Best Class C RV: The Definitive Guide

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best class c motorhomeCapable of accommodating medium-size to large families, Class C RVs are an appealing choice for many traveling families. But when hunting for the best Class C RV in the market, you’ll quickly realize that there is an astonishing variety of brands, models, sizes, price points, floor plans, chassis types, amenities, and capabilities. 

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To make your buying or rental journey easier, this post will break down everything you need to know about the best C Class RVs, starting with the top manufacturers and chassis types. We will then share our roundup of the best Class C motorhome based on attributes such as size, sleeping capacity, luxury amenities, price, boondocking capabilities, and four-season features. Let’s dive in.

What is a Class C RV?

Class C recreational vehicles are mid-size motorhomes that stand out because of their over-cab sleeping area. Typically, they have a bed in the section above the driver’s cabin, which is a feature unique to them. Further, they come with a more conventional bed/s, a separate living area with a seating area/dinette, a kitchen, and a decent-size dry bathroom. Notably, these driveable RVs are either built on a van frame or truck chassis. 

What is the Size of a Class C RV?

On size, they are the middle ground between the massive Class As and the compact Class B campervans. Generally, Class C motorhomes measure between 20 and 40 feet, but the most popular length is 27 to 33 feet. When it comes to exterior height, most models fall between 10 and 12 feet high. With an interior headroom of over 6′ 3″, all C Class rigs are perfect for tall folks.

Weight of a Class C RV

Without cargo, passengers, or fuel, a Class C RV weighs between 8,000 and 12,000 pounds (dry weight). In addition, their cargo-carrying capacity ranges between 1,000 and 3,000 pounds, with the average being 2,000 lbs. If you want to attach a trailer or dolly or pull a dingy car behind your C-Class motorhome, expect a towing capacity of around 8,000 lbs.

How Much Does a Class C RV Cost?

A new Class C motorhome will set you back between $75,000 and $300,000 for the most luxurious models. However, Class Cs are generally the most affordable motorhomes, and you can find plenty of fantastic options with an MSRP of around $100,000.

Which Brand Class C is Best? 5 Favorites

With more than 20 Class C motorhome manufacturers, it can be hard to figure out who builds the best C Class RVs. In this section, we will highlight 5 Class C manufacturers that are considered highly reputable and reliable for their consistent delivery of quality, durability, and value.

Winnebago Class C RVs

Established in 1958,
Winnebago Industries is a renowned North American manufacturer of driveable and towable RVs headquartered in Forest City, IA. Some top Winnebago Class C RV models you can buy today are:

  • Minnie Winnie – These gas motorhomes range between 23 to 34 feet long and have 6 floor plans.
  • Ekko – Gas-powered, 1 layout, measures 24 feet long, and is their newest and smallest Class C RV.
  • Spirit – This gas RV lineup has 6 floor plans that measure between 24 and 33 feet long.
  • View – Measures 25 feet long, is diesel powered, and has 3 layouts.
  • Navion – 6 floor plans measuring 25 feet long and is diesel-powered
  • Vita – This budget-friendly gas coach measures 24 feet long and has 2 floor plans.

Thor Class C RVs

Having acquired so many RV brands over the years, Thor Industries has grown to become the largest RV maker in the world. They sell both towable and motorized RVs, and their main base is Elkhart, Indiana. Some of their best Class C RVs can be found under the umbrella of
Thor Motor Coach. Here are the top models:

  • Fourwinds – Gas coach with 15 floor plans measuring between 24 and 32 feet.
  • Chateu – Gas motorhome with 15 layouts with a length of between 24 and 32 feet.
  • Quantum – Is gas-powered, and has 9 floor plans measuring between 24 and 32 feet.
  • Omni – Measures between 33 and 37 feet, has a diesel engine, and 5 floor plans.
  • Inception – This diesel Super C is about 40 feet long and has 4 layouts.
  • Gemini – At 23 to 26 feet long, this is one of the best small motorhomes Class C in the Thor Motorcoach lineup. It has AWD and 3 layouts.

Note, Go RV Rentals features many of the popular Thor motorhomes for rent. Furthermore, we have written about certain user-reported quality issues with Thor motorhomes.

