Cost to Rent an RV: Everything You Need to Know Plus Ways to Save Money

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rv cost per dayWhat’s the true cost to rent an RV? As of March 2024, the average cost to rent an RV is $183 per night, according to the results of Go RV Rentals’ recent nationwide survey. This price is essentially the same as it was six months ago and one year ago. 

Note that this key data point represents the average of all vehicle types across all sampled locations. Keep in mind that this is just the base rate without factoring in other RV rental fees. This post will explore RV rental rates in much detail, including:


  • How much it costs to rent each type of RV with a chart breakdown (We’ve provided nightly rates from a statistical sample of recent online listings of actual RV rental prices)


  • Average RV rental prices in different cities with a chart breakdown


  • Cheapest cities to rent an RV


  • Additional and hidden RV rental fees to be aware of


  • A formula to calculate the total cost of an RV rental trip


  • How much to rent an RV for a day, week, and month with a chart


  • Factors that influence RV rental costs


  • Ways to save money when renting an RV

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How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV? Chart with Average Prices


The cost of RV rentals varies widely depending on which type of rig you rent. Here’s a table detailing the average nightly rate to rent every class of RV:

As shown in the chart, the cost to rent an RV is $183 per night as of March 2024. However, not all motorhomes and campers are of equal value, and there are many different types. RV’s are classified into a couple of main types: Motorhomes (Class A, Class B a.k.a. campervan, and Class C) and towables (travel trailer, fifth-wheel, toy hauler, pop-up, teardrop, and truck camper)

The type of RV that you choose will be a big factor in what your daily rate is going to be. Furthermore, RV makes, models, amenities and age all factor into the cost to rent an RV. Just like certain makes and models of cars are pricier than others, the same holds true for RVs. As an example, a run-of-the-mill Lexus costs more than a typical Hyundai. 

Likewise, a Lexus LS is more expensive than a Lexus ES. Furthermore, an Airstream costs more than a Jayco. And the
Airstream Classic rents for more than the Airstream Basecamp. Finally, a newer year model with more amenities is costlier than an older model year with fewer amenities. Therefore, the rental price is usually highest for late models and amenity-rich coaches.

Motorhome Rental Cost


how much does it cost to rent an rv

How much does it cost to rent a motorhome? Here’s the cost of renting motorized RVs (drivable units).

Cost to Rent a Class A RV (Average Price – from $306 per Night*)


Class A motorhomes are typically higher-end bus-like RVs. These coaches appeal to travelers who want extravagant living plus a spacious and comfortable interior. They are the most expensive to rent of all RV types. The most expensive Class A rental cost a whopping $1,000 per night, but the average rate is $306. The cheapest Class A RV rentals start at $110 for smaller, less luxurious coaches that are over 10 years old.

Cost to Rent a Class B Campervan (Average Price – from $232 per Night*)


A Class B is a drivable RV that looks like a van. Its size is somewhat in the middle of Class A and Class C. Normally, camper vans don’t have slide-outs, but many are fully self-contained with a mini bedroom, wet bath, and galley. The average cost of renting a campervan per day is $232. The cheapest Class B rental starts at $70, while the most expensive go for $900 per night.

Cost to Rent a Class B+ RV (Average Price – from $270 per Night*)


A Class B+ motorhome is a relatively new RV class. It’s a hybrid between Class B (campervan) and Class C motorhome. Typically, it features a compact, boxy body, an aerodynamic face with a small over-cab area, and an upscale interior. It offers more living space and amenities than a standard van but is smaller and more maneuverable than a Class C. The average rental cost for Class B+ is $270. The cheapest RV rental rates for this rare unit start at $200, while pricey options are as high as $900.

Cost to Rent a Class C RV (Average Price – from $212 per Night*)

Class C motorhomes are usually built on a van frame. Their standout feature is an overhead bunk that extends above the driver’s compartment. These rigs are typically smaller than Class A’s. They have less of a luxury look and feel but are quite nice and ultimately a cheaper option. Average Class C RV rental prices hover around $212 a night. Inexpensive options start at $70, while some premium models reach $800 a night.

Cost to Rent a Super C (Average Price – from $300 per Night*)


how much is it to rent an rv for a month

A Super C RV is a more powerful and luxurious version of a regular Class C. It has a distinctive over-cab sleeping area, but the main difference is its heavy-duty truck chassis and powerful diesel engine. Expect better fuel efficiency, more towing power, a quieter ride, and more living space. The average Super C motorhome rental cost is $300. Cheaper rentals start from $150 per night, and high-end models can be as high as $900.

