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Exploring State Parks Near Los Angeles with My RV Rental


Editor’s Note: One of our best travel writer’s Jennifer F. recently rented an RV in Los Angeles and visited some of the local state parks. Here is Jen’s story…..

I recently decided that I wanted to spend some time exploring the state parks around Los Angeles and thought that the best way to do it was by RV rental. I figured it could be my home on wheels for the time that I was on the road, going from one place to another. And, I wouldn’t have to worry about checking in and out of hotels or lugging a suitcase around. Plus, I could cook right there in my little kitchen. Sounded like a win in so many ways!

I began by picking out my camper rental, which was no easy task, since there were so many choices available to me. However, with the help of Go RV Rentals, I finally made my decision to rent an RV. Afterwards I and was soon back home loading it up with supplies so that I could hit the road early the next morning.

will rogers state park mapMy first stop was going to be Dockweiler State Beach, which is located in Playa del Rey. It may be a state beach, but I couldn’t make my RV reservations through ReserveCalifornia for my campsite. Instead, I had to go through Los Angeles County to get everything set up. It was still super simple to do, and it took no time at all when I was planning my trip.

Once I got my RV all hooked up, I decided explore the three-mile-long shoreline and go for a swim in the water. I loved being able to watch the planes going over head as I was on the beach, and I saw many of them since the beach is right under the takeoff path of the LAX airport. However, after some time, the noise was a little much, and I decided that it was time to head back to my camper rental and grab a bite to eat.

After getting fueled up, I decided to hit the bike trails for a little bit and then relaxed outside my motorhome reading a book. I did venture back down to the beach to watch the sunset over the water that night.

My next stop of my motorhome rental journey was Los Angeles State Historic Park, but I wasn’t going to be able to move my RV rental for the duration of this trip.  None of the other parks offered motorhome rental sites, and while I could have tried to search for other RV campgrounds, I loved the location that I was in.  So, I left my RV where it was and simply went to explore the thirty-two acres of Los Angeles State Historic Park that sits right next to Chinatown.  It is quite amazing how you can walk through a park, yet still see fabulous views of the city at the same time.

I spent my time walking through the park, but I watched as others rode their bikes.  As I enjoyed a picnic lunch, I enjoyed my favorite activity of people watching.  I even managed to meet some new friends and ended up flying a kite for a little while.

I couldn’t resist leaving the park for a little bit to see some of the historical buildings that are just beyond the border.  The second oldest industrial building in Los Angeles, the Flat Iron Building, is on the north side, and it dates to 1890.  The Capitol Milling Company from 1883 is on the southern end and many diverse communities surround the entire park.

I did a lot of hiking when I went to Rio de Los Angeles State Park State Recreation Area as they have numerous hiking trails.  I had planned an entire day of hiking at this park, as I knew that I would need it to see as many of the plants and wildlife as possible.

A lot of the flora is now overgrown, but it consists of deergrass, greasewood, desert fan palm, desert lavender, and California poppies.  When it comes to the animals inside the park, I saw quite a few squirrels, raccoons, gophers, turtles, and lizards.  Thankfully, I did not encounter any snakes, fox, or coyotes!

My last Los Angeles park to explore was Will Rogers State Beach and I was happy to see a beach that was away from the airport.  I wanted to see if this one would be a little quieter without the planes continuously flying overhead, and it definitely was!

The Will Rogers State Beach is about half the size of Dockweiler State Beach, as it is only approximately one and three-quarter miles in length.  However, what it is missing in size, it makes up for in fame, as it has been the location of numerous movies and television shows.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that it was also named after the infamous Will Rogers either.  This beach can be found off the Pacific Coast Highway right near the intersection of Temescal Canyon Road and I found that I could do much more than swim while I was there.

In fact, I had fun on their gymnastic equipment before joining in on a couple of volleyball games.  Before I left, I strolled along the walkway and then walked along the edge of the water, wishing that the day would never end.

When I returned to my RV rental that evening, I knew that it would be my last night away from home.  I would be cooking my last dinner in my camper rental kitchen and walking along the sand of Dockweiler State Beach at sunset one last time.  It would even be my last time sitting outside my RV under the stars as I listened to the airplanes take off from LAX.  I might not miss the airplanes, but I sure would miss the fun times that I had in my RV rental.

Who knew that an RV could be so much fun?

I can’t wait to go on my next adventure and you can bet that I’ll have an RV rental right there with me!