Jayco Class C RVs

Founded in 1968,
Jayco is another household name in the world of RV manufacturers. Since their acquisition in 2016, they have been a subsidiary of Thor Industries. However, they still sell RVs under the Jayco name. Here are their top Class C RV models:

  • Redhawk – Has a gasoline engine and 11 layouts measuring between 24 and 33 feet long
  • Greyhawk – Has a length of 29 to 33 feet, is gas-powered, and has 4 floor plans.
  • Seneca – This diesel Class C RV measures 34 to 40 feet long and has 8 layouts.
  • Melbourne – At 25 feet long, it’s their shortest Class C RV, and it has 7 floor plans.  

Dynamax Class C RVs

Dynamax offers premium and luxury motorhomes, and its nerve center is in Houston, TX. Since the company’s creation in 1997, to their acquisition by Forest River in 2011, they’ve always been known to provide incredible value. Here are the top Class RVs with the Dynamax badge (all have diesel engines):

  • Isata 3 – Built on a Mercedes Sprinter platform, this compact Class C is 24 feet long and has 2 floor plans.
  • Isata 5 – This coach has 3 floor plans and measures between 31 and 36 feet.
  • Dynamax DX3 – It’s a big and bad Super C with 4 layouts measuring 36 to 41 feet.
  • DynaQuest XL – Their most luxurious option, this coach has 4 floor plans between 37 to 41 feet long.
  • Europa – Built on a powerful Freightliner chassis, this is the newest member of their lineup, and it has two 31-feet floor plans. 

Coachmen Class C RVs

Another of the best Class C motorhome makers that receive consistently high ratings from owners is
Coachmen RV. It began in 1964, and today, it has sold over 600,000 RVs. This Indiana-based company builds motorhomes and pull-behinds. Their best Class C models are:

  • Leprechaun – It’s the best-selling Class C motorhome in the entire US. It has a ford 450 engine and 7 floor plans measuring 24 to 33 feet long.
  • Freelander – Has 7 floor plans built on a ford 450 chassis, all between 24 and 33 feet long.
  • Cross Trail – This is the newest Class C in their lineup, and its 7 floor plans have lengths between 24 and 29 feet. It rests on a Ford Transit Chassis.

Which Class C RV Chassis is Best?

Put simply, the chassis of a motorhome is the foundation platform that your RV’s upper body is built upon. It’s made up of the driver’s cab, engine, and the frame that these components are attached to. Many RVers focus so much on an RV’s onboard amenities and forget to scrutinize the type of chassis the motorhome is built around. 

Yet, the chassis of an RV dictates the motorhome’s on-road performance and handling, as well as how much weight the motorhome can carry, durability, interior noise, safety technologies, plus ease of repair and maintenance. Below, we will look at the 3 most reliable Class C chassis:

Ford Chassis

Ford is one of the most popular foundations for building a motorhome in the US. Companies like Winnebago, Coachmen, and Thor build most of their Class B and Cs on Ford platforms. Many of them have gas engines and decent horsepower and torque. 

Two of the most popular Class C chassis options are the Ford E350 and E450 Super-Duty chassis. These platforms have varying wheelbases lengths and support up to 14,050 lb GVWR. Indeed, it’s easy to get repairs done, as there are over 3,000 Ford dealerships across the country.

Mercedes Benz Chassis

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis is used by RV manufacturers who want to build compact motorhomes (under 26 feet long). They make the most innovative platforms with lots of driving safety features like assists for braking, keeping distance, traffic signs, and lane keeping.

Definitely, you can expect unmatched reliability, quality, durability, and great fuel economy. Additionally, many of the RVs that are built upon a Mercedes platform have plenty of luxury and tech features, which makes the rigs quite expensive. The only downside is that Mercedes Sprinter has less than 400 dealers in the US, which can make getting repairs challenging. But you can always rent a Sprinter van and avoid those difficulties.

Freightliner Chassis

Freightliner platform delivers a smooth ride with less noise and has great maneuverability and driving capabilities. Yet, it’s more affordable than its counterparts. They mainly offer diesel engines for Super C motorhomes with a GVWR of 33,000 lbs. Importantly, the Freightliner platform is much more prevalent in the industry, so parts and repair shops are easier to find.

Best Class C RVs on the Market Today

In this section, we have handpicked the best Class C RVs that money can buy. We’ve split them by category to help you find the ideal fit based on your budget, family size, and other personal preferences.
best c class rv

Best Class C RV For Beginners: Winnebago Minnie Winnie 22M

12,500 lbs 

Dimensions:  24′ 5″x8’5.5″x10’11”

Sleeps: 5

Holding Tanks Capacity in Gallons: Fresh Water: 40, Black Tank: 40, Gray Tank: 45 

MSRP: $144, 547

If you’re in the market for an entry-level Class C coach, the compact
Minnie Winnie 22M won’t disappoint you. This gas-propelled motorhome is compact, making it incredibly easy to maneuver. In addition, it has features like traction control, hill start assist, electronic stability control, distance alert, and collision warning to aid you when driving.

