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‘Go RV Rentals’ Releases National Rate Study Results

By: |Published on: May 19, 2020|Categories: Today’s Industry News|

Go RV Rentals, one of the Internet’s leading websites to quickly find an RV rental, has released the current installment of an ongoing rate study focusing on daily rates of RV rentals in the USA, the Texas-based company announced today (May 19). The study’s goal, according to a release, is to help RV renters and owners better understand rates and the range of those rates for RVs located in various markets over time.

The study, based on online research, includes both motorhomes and towable RVs in 10 metro markets representing major geographic regions of the country: Atlanta, Austin, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Seattle.

The study reveals the average daily rate (see footnote) to rent an RV was $165 as of May 13, which remained unchanged from six months prior. Note this key data point represents the average of all vehicle types across all sampled locales, which ranged from an average of $80 for a pop-up camper to $252 for a Class A motorhome. The mid-range travel trailer and Class C motorhome averaged $110 and $201, respectively. Furthermore, within the sample the lowest daily rate recorded was $50 for a pop-up camper and the highest daily rate recorded was $650 for a Class A motorhome. Finally, the report indicates RV rental rates currently in Phoenix, Orlando and Seattle were lower relative to other markets.

According to Go RV Rentals founder and Online Marketing Director David Kosofsky, a frequently asked question concerns the cost of renting an RV. He says until now, no organization has surveyed and tracked RV rental daily rates geographically, by vehicle type, and over time. Existing coverage is limited to a single company, single locale, single vehicle type, and/or single point in time.

Kosofsky said, “This topic is trending with the COVID-19 pandemic; after a couple of months of restricted mobility people are raring to go with many considering renting an RV for the first time, seeking details about the cost to do so. Ultimately, travelers are choosing the freedom and inherent safety of social distancing in a fully self-contained rig in pursuit of outdoor adventures.”

Anyone interested in reading the May 13 installment of Go RV Rentals’ report are referred to How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV? on the company’s website.

Note: Go RV Rentals stipulates that the daily rate is the price for a one night rental. It is priced like a hotel where you check in on one day (i.e., pick-up the RV) and check out on the next day (i.e., return the RV) and that equals one day/night. The daily rate may be all-inclusive, a base rate or a combination thereof. If it is a base rate like in the study, then additional charges possibly may apply for excessive mileage, vehicle delivery and setup, excessive generator usage, kitchen and linen kits, extra propane, tank dumping, vehicle cleaning, prep fees, service charges and sales tax. These variable costs generally add 10% to 20%+ to the bottom line trip expense, as applicable and based on actual usage. However, any variable costs possibly may be offset by a coupon, discount for longer trip duration and/or seasonal adjustment.