roadtrip with dave


Do You Dream Of Going On An RV Vacation?


[Editor’s Note: Following is the transcript for the one minute video found below. You may just want to watch the video and not read this.]


Dave has a dream of going on an RV vacation with his family.

However, Dave has many questions and really doesn’t know where to find an RV rental so he Googles it.

His Google search results in numerous pages of RV rental companies, so many that it makes Dave’s head spin and he wonders “is there a better way?”

Dave is in luck! He discovers where he can quickly find an RV rental in one search.

The website features pricing, floor plans and amenities of the largest and best selection of motorhomes, travel trailers, and campers.

And the best part, they’re all available locally from established RV rental dealers.

Dave quickly browsers and compares RVs and gets a quote for his trip.

Ultimately Dave rents the perfect RV, goes on a memorable family vacation and is a happy camper, all with the help of


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