Towable RV Rental Cost

Towable RVs are pulled by your vehicle instead of being driven. Here’s the cost of an RV rental that you can tow:

Cost to Rent a Travel Trailer (Average Price – from $115 per Night*)

Travel trailers are box-shaped units that attach to the hitch ball receiver at the rear of your tow vehicle. They come in different styles and sizes and are known for their affordable rental prices. An added benefit is that you will have a separate vehicle to drive around at your destination. A travel trailer rental costs around $114 per night. The
cheapest options start from $50 a night, while super luxurious models surpass $750.

Cost to Rent a Fifth Wheel (Average Price – from $170 per Night*)


price to rent an rv for a day

A fifth wheel is a huge pull-behind RV that attaches to a truck using a special hitch mounted in the center of the truck bed instead of the rear bumper. Some distinctive features of a 5ver include a raised front section, loft space, lots of living space, and residential-style appointments. A 5th-wheel rental price is around $170 per night. The most affordable options start at $60, and premium options can surpass $750 a night.

Cost to Rent a Toy Hauler (Average Price – from $143 per Night*)


A toy hauler is a recreational vehicle (RV) with a garage at the rear and a loading ramp to transport toys like dirt bikes, ATVs, kayaks, and motorcycles. The garage doubles as living space, and the ramp can be used as a patio area. The average nightly cost of renting an RV that has a garage is $143. The most budget-friendly options start from $55, and the most expensive can exceed $600 a night.

Cost to Rent a Pop-Up Camper (Average Price – from $89 per Night*)

Also known as a tent trailer or expandable camper, a pop-up is a lightweight, foldable RV that expands into a comfortable living space. It features canvas sides, a compact kitchen, and multiple sleeping areas. They are the cheapest RV rental, with an average nightly rate of $89. The lowest pop-up camper rental price is $25, while luxury models can go up to $300 per night.

Cost to Rent a Small RV (Average Price – from $90 per Night*)



Small campers are towables that are under 15 feet in length and weigh under 3,000 lbs. Good examples are teardrops (nuCamp), compact travel trailers (Geo Pro), and fiberglass campers (Scamp). So, how much does it cost to rent a small RV? $90 on average, $50 for the cheapest option, and over $250 a night for stylish models.

Cost to Rent a Truck Camper (Average Price – from $125 per Night*)

Also known as
pickup campers or slide-in campers, these RVs are removable camping shells that fit inside the bed of a full-size or mid-size truck. They are carried on the truck bed instead of being pulled. Although they have small interiors, they are super versatile. This RV rental costs $125 on average, including the truck. The most inexpensive option is $70, and costly models go beyond $600 a night.

RV Rental Prices in Major Cities as of March 2024 (With Chart)

Metro Area / RV Type ($USD)Class AClass BClass CTrailerPop UpToy HaulerAverage Price
Los Angeles266219187117101145173
Salt Lake City32921219910680122174
San Diego23118718813298134162
San Francisco27220723914896191192

Average Price








Source: Go RV Rentals Research for the March 2024 RV Rental Price Index

*The daily RV rental price is the price for a one-night rental. It is priced like a hotel where you check in on one day (i.e., pick up the RV) and check out on the next day (i.e., return the RV) and that equals one day/night. The daily price may be all-inclusive, a base rate or a combination thereof.

If it is a base rate like in the March 2024 RV Rental Price Index, then additional charges may apply for excessive mileage, vehicle delivery and setup, excessive generator usage, kitchen and linen kits, extra propane, tank dumping, vehicle cleaning, prep fees, service charges, insurance and sales tax.

These variable costs can add 50% or more to the bottom-line trip expense, as applicable and/or based on actual usage. However, the cost to rent an RV may be offset by a promotional coupon, a discount for longer trip duration and/or seasonal adjustment.

Cheapest Cities to Rent an RV



how much to rent an rv for a week

Here are the cheapest places to rent an RV in the US:

Cost to Rent an RV in San Diego

How much does it cost to rent an RV in San Diego? $162 per day. That is a great price for sure! Some of the best deals can be found with San Diego’s motorhome rentals. For example, a Class A motorhome rents for an average price of $231 versus the national average of $306. Furthermore, Class C rates average $188/night in San Diego compared to the national average of $212.

