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Got Toys? Bring them in a Toy Hauler Rental


Hitting the road and exploring the great outdoors is something we all dream of. But most times, the recreational vehicles we venture out in don’t allow us to bring all the equipment we need to fulfill our adventures. That’s where the toy hauler rentals come in. These towables offer ample storage to pack your motorized toys, all-terrain vehicles (ATV), side-by-sides (SxS) and motorcycles allowing you to venture beyond the campground and participate in your favorite hobbies.

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Read on to learn more about toy haulers.

What is a Toy Hauler?

A toy hauler, also known as a Sports Utility RV (SURV), is a recreational vehicle with a spacious garage fashioned to carry large auxiliary vehicles like dirt bikes, ATVs, golf carts, and even kayaks. Most toy haulers are large 5th wheels or travel trailers, but you can also find class A motorhomes built for this purpose.

toy hauler rentalWhat are the Standout Features of a Toy Hauler?

Toy haulers come in different shapes and sizes. But what they have in common is the ability to house your motorized recreational toys. Their floors are equipped with D-rings to tie down your equipment and transport it safely.

At the front of the unit are living quarters that may be fitted with basic or fancy amenities. Luxurious toy haulers come with a fully functional kitchen, dining space, air conditioning, spacious bathroom, plush bedding, and a high-end entertainment system.

Toy haulers have ramps, so you can easily drive your vehicle onboard. The ramp can also be used as a patio once you reach your destination.

What’s the Difference Between a Toy Hauler and a Standard Travel Trailer?

Toy haulers are bigger, taller, and have a tougher build compared to other towable recreational vehicles. Typically, the length of these RVs ranges from 35 to 45 feet, while the weight hoovers between 5,000 to 16,000 pounds when unloaded. Looking at their size, you can easily tell that the amount of space a toy hauler provides is greater than what other RVs offer. However, a good chunk of this space is taken up by the garage.

Compared to regular motorhomes and travel trailers, toy haulers are more heavy-duty. They are built with more ground clearance to protect the underbelly and higher-rated axles for handling the weight you put on them. The garage floors and ramps are reinforced to allow them to bear toy and equipment weight.

Wondering how to tow a trailer this size? Take a look at these towing safety tips.

What Type of Vehicles can Toy Haulers Carry?

Renting a toy hauler allows you to bring all the pretty cool stuff along for your adventure. While some are spacious and powerful enough to carry a small family vehicle, some will only fit a dirt bike.

Ideally, the toy hauler you choose should comfortably carry an ATV, four-wheeler, dune buggy, jet ski, motocross bike, golf cart, snowmobile, or watersports board, depending on your hobby. A big toy hauler with a spacious garage(14 ft by 8.5 ft)can carry two adult-size quad bikes or four dirt bikes at a time.

What are the Benefits of a Toy Hauler?

  • It’s a dual-purpose trailer. You can use it to carry fun toys, haul sports gear, live and sleep in it, and even use it to introduce your kids to the outdoors.
  • You can customize it to fit all the camping amenities you need. For instance, you can fit it with collapsible furniture so that once you reach your destination and unload your fun toys, you just unfold beds and couches to create extra space for your family.
  • If you’ve embraced remote working, you can fashion the garage into an office space for working on the road.
  • When the weather is nice, and you want to relax the day away, some models allow you to use the ramp as a porch.
  • Thanks to their rugged build and more ground clearance, you can venture off the beaten path without worrying about damaging your RV.

How Much does it Cost to Rent a Toy Hauler?

The average cost of renting a toy hauler is $100 to $200 per night. However, you can still find some smaller models within the $75 to $150 a night price range. Those with luxurious amenities can cost over $250 a night. If you rent one for an extended period, you’ll get reduced rates.

Keep in mind that the per night fee is not the total cost. There may be an additional per-mileage rate and cleaning fees. If you want extra gear, a generator, beddings, and other comfort items, you’ll need to pay more. Want to know more about rental costs and learn some money-saving tips? Go through this comprehensive guide on RV rental prices.

small toy hauler parked on streetWhat to Look for in a Rental Toy Hauler

There are so many toy hauler models and designs out there, and knowing which one to go for can be quite challenging. Here’s what to look for when renting a toy hauler.

  • Check whether it has the capacity to haul your toy. Does it have the necessary horsepower required to handle the load?
  • Ask yourself whether you have a truck big enough to pull the toy hauler. If not, you may need to rent a smaller toy hauler or rent a car that can haul it.
  • Make sure the toy hauler’s garage has enough space to fit what your hauling. Always measure your toys before renting.
  • Consider your camping habits. If you love to hit the road in comfort, find one with lots of amenities. If you just need it to carry your toys, most of the extras won’t matter.
  • Figure out how many people will accompany you, and then look for a toy hauler to sleep that number.
  • Look for a toy hauler with lots of slide-outs to offer more living space.
  • Choose one with a separate enclosed garage to keep toy fumes away from your living space.
  • Think about the place you’re planning to adventure. A giant toy hauler isn’t a good option for wilderness camping. But if you can’t resist camping in the wild, check out these boondocking tips.
  • If you love to enjoy a few drinks and a nice view, get one with a ramp that can double as a party deck.

Where can I Rent a Toy Hauler?

Wondering where to find a toy hauler rental? You can rent a toy hauler in any of the following cities:

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Houston Toy Hauler Rental

Austin Toy Hauler Rental

Los Angeles Toy Hauler Rental

Miami Toy Hauler Rental

Atlanta Toy Hauler Rental

Phoenix Toy Hauler Rental

Chicago Toy Hauler Rental

New York Toy Hauler Rental

San Francisco Toy Hauler Rental

Seattle Toy Hauler Rental

San Diego Toy Hauler Rental

Tampa Toy Hauler Rental

Orlando Toy Hauler Rental

Portland Toy Hauler Rental

Las Vegas Toy Hauler Rental

Sacramento Toy Hauler Rental

Jacksonville Toy Hauler Rental

Tucson Toy Hauler Rental

Denver Toy Hauler Rental

Salt Lake City Toy Hauler Rental

Washington DC Toy Hauler Rental

Detroit Toy Hauler Rental

Philadelphia Toy Hauler Rental

Minneapolis Toy Hauler Rental

Charlotte Toy Hauler Rental

Rent a Toy Hauler and Adventure in Style

A toy hauler not only helps you bring your motorized toys to the outdoors but also protects them from rough weather and potential theft. It also offers living space for you to have a relaxing camping experience when you aren’t riding your toy. Whether you want a toy hauler to carry a dirt bike, four-wheeler, or a kayak, use Go RV Rental’s RV marketplace to search for the trailer!