Grounded Electric RV Startup Launches World’s First 250-Mile Range Electric Campervan

G2 electric RVRV startups and established manufacturers are going full throttle on electric RVs. One of the top companies paving the road for sustainable travel is Grounded RV. They’ve just announced The G2—an all-electric solar-equipped campervan with a range of 250 miles. That’s a monumental step, as no other company has debuted a battery-electric RV with such a long driving range.

At the beginning of the year, Grounded unveiled the G1 eRV, which had a 100-mile range and was based on a Ford e-Transit platform. While it was a great leap forward, the G1’s limited range wasn’t enticing enough to potential buyers.

Grounded CEO Sam Shapiro affirms that the G2 is radically different from any other offering on the market. Here’s how:

Grounded G2 Range


With a range of 250 miles on a single charge when fully loaded, the G2 easily addresses the range issue, making it a more viable electric RV. This range will appeal to many buyers, considering that a majority of North American campers travel fewer than 200 miles on their camping trips.

An Innovative Modular Interior

The Grounded G2 boasts a flexible floor plan that stands out among its peers. It’s a grid-based modular design that allows you to easily customize the interior on the fly to suit a variety of needs. The idea is that an RVer’s needs change from time to time. 

So, it would be handy to have a floor plan that can be instantly customized to meet your current requirements. With that in mind, the G2 allows the owner to replace the modules themselves by detaching some fasteners, taking out one module, and inserting a new one. These modules attach to exposed mounting rails within the vehicle for maximum flexibility.  

Built on a BrightDrop Zevo 600 Platform

The G2 is designed on the
BrightDrop Zevo 600 platform. Grounded takes this empty all-electric delivery van and outfits it with RV features. Here are the stand-out features of the BrightDrop Zevo 600. 

  • All-wheel drive van (AWD). 
  • Powered by General Motors’ Ultium 165kWh Battery Platform. The van has zero tailpipe emissions.
  • Advanced driver safety features like lane keeping assist, front pedestrian braking, and front and rear parking assist.
  • Instant acceleration and effortless control. 
  • Huge infotainment screen for a tech-enabled driving experience. 
  • 615 square feet of living space.
  • 8 years or 100,000 miles vehicle platform warranty covered by BrightDrop. 

Notably, BrightDrop has a growing network of service centers nationwide in case you need service, repair, or warranty work. The van is also compatible with all destination EV chargers with CCS connectors.

How Grounded Turns the BrightDrop Zevo 600 Van into an RV

Here’s how Grounded converts the BrightDrop electric delivery van into the G2 campervan:

  • Grounded consults you and creates a modular layout based on your different camping needs. Meaning you can have your dream floor plan, plus a few other options.
  • Adds an additional 10kWh house battery to the van’s interior, which can be charged by the 165kWh vehicle battery. 
  • Installs a 640-watt rooftop solar.
  • Adds Starlink for high-speed internet anywhere you go.
  • Air conditioning—rear heating and cooling.
  • Wet bath and indoor shower options. 
  • Hot water. 
  • induction stovetop.
  • Generous storage spaces.
  • Optional features—a queen bed, seating for up to 7, a large pull-out table for dining or work, and a well-equipped kitchen.
  • Grounded+ App that connects your device to all the onboard electronics. You can use the app to view energy usage patterns, operate appliances remotely, monitor real-time battery and water levels, and diagnose potential issues.
  • 1-year interior warranty from Grounded that covers the replacement of any product that breaks due to defects.
  • All construction materials meet the M1 emissions classification, minimizing the campervan’s environmental impact.

Grounded G2 Specifications

  • Range – 250 miles
  • Max Charging Rate – 170 miles per hour
  • Passengers – 2 to 7
  • Powertrain Type  – AWD
  • Torque – 390 lb-ft
  • Payload – 1,460 pounds
  • GVWR – 9,900 pounds
  • Overall Length – 290 inches
  • Wheelbase  – 183 inches
  • Pricing – $187,500 after Federal Tax credit

Grounded RV: An eRV Startup Charging into the Future 

Grounded is a startup founded in 2022 by a dedicated group of ex-Tesla and SpaceX engineers. It’s made a huge leap forward in
electrified RV technology. They are now manufacturing the G2 in Newlab’s Michigan Central Mobility Studio in Detroit. They plan to start deliveries in October 2023. To secure one of the first Grounded G2 campervans, place a fully refundable $100 deposit today. Financing is also available.