RV Rental Prices in Phoenix

Coming in at $155, Phoenix also has below-average RV rental prices, some of the lowest in the USA. You can rent a Class A motorhome for $248 on average. Likewise, you can get a good deal on a travel trailer rental in Phoenix for $101. If you want to head to a warm weather climate during the winter, then Phoenix is where you will find the best deals on RV rentals of all types.

RV Rental Prices in Portland, Oregon

The cost to rent an RV in Portland is $174, or about 4% below the national average. Class B motorhome rentals are very popular in Portland and the West Coast for that matter. Due to the huge supply of Class B motorhomes in Rose City, it is not at all surprising that the average price for a camper van rental is $217 in Portland. This rate is somewhat lower than other all other places that average $232.

Cost to Rent an RV in Los Angeles

LA Metro is a year-round RV rental market due to the region’s temperate climate and large population of outdoor enthusiasts. Prices for renting an RV in LA are below the national average, coming in at $173 per night. Where you’ll find the best deals on RV rentals in LA is for motorhomes. As a group, drivables are priced 10% below the national average in Los Angeles.

RV Rental Prices in Salt Lake City



Another place to find cheap RV rentals is Salt Lake City. The nice thing about Utah is there are so many things to do outside during all four seasons, including visiting five majestic national parks and several spectacular state parks. You can rent a camper in Salt Lake City for a cool $106 per night—what a bargain! Class C Motorhomes are also below national market levels in this great outdoorsy location. If you’re really on a tight budget, then a pop-up camper rental is the least expensive option in Salt Lake City at only $80 per night.

Cost to Rent an RV in Austin

Overall, daily rates for RV rentals in Austin, Texas ($197) exceed the national average ($183). Interestingly, when you drill down, you’ll see this is because motorhome prices are considerably above average. On the other hand, travel trailers are considerably below-average prices. As an example, the capital city of Texas has some of the lowest prices on campers in the USA—travel trailers rent for a sweet $106 per day, much less than the average of $115 across 20 major metro areas. That would save you about $60 on the base cost to rent an RV for a week.

Cost to Rent an RV in Seattle

Seattle is another place where overall RV rental prices track near the national averages. Seattle’s overall rate is $188 per night vs. the national average of $183. The best deal on RV rentals in Seattle has to be in the Class B category. Great for couples, these tiny rigs can be rented for only $214 per night.

Cost to Rent an RV in Denver

You can expect to see average RV rental prices in The Mile High City coming in at $189 per day, and that’s slightly above the national average of $183. However, if you must find a deal before renting an RV, then rent a pop-up camper in Denver, which goes for $93, just a few bucks over the national average.

Cost to Rent an RV in Canada (CAD)



what does it cost to rent an rv

Canada has some great places to go RVing. The average price to rent an RV in Canada is $192 (CAD). Below is a table that shows the various prices for RV rentals in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and Calgary as of March 2024: 

Metro Area / RV Type ($CAD)Class AClass BClass CTrailerPop UpToy HaulerAverage Price

Average Price








Additional and Hidden RV Rental Costs

The nightly rate advertised on RV rental listings is usually the base price. Additional costs, such as mileage fees, generator use, cleaning fees, insurance, and optional extras generally increase the total cost by 50% or more. It’s essential to review all potential charges to understand the true rental expense. 

Here are extra RV rental costs you need to be aware of:

Additional RV Rental CostAverage Amount
Listed RV Nightly Fee$89 to $306+ national average depending on RV type.
RV Cleaning Fee$100 to $300+ if the RV is not returned clean.
Extra Mileage Fees $0.30 to $0.40 per extra mile if you drive beyond the included free mileage allowance, which is often 100 to 200 miles. 
Prep Fees$0 to $400 non-refundable – covers tasks that prepare the RV for a trip like cleaning, organizing linen, sanitizing fresh tanks, fueling, and filling LP bottles. Amount depends on the RV size and owner.
Service Charges5% to 20% of your booking subtotal. (Charged by the rental company, not the owner.)
Taxes0% to 14% of total rental cost depending on the state and local taxes.
Pet Fees$50 to $300 one-time fee or $10 to $30 daily non-refundable (not every rental owner has this fee.)
Renters Liability Insurance$15 to $100 daily. Amount depends on the RV’s value, level of protection, and rental company.
Security Deposit$500 to $3,000. It’s refunded after you return the RV, provided the camper has not been damaged, and you’ve satisfied the terms of the rental agreement.
Excessive Generator Usage Fee$1 to $5 hourly rate if you exceed the typical 1 to 4 hrs of free generator use a day (Not every owner has a generator fee.)
Linen Kit RV Add-On Fees$50 to $150 for bedding and bathroom items like bath & beach towels, sheets, blankets, pillowcases, and dish clothes.
Kitchenware RV Add-On Fees$50 to $100 for pots and pans, cooking utensils, mixing bowls, silverware, knives, plates, cups, glasses, cleaning supplies, coffee maker, etc.
Gear and Supplies RV Add-on Fees$10 to $100 depending on the item (chairs, tables, cooler, power station, generator, BBQ grill, firewood, tent, inflatable bed, bike rack, bicycles, kayak, SUP board, lawn games, dog gear, etc.)
RV Internet Utilization Fee$5 to $20 per day or $50 to $100 one-time fee to use WiFi that’s already set up in the RV.
RV Delivery, Set Up & Pickup Fee$0.5 to $5 per mile or $200 to $300 every 100 miles. For renters who prefer not to tow/drive or set up the RV themselves.
Smoking Fee$150 to $1,000 if evidence of smoking is found, including the smell of cigarette smoke. Also includes foul odors.
Dumping Fee$50 to $200 if you return the RV without properly emptying the waste tanks.
Fuel Fee$50 to $100 penalty + fuel cost if the motorhome had a full tank when picking it.
Propane Refilling Fee$50 to $100 if bottles aren’t returned full as you found them.
Early Pickup Fee$50 to $300 if you decide to pick up the vehicle ahead of schedule.
Late Return and No-Show Fees$50 to $300 Penalty + the hourly rental rate. Or penalty plus the full daily rate every 24 hours the RV is late. 
Tow Vehicle Rental Fee$50 to $130 per day if your personal vehicle doesn’t have the proper towing capacity.

Thankfully, many of the add-on fees may be included or can be avoided if you read the rental description and rental agreement carefully. Owners often lower or waive some fees if you negotiate.

Other Costs You Need To Consider When Renting an RV

Beyond the rental fees and hidden costs, there are other RVing expenses you need to factor into your RV trip budget:

  • Motorhome Fuel or Tow Vehicle Fuel Costs – Between $200 (small RV 16 MPG) and $500 (big RV 8 MPG) every 1000 miles.
  • Campground Fees – $0 dispersed camping, $20 to $40 public RV campgrounds, and between $40 and $120 private RV parks. Some private parks also have taxes, a reservation deposit, and extra fees for showers, early check-in, and additional car/person/pet.
  • Food – If you plan to cook, factor in your regular grocery budget. If you plan to dine out, the average cost of a commercially prepared meal is usually $15 per person.
  • Recreation Activities – For fun activities outside the campground (water parks, zoos, national & state parks entrance, historic sites, museums, wineries, etc), budget between $10 and $30 for every person in your group.
  • RV Road Tolls – $2 to $90 per toll point. Notably, an East Coast trip has several expensive toll points, such as the George Washington Bridge.
  • More RVing Costs – Other costs that you may encounter include RV internet ($25 to $100), laundry ($1.50 to $5), Toiletries ($40 to $100), and road trip apps ($0 to $30 monthly). Additional expenses are parking ($3 to $10 per hour), car wash ($50 to $150), propane ($15 to $25 for a 20 lb bottle), and firewood ($5 to $12 per bundle).

How to Calculate How Much It Costs to Rent an RV for Your Trip

rv rental prices

Wondering how to figure out the total costs of renting an RV? This section will walk you through a detailed example scenario. It illustrates the overall expense for a 7-day RV rental. We will use the average nightly cost to rent an RV ($183), which is based on the results of our nationwide survey.

  1. Determine the Daily Rental Rate – $183 is the national average for all types of motorhomes and campers.
  2. Decide the Number of Nights You Plan to Rent – 7 Nights
  3. Calculate the Base Rental Cost by Multiplying the Daily Rate by the Number of Rental Days – $183 x 7 = $1281
  4. Calculate the Number of miles you plan to drive – 300 miles
  5. Figure out the Mileage Fees Cost to be used beyond any advertised free miles – $0.35
  6. Multiply the total miles by the mileage fee (Assuming there are no free miles) – 300 x $0.35 = $105
  7. Owner Prep Fee – $100
  8. Rental Insurance Fee (average of $35 daily x 7 days) – $245
  9. Rental Company Service Fee (Up to 20% of base rental rate) = $346
  10. State and Local Taxes (average of 10% of total rental costs) = $209Total Cost: $1,281 + $105 + $100+ $245 + $346 + $208 = $2,285

Notably, this is the rental cost. It doesn’t include the refundable security deposit. Our example also assumes you haven’t chosen any add-on gear and services. Of course, if you have violated the owner’s rules, there may be extra charges when you return the RV. For instance, a cleaning fee if the RV is dirty or a dumping fee if the waste tanks aren’t empty.

In addition, this cost does not include fuel, food, propane, campground fees, entertainment, and parking. So, for a week-long vacation, you’re probably going to be over $3,000 based on a nightly rate of $183. Of course, you’ll spend less on cheaper RV rentals and more on pricier options. 

RV Rental Cost Example Table 

Here’s a budget example with a cost breakdown based on our RV rental price index average prices. We are only including the most basic fees (no add-ons). We will also assume you’ve rented an RV with unlimited mileage (No mileage fees).

Type of Cost (Base RV Rental Fees Only)Daily Cost to Rent an RVCost to Rent an RV for a WeekCost to Rent an RV for 2 WeeksCost to Rent an RV for a Month (30 days)Cost to Rent an RV for 3 Months
Nightly Rate$183$1,281$2,562$5,490$16,470
Rental Insurance Fee ($35 daily)$70 (minimum)$245$490$1,050$3,150
Owner Prep Fee (one-time fee)$100$100$100$100$100
Service Fee (Around 20% of base rental fees total)$70$325$630$1,328$3,944
Local Taxes (Around 10% of checkout)$42$195$378$797$2,366
Pre Discount Cost$465 (0%)$2,146 (10%)$4160 (15%)$8,765 (20%)$26,030 (20%)
TOTAL RENTAL COST$465$1,932$3,536$7,012$20,824

Note that this is the rental cost. Additional charges may apply for add-ons, excessive mileage, extra services, and penalties. 

How Much is an RV Rental Cost Per Day?

Based on our RV Rental Price Index Report, it costs an average of $183 per night to rent an RV. When you add mandatory fees, like owner prep fee, rental company service fee, rental insurance, and local taxes, this price rises to $465. 

Many RV rental owners have a minimum rental period. The minimum may vary but is commonly three days. If you are only renting for a short amount of time, you can usually expect to pay a higher daily rate than what you would pay if you are taking a longer trip duration.

How Much to Rent an RV for a Week?

Using our base rate of $183, the cost of renting an RV for a week is $1,281. Include the other mandatory fees and you’ll pay $2,146. Consider renting an RV for a week or more to get a lower daily rate. Weekly discounts typically are about 10% to 15% off. 

Some owners offer a deal where you rent for 6 days at a regular rate and get the 7th day free. That would be a 14% discount. If you get the typical 10% weekly discount, the total price will be $1,932. And how much is the cost of renting an RV for 2 weeks? $4160 before a discount, and 
$3,536 after a 15% off.

How Much to Rent an RV for a Month?

You’re usually going to get a better daily rate when you book an RV rental for 28+ days vs. a week or a weekend. The cost to rent an RV for a month would be discounted off the daily rate by 20% in many cases. 

When you include the mandatory fees, you’ll spend $8,765, and $7,012 after the 20% discount. How much does it cost to rent an RV for 3 months? $20,824 after the discount.

Factors that Influence RV Rental Costs

how much is it to rent an rv for two weeks

Several factors affect the cost of renting an RV, impacting the overall price you pay. Key considerations include:

  • Age of the RV – Newer RV models are typically more expensive to rent.
  • Class of the Vehicle – Class A coaches and Class Bs have higher rental prices, while travel trailers and pop-ups are affordable.
  • Motorhome or Towable – Driveable RVs have higher rental prices compared to pull-behind units.
  • Size of the Vehicle – The bigger the unit, the higher the RV rental price.
  • Rental Location – Rental costs vary by region and are higher near popular destinations. Some locations also have higher rental taxes than others.
  • Season – The cost to rent a camper is higher during the peak season (spring and summer months), holidays, and special events. Rates are lower during the off-season, like late fall, winter, and early spring.
  • Availability – The number of RV rentals available at any given time often affects the price of other rentals. A low number means higher rates.
  • RV Rental Company – Rental companies often have different rental prices and extra fees.
  • Rental Duration – Longer rentals often have discounted rates, meaning you’ll pay a lower daily rate.
  • Additional Features or Services – If you choose multiple add-ons like delivery & set up, and extra gear, you’ll pay more.
  • The Miles You Plan on Driving – As shown in the hidden costs chart, many rental RVs have limited miles. If you drive more than the free miles, you’ll pay $30 to $40 every 100 miles.

Ways to Save Money When Renting an RV

Here are some tips to save money when renting an RV:

  • Rent during the off-season to benefit from reduced prices.
  • Look for RV rentals that have discounts—10% a week and 20% monthly.
  • Secure lower rates by booking your RV rental well in advance.
  • Rent RVs with unlimited mileage.
  • If you rent one with mileage fees, stick to the included free mileage to avoid extra charges.
  • Look for rentals that come with free gear like kitchenware, linen, and chairs.
  • Consider rentals with zero or lower prep fees.
  • Pick up and drive/tow the RV yourself to avoid delivery and drop-off fees.
  • Follow all the owner’s rules and requirements to avoid penalties that can reduce or eliminate your security deposit—don’t smoke, clean the RV, and empty the tanks before returning it.
  • Find a pet-friendly RV to avoid paying pet fees.
  • Negotiate with the owner to reduce extra fees.
  • If you’re on a tight budget, pop-ups are the least expensive options, some going for as little as $25 a day.
  • Use our platform to find the best deals on RV rentals. Our site facilitates an “apples-to-apples” comparison.
  • Consider one-way RV relocation rentals. Here, you move an RV from one location to another for a rental company. These deals often come with very low daily rates or even free. It’s a cost-effective way to travel if you’re flexible with dates and destinations.

FAQs on the Cost of Renting an RV 

rent rv cost

Here are some frequently asked questions about how much it costs to rent an RV in the U.S:

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an RV?

The average daily cost to rent an RV is $183 for all RV types and pickup locations. However, it varies based on the type of RV, when you rent, where you rent, and additional miscellaneous costs, like mileage use, etc. This can vary from less than $100 per day for a small travel trailer rental to upwards of $150 for most motorhomes. Luxury RV rental prices start at $250 to upwards of $800.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Small RV?

The cost of renting a small camper that you tow ranges between $25 a night and $100 a night. That includes pop-ups, teardrops, and compact travel trailers. Conversely, the cost to rent a small motorhome starts from $60 (older, smaller campervans). Newer Class B and C models start from $100. 

How Much is a 3-day Weekend RV Rental?

It costs on average of  $546 for a weekend RV rental based on the average cost to rent an RV (without factoring in other fees). Indeed, this could be more or less, depending on the RV type, the pickup location, and other mandatory and add-on costs. 

Is Renting an RV Cheaper than a Hotel?

Again, it depends on your family size, type of RV, etc., etc., etc. Say for example, you have a family of 6 and rent an RV, then you would not have to rent two hotel rooms, airfare and/or a rental car (or incur wear and tear on your own vehicle). Also, you could avoid eating out by cooking meals inside the RV. With that said, the nightly rate of most RVs is higher than the average hotel bill. However, with the RV you can go where there are no hotels, and you will have a lot more fun! 

How Much Does RV Rental Insurance Cost?

RV rental insurance for renters costs between $15 to $100 daily. The amount depends on the value of the RV you want to rent, the level of protection you want, and the rental company policy. For many RVs, the average is usually $30 to $40 a day.

Wrapping Up: How Much it Costs to Rent a Camper

When renting an RV, the best advice is to read the listing’s fine print. This will help you understand all additional fees associated with the camper besides the nightly rate. Look for campers with lower or no extra charges. If you aren’t keen, add-on fees can easily double the nightly rental rate.

Moreover, make sure that you communicate with your RV owner to understand the fees, rules, plus policies around deposits and refunds should you have to cancel your reservation. Finally, and most importantly, always get a written quote for your planned trip from the RV owner. This will help avoid any misunderstandings and surprises. You will be a happy camper!

Cost to Rent an RV Infographic

an infographic explaining the cost to rent an rv and rv rental prices

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