, Jayco’s travel trailers don’t disappoint when it comes to durability. On average, their trailers last 10 years. With good care and proactive maintenance, you can expect yours to be on the road for more than a decade.  

Are Jayco Travel Trailers Worth it?

So, are Jayco travel trailers any good? Absolutely, Jayco towable RVs are totally worth it. The trailers are top quality and reliable. You will witness expert engineering, even in the smallest details of their campers. In addition, the interior designs are always thoughtful, and the rigs hold their value better compared to other competitors in the market. 

Jayco Travel Trailers: Lightweight Campers that are Heavy on Features

While there are many popular travel trailer builders, few can match Jayco’s track record of delivering consistent quality. This iconic company is committed to superior construction, and they have the best warranty, a clear indication they stand behind their products.

If you’re unsure whether this brand is for you, rent a Jayco travel trailer to test whether it’s the perfect fit for your travel lifestyle!