Of course, it has all the homey amenities that compel you to extend your camping trip. You’ll find sleeping space for 5, including a separate queen bed for parents. Whip up your 5-star meals in the fully stocked kitchen, and share them at the large u-shaped dinette. Additionally, it boasts standout furnishings, a full bathroom, 32″ HDTV, and a systems monitor panel. 

Best Smallest Class C RV: Winnebago Ekko 

: 11,000 lbs.

Dimensions: 23′x7′2.5″x10′6″

Sleep Capacity: 4

Holding Tanks Capacity in Gallons: Fresh Water: 50, Gray Tank: 51, Cassette Toilet: 5

MSRP: $207,707

Those shopping for the best Class C RV under 25 feet will be impressed to find the
Winnebago Ekko. It’s a miniature C-Class possessing the efficiency of a camper van and the capacity of a mid-size coach. It’s built around an all-wheel-drive Ford Transit chassis and comes standard with plenty of advanced driving safety features.

Indeed, you’ll love the cabin once you step inside. Expect a flexible sleeping arrangement, a dry/wet bath, a dinette, and a large cooking space. Further, it’s kitted out with off-grid features like 455-watt solar panels and lithium-ion batteries. Also, this 4-season Class C has been prepped for winter camping. It has extensive insulation from roof, walls, windows to floor, and the plumbing and tanks are raised above the floor.

Best Largest Class C RV: Coachmen Leprechaun 300BH

: 14,500 lbs.

Dimensions: 32′11″x100″x10′11″

Sleep Capacity: 8

Holding Tanks Capacity in Gallons: Fresh Water: 50, Gray Tank: 34, Black Tank: 29

MSRP: $120,000

If you’re looking for a Class C RV for big families, check out the
Coachmen Leprechaun 300BH. This 3-bedroom motorhome easily fits a crew of 8 or 9 in 3 separate areas. There’s a queen bed in the rear private bedroom, a flip-down bunk on the curb-side slide, and an over-cab bunk. And yes, this Ford 450 gas coach also excels in other areas. 

Anticipate a full-size bath, a stocked kitchen, a convertible sofa for lounging, and two dinettes for a place to sit down, eat, and catch up. Other interesting appointments are 2 HDTVs, premium hardwood cabinets and drawers, classy vinyl flooring, reclining captain’s seats, and a backup camera.

Best Affordable Class C RV: Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE

: 12,500 lbs.

Dimensions: 24’x8’3”x11’3”

Sleep Capacity: 5

Holding Tanks Capacity in Gallons: Fresh Water: 44, Gray Tank: 31, Black Tank: 31

MSRP: $90,035

Budget travelers searching for the best Class C RV under $100k MSRP should consider the
Gulf Stream Conquest 6237LE. This small C-Class is designed around a Ford E350 or Chevy 3500 and has everything a small family needs. Inside, owners appreciate the overhead bunk, booth dinette, wardrobe, stainless steel appliances, and full bathroom.  

Outside, you’ll love the seamless rubber roof, high-gloss fiberglass walls, and double-door basement storage for extra gear. Although it’s the cheapest Class C RV, it offers some luxuries like a 13.5k BTU roof-mounted AC, a 25k BTU furnace, and an electric awning with LED lights.

Best Luxury Class C RV: Entegra Accolade 37K

: 31,000 lbs.

Dimensions: 39’4″x8’4″x13′ 4

Sleep Capacity: 6-7

Holding Tanks Capacity in Gallons: Fresh Water: 72, Gray Tank: 51, Black Tank: 40

MSRP: $306,300

Those looking for a Class C coach with high-end amenities that rival those of a Class A will instantly love the
Entegra Accolade 37K. At nearly 40-foot long, and with 2 slide outs, this diesel rig has plenty of room to fit top-tier comforts. It has a large master bedroom with a queen bed, a bath and a half, and an optional washer/dryer.

The family chef will have an L-shaped counter along with a pantry and a residential refrigerator. More highlights include a 7-inch touchscreen control system, electric fireplace, and LED HD Smart TV. At the campsite, you can lounge under a 17-foot awning and enjoy the outside entertainment center.

Best Class C RV for Boondocking: Thor Omni XG32

: 19,500 lbs.

