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Everglades National Park – Miami RV Rental


The American Everglades are the largest subtropical wilderness in the United States. Due to the incredible beauty and majestic scenery of the Everglades National Park, around 1 million people visit it each year. Many of those folks that descend on the park do so in RVs.


An RV rental is one of the best ways to experience Everglades National Park. It gives you a freedom to explore the park and further afield without the need of hotels or other accommodation. In addition, you can use a great RV rental to visit a number of other attractions around the Everglades to create an epic adventure in the American southeast. Start browsing RV Rentals nearby Everglades National Park.


What is Everglades National Park?


Everglades National Park is America’s third largest national park. The park was created in the 1970s to protect the fragile ecosystem that is the Florida Everglades. The Everglades is one of the only places in the world designated a protected site by everglades national park world heritage treaty plaqueWorld Heritage Treaty, Ramsar Treaty and Man and the Biosphere.


The Everglades are a large expanse of natural, freshwater marshes 40 miles from Miami, Florida. The park is situated south of Lake Okeechobee to the southern tip of Florida. The park is 4,000 square miles, but over the years, it has been significantly reduced in size due to a variety man-made and natural reason.


A number of species are protected in the park including crocodiles, the Florida panther, and the West Indian manatee. 


Visitors to the Everglades National Park can experience a number of activities as they take in the breath-taking beauty of the area. If you choose an RV rental vacation, you will find plenty of great sites around the park along with great campgrounds to spend your evenings.


Top Activities to Do While in Everglades National Park


There are a range of activities to enjoy during a trip to Everglades National Park. The Anhinga Trail is a popular hiking, walking, and running trail for visitors. The trail gives you a chance to come up close a personal with local wildlife including turtles, herons, and alligators. You can come in contact with some dangerous Everglades animals, so you should be on your toes. The park has other great wilderness trails including the Gumbo Limbo Trail, Mahogany Hammock Trail, and Pinelands Trail. Each trail loops through lush pine forests.


In Shark Valley you will find an incredible 65-foot observation tower that offers a bird’s eye view of the Everglades. Once back on the ground, you can take a narrated tram tour through Shark Valley. The tram takes visitors through a 15-minute loop of the park’s grasslands. The tour gives visitors an educational journey on the area’s diverse animals and plants.


An airboat is a popular way to sightsee Everglades National Park. You won’t need an RV rental to ride one of the area’s famous boats as it propels you over the water. The propeller boat will take you over the murky swap waters past alligators and other indigenous creators.


Do you fancy doing the paddling yourself instead of riding on an airboat? You can paddle a kayak through the Everglades. There are a number of kayak rental stores around the Everglades including the Flamingo Marina or Gulf Coast Visitor Center. Nine-Mile Pond and Hell’s Bay are two of the most popular kayaking locations.


Everglades National Park – Campgrounds


There are a number of campgrounds located near Everglades National Park. RV rental vacationers can visit the park and stay at one of the great locations. Visitors can experience the comfort of the local campgrounds during the evening after they spend the day exploring the wetland area.


Long Pine Key Campground

Long Pine Key is an RV rental campground located in Homestead, Florida. It is the campground located nearest the Everglades National Park entrance. Visitors can partake in activities organized by the local park rangers at the campground.


Miami Everglades RV Resort


RV vacation goers will love the amenities on offer at the Miami Everglades RV Resort. Visitors can use the great swimming pool and Jacuzzi areas when staying. The 34-acre campground is situated among avocado and mango trees which give RV rental vacationers a wonderful aroma to wake up to. It is more like a resort than a traditional campground and visitor’s continual return thanks to its comforts.


Flamingo Campground


Flamingo Campground is the ideal spot to stay for anyone visiting the Everglades National Park. The campground is actually located inside the national park, which gives you the chance to be surrounded by the park’s one of a kind beauty 24-hours a day.


Everglades National Park – The Dry Season


Summers in Everglades National Park can be hot, muggy, and wet. Therefore, it isn’t uncommon for many RV rental vacation goers to visit Everglades National Park between November and April. The Dry Season occurs from November to April and as the name suggests there is less rain.


The Dry Season not only sees less rainfall, but visitors enjoy the lower temperatures, fewer mosquitos and insects, and an abundance of wildlife that come out due to the cooler temperatures.


Temperatures are pleasant and mild from November through April as the humidity decreases and skies clear. Temperatures reach average highs of 77°F and lows of 53°F. Cold and freezing temperatures can occur but only rarely.


The Dry Season and cooler temperatures bring significant changes in the Everglades National Park. RV rental vacation goers find fewer bugs and insects. Wildlife viewing and birdwatching are far easier during the Dry Season.


everglades national park jaguarEverglades National Park – Wet Season

Although Everglades National Park is hot in the summertime, the season offers visitors a very unique experience. Of course, mosquitos and insects can be a problem for visitors. The weather can be hot and wet, but if you want to experience the Everglades in the summer, it is an interesting time to visit courtesy of an RV rental trip.


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