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Why get 3 or 4 quotes for RV insurance?

Getting 3 or 4  quotes allows you to see an average price range. Also, you’ll be able to compare the coverage options that are available. By looking at different companies you will learn more, ask better questions and most likely get the best deal to suit your needs.


Don’t make a quick decision and possibly a mistake by getting only 1 or 2 quotes on RV insurance. Obtain 3 or 4 quotes like professional buyers do. Whether it’s liability protection for you or comprehensive coverage for your motorhome, campervan or trailer, you need the right RV insurance.  We highly recommend Roamly Insurance, a trusted partner of Go RV Rentals, let’s see why.

Protect your RV and save

✓  Save up to 25%* on RV insurance

✓  Travel trailer, fifth wheel, campervan, toy hauler, and motorhome coverage

✓  Liability and comprehensive coverage

✓  Full-timer and stationary RV insurance

✓  Accredited and rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau

✓  File a claim online, via e-mail, or by phone

✓  You can rent out your RV without having a commercial policy

✓  Insure a campervan at the cheaper RV rate

✓  Get an online quote in 60 seconds 

See why they love it:

“Roamly was 33% less than our previous RV policy with State Farm, with no risk of being dropped for renting it out. Most people I talked to reported similar savings. Plus, I got a multiple-vehicle discount rate for my car insurance :)” Lauren S.


“I just wanted to share how much I’m going to SAVE on insurance PER YEAR by switching to Roamly – $3,413.00! 😊 This is serious savings!” Mike J.


“We love our new Roamly insurance company! So far they have been great and saved us $30 a month and we can rent 2 rigs under their insurance! Whereas before I felt like I was hiding my renting from my insurance carrier!” Amy N.

Should you bundle your RV insurance with your auto and homeowners policies?


Probably not. Bundling auto and homeowners insurance is when you buy both policies from the same insurance company. This strategy usually results in some discounts being offered by the company and may save you money versus buying the two policies from different companies. HOWEVER, BUNDLING DOES NOT WORK WITH RV INSURANCE!

Buying your RV policy from the same company as your auto or homeowners is unlikely to result in a discounted RV policy. A stand alone RV policy from a company that specializes in RV insurance resulted in a significantly lower insurance premium for us and it may for you too. Again, another reason to get 3 or 4 quotes.


Thank you for your interest in RV insurance. Get your free online quote today and start saving!


* New customers getting personal policies for travel trailers and Class B RVs tended to see the largest savings of 25% or more off their existing policies when getting comprehensive coverage in 2020. Commercial customers who saw the largest savings typically covered between 3-5 vehicles and switched from an existing commercial policy.