Dimensions(LxWxH): 33’8”x8’3”x12’6”

Sleep Capacity: 4

Holding Tanks Capacity in Gallons: Fresh Water: 75, Gray Tank: 47, Black Tank: 40

MSRP: $285,750

Adventurous RVers who want a Class C that’s capable of exploring all corners of the countryside should settle for the
Thor Omni XG32. Indeed, the 100-watt solar panel, 1,800-watt inverter, and diesel-powered generator will allow you to become self-reliant in the wild.

In addition, the huge heated and enclosed holding tanks are designed for extended trips beyond civilization. Further, it boasts a workhorse chassis in the 4×4 Ford 550 super-duty truck, allowing you to tackle tough terrain with ease. It’s also tricked out with a Wi-Fi extender, water filtration system, climate control, 2 TVs, and driving safety technology.

Best Class C RV for Winter: Jayco Redhawk 26XD

: 14,500 lbs.

Dimensions(LxWxH): 28’8″x8’4″x11’6″

Sleep Capacity: 6

Holding Tanks Capacity in Gallons: Fresh Water: 43, Gray Tank: 41, Black Tank: 32

MSRP: $145,043

The top Class C motorhome for cold weather is the
Jayco Redhawk 26XD. This rig handles winter weather with ease, thanks to its well-insulated build. It has a vacuum-bonded laminated roof, floor, and sidewalls. Moreover, it has 12V heating pads on holding tanks, a 31k BTU auto-ignition furnace, plus a 41lb propane tank to keep the interior toasty warm.

Sure, it has all other comforts of home, including a queen bed, dry bathroom, wardrobe, and full kitchen. For indoor relaxation, there’s a face-me dinette, a sofa, and ample space to stretch out. Further, expect nice touches like an infotainment center, a 4,000W gas generator, and illuminated pass-through compartments. It rests on a Ford E-450 chassis and is among the best Class C motorhome under 30 feet.

Best Diesel Class C RV: Dynamax Isata 5 34DS

: 19,500 lbs.

Dimensions(LxWxH): 35’11”x8’x12’4”

Sleep Capacity: 6

Holding Tanks Capacity in Gallons: Fresh Water: 75, Gray Tank: 47, Black Tank: 40

MSRP: $$271,332

Dynamax Isata 5 is a diesel-powered C-Class that possesses a powerful Cummins 6.7L I6 turbo diesel engine. In addition, it has a Ram 5500 SLT Chassis, a factory 4-wheel drive, and a 52-gallon fuel tank. It comes standard with active brake assist, adaptive cruise control, and a sophisticated suspension and stability package.

The 34DS floor plan is the longest in the lineup. Your family will find enough sleeping space in the rear private king bed, tri-fold sleeper sofa in the roadside slide, and at the over-cab bunk. Other highlights include a full bath, large wardrobe and pantry, premium vinyl flooring, hardwood cabinetry, a sound bar, and a well-appointed kitchen. Also, it has a 15k BTU AC and 40,000-BTU LP Furnace.


What is the Gas Mileage for a Class C RV?

With an average of 10 to 14 MPG, Class Cs get substantially better
gas mileage than Class As, although it isn’t as great as that of campervans. If you want a fuel-saving coach, the best Class C RV mileage can be found in the Winnebago Navion, View or Vita, offering 14 to 18 MPG.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Class C RV?

According to
Go RV Rental’s pricing report, the base price to rent a C-Class motorhome in the US is $209 per night. The most affordable place to rent a Class C is Tampa, FL ($167/night), while Denver, CO is the most expensive ($249/night).

How Many Years Does a Class C RV Last?

On average, Class C motorhome last around 20 years or about 200,000 miles. However, to reach or surpass this lifespan, you’ll need to perform regular maintenance, take good care of the rig during storage, and consistently fix any emerging problem on time. 

What are the Most Common Problems with Class C Motorhomes?

While Class C RVs are excellent recreational vehicles, they have their drawbacks. The main issue owners face is leaking roofs, especially around the overhead cab area. Also, the over-cab bed is usually hard to access or exit, plus the suspension systems aren’t always great. 

Class C RVs: The Perfect Size Motorhomes

Class C RVs tick many boxes as they are a middle-ground between Class A behemoths and nimble campervans. There is a Class C for everyone, whether you want a compact unit for a small family or a big coach for a large crew. They also come with various options, depending on whether you love to boondock, camp in winter, or glamp with all the bells